'Three Sisters' Debuts Again, An Old Stage Drama Revival

In the midst of modern theatre's world of complex visual and sound effects, a great classic makes a comeback as the production of Anton Chekhov's 1900 play “Three Sisters” marks the debut of Santiago a Mil 2009.

Las Tres Hermanas
Photo by Sofia Carvajal

Directed by Victor Carrasco and performed by a powerful cast with Francisca Lewin and Francisco Perez-Bannen, the play tells the story of the Prozorovs, an early 20th century aristocratic Russian family on the verge of dying out. As the characters reveal their own high aspirations, they each confront a reality of dissatisfaction as ambitions and desires are unfulfilled.
Santiago, Chile: Las Tres Hermanas
Photo by Sofia Carvajal

In Carrasco's version of Chekhov's play, the story is left intact, yet fresh with themes and problems still prevalent in the present world. As actress Mariana Loyola, who plays eldest sister Olga Sergeyevna Prozorov, points out: “It’s a transcendental work, because it’s a classic that can be performed over and over again.”

Moreover, Loyola stresses the importance of the play as the story touches on sensitive matters in society. “The story is simple, but with a lot of background. It deals with very touchy social problems, such as the inability to reach happiness, human existentialism and the decline of aristocracy, which are still relevant today.”

Running 2 hours and 15 minutes, “Three Sisters” is an entertaining play filled with life and energy. Its content, drama, questions and afterthoughts will leave you pondering over today's society. Is it still the same as that of the 1900s? Do we still allow ourselves to think the worst of others? Do we see the world as the Prozorovs did?

"Three Sisters" (Las Tres Hermanas)
Ends January 14, 2009
Shows nightly at 9 pm
Part of the Santiago a Mil International Theater Festival
Prices: general CP$5,000 (US$7.80), students and seniors CP$3,000 (US$4.75)
Teatro Mori Bellavista
Constitución 183 (at Antonia López de Bello)
Phone: 777 6246
Metro: Baquedano

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