2015 Fonda Guide

Welcome to Revolver's 2015 Fonda Guide! So you've heard a thing or two about the "Fiestas Patrias" events or have seen a listing, but really have no idea where to begin. Have no fear—options abound and we've lined up the very best insider's guide, whether you're looking for the more traditional family-friendly variety, vegetarian options, or even a gay-friendly fonda where you can dance the night away.

But before rushing out the door for your empanada and terremoto fix, we highly recommend you brush up on some of the history behind Chile's independence day celebrations, read about the origins of Chile's national dance, or even check out our tutorial on how to dance the cueca (yes, you'll need it).

So you're looking for..
Municipal Fondas - Independent Fondas - Concert Fondas - Gay-friendly Fondas - Vegetarian/Vegan Fondas -

Municipal Fondas

The Municipal fondas are by far your safest mainstream destinations during these Fiestas Patrias. Parque Inés de Suarez is known as the more family-oriented fonda while Parque O'Higgins has historically been the most popular (and crazy), though changes implemented last year may have mellowed it out a bit. Regardless of which fonda you choose, try not to get there *too* early.

Parque Inés de Suarez (Providencia): The Feria Dieciochera de Providencia in the Parque Inés de Suárez will take place September 17-20 and is an extremely safe, family-friendly event. This year the food and drinks will be in the hands of the Fonda Hazte Pebre and the Ñam Fonda. Other activities include Cueca dancing contests, games and arts and crafts. At night there will be a huge variety of bands for all tastes and dancing styles: Mario Rojas (cueca urbana), Manuel García, Pascuala Ilabaca, María Esther Zamora, Anita Tijoux, Joe Vasconcellos, 3x7 Veintiuna and many many more.

La Feria Dieciochera de Providencia
September 17 - 20, 2015
General Admission: CLP$4.000. Children and seniors: CLP$2.000.
Parque Inés de Suarez
Antonio Varas 1510, Providencia
Metro Manuel Montt (and a 20-30 minute walk south) or buses 504, 501 and 518, and any bus that drops you off on the corner of Bilbao and Pedro de Valdivia or Antonio Varas.

Parque O'Higgins (Santiago Centro): Back in the day, the fonda at Parque O'Higgins used to be completely free, extremely popular and didn't have an official closing time. Things were insane and not exactly the kind of place to be after sundown. The mayor of Santiago implemented a number of changes last year (including a cover charge) in an effort to get things under control and turn the fonda into a family affair. It seems to be working. More than 160,000 people went last year and with a pretty low cover (CLP $3.000, free for children under 12), activities for kids, a ton of live music (Sonora de Tommy Rey, Mauricio Redoles, Banda en Flor, Villa Cariño, etc), free Cueca classes, food and more, this will probably continue to be one of the most popular spots in town.

Chile, Santiago te celebra
September 17 - 20, 2015
General admission: CLP$5.000. Children under 12: Free.
Parque O'Higgins
Av. Beaucheff 398
Metro Parque O'Higgins

Parque Padre Hurtado (Las Condes / Vitacura / La Reina): One theory is that residents of Santiago Oriente are a bit hesitant to venture too far from home, so the only way to gather enough people for a Fonda in the eastern side of the city was to make a combined one for three of the comunas: Vitacura, Las Condes and La Reina. True or not, this is a pretty good option for the whole family. A cueca zone, traditional games, rodeo demonstrations, several food options, an area for the armed forces (what?), etc.

Fiesta de la Chilenidad
September 17 - 20, 2015
General admission: CLP$5.000. Children and seniors: CLP$2.000.
Parque Padre Hurtado
Francisco Bilbao 8651, La Reina
Metro Bilbao and then Bus 08 (or walk)

Fiesta Chilena de Ñuñoa (Ñuñoa): A huge gathering of more than 100,000 people in Chile´s Estadio Nacional, this fonda is a great bet if you're looking for a very traditional and patriotic experience. Along with the typical games, this fonda will offer a full artisan fair, workshops, livestock exhibition, as well as the chance to adopt puppies from the municipal canine rescue center.

Fiesta Chilena de Ñuñoa
September 16 - 20, 2015.
General admission: CLP$2.000. Children and seniors: CLP$1.000.
Estadio Nacional
Avenida Grecia 2001
Metro Ñuble and walk east or Metro Grecia and take buses 506, 507, 510, 511 or 516.

More Municipal Events:
Municipalidad de Cerro Navia
Municipalidad de Lo Barnechea
Municipalidad de Macul
Municipalidad de Maipu
Municipalidad de Peñalolén
Municipalidad de Recoleta

Independent Fondas

These are Fondas that are not organized by any local municipality but are sure to bring in a crowd. Most of them are going to feature top-notch musical acts but are all multi-day events with options for the whole family.

Fonda WokiToki: Online Comedy Group Woki Toki launches a new fonda offering this year: a promising four-day lineup of comedy and kid's acts during the day, topped off with iconic musical presentations each night, for a relatively low price of CP $8,500 at the door ($6,500 pre-sale price). Thursday night kicks off with headliner Américo, Friday presents Chico Trujillo and Rio Pacheco, and Saturday comes to a head with Tiro de Gracia and Banda Conmoción. If you´re still going on Sunday, be sure and come early as the event ends at 7:45 p.m. The fonda will offer food by Juan y Medio, as well as fair games and an craft fair.

Fonda WokiToki
September 17 - 20, 2015
General Admission: CLP$8.000. Pre-sale: CLP$6.500.
San Jorge 1975, La Florida

La Gran Fonda Guachaca: The Gran Fonda Guachaca has a new home this year at Paseo de las Artes in the Municipalidad de Lo Prado. Known for their yearly Guachaca festival where they elect a King and Queen Guachaca (Chilean slang for somebody who drinks too much), the Fonda promises to be where your love for Chile transforms into madness, infinite dances, toasts and the best party all year. Chock-full of drinks, food, games and dancing, the Gran Fonda Guachaca runs September 17 -19. Starting at noon until 5 p.m. you can enjoy all types of Chilean food and games at the Gran Cocinería Guachaca and the Pueblito Guachaca de Artesanos. After all the calories ingested, you can burn them off with the nightly activities for a mere $4.500 (your first drink included). Bands playing during the evening portion of the festivities include: Las Taconeras, Los Canallas de la Cueca, Los Rablers, Sonora Palacios Jr. And Tomo Como Rey.

La Gran Fonda Guachaca
September 17 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$4.500.
Paseo de las Artes, San Pablo 5959
Municipalidad de Lo Prado
Metro Lo Prado, línea 5

Gran Fondapelusa Lolapachanga: If you're up for a "fonda popular" in the Peñalolén neighborhood with what should be a fun party at night, drop by the Chimkowe. Tickets are CLP$2.000 for the fonda and then CLP$12.000 for the main acts. Sunday's reserved for families with shows starting at 2PM.

Gran Fondapelusa Lolapachanga
September 17 - 20, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$12.000
Centro de Eventos Chimkowe
Grecia 8787, Peñalolén
Metro Grecia

Fonda Cervercera & Weed:
Craving some artisan beer, Chilean comfort food, and mingling with up to 4,000 people underneath a massive tent? If so, check out the Fonda Cervecera & Weed in Pirque from September 17-18. With acts from DJ Emilio, Matias Vega, DJ Janyi, La Cumbia and Grupo Red (plus a soccer competition with a grand prize of CLP700.000) this three-day rager is guaranteed to be good fun. The first fiesta begins at 6 p.m. on Thursday with a charge of CLP $4.000, while the other two begin at 1 p.m.with an entrance fee of CLP $3.000.

Fonda Cervercera & Weed
September 17 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: From CLP$4.000.
Club Deportivo Bandera de Chile
Los Corrales, Pirque

Fonda Don Óscar
General Admission: CLP$17.000
Espacio Don Óscar
Pajaritos 4155, Maipú

Concert Fondas

If your focus during these Fiestas Patrias is to listen to some awesome bands, drink, and dance the night away and aren't particularly looking to run into kids or play bingo, we've got you covered.

Fonda Permanente La Popular: Our friends at La Fonda Permanente are putting on another major edition of their Fiestas Patrias event for three straight days. If you're looking for an adult-only music festival type experience, catch one of the free shuttles running back and forth between Metro Pajaritos and Espacio Broadway all night long, and hold onto your hat. If La Fonda Permanente stays true to form, this party is going to go all night. This is not for beginners but we highly recommended it if you're up for an adventure and a hell of a party. Los Tres and Los Jaivas lead the musical offerings Thursday night, while Banda Conmoción Headlines Friday and Anita Tijoux and Chico Trujillo round out the night on Saturday.

Fonda Permanente La Popular
September 17 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$15.000.
Espacio Broadway
Ruta 68 Km. 16

La Gran Fonda Urbana: If you're feeling a bit of fonda peer pressure these Fiestas Patrias but don't feel up to the usual fare of cueca, games and terremotos, head to Centro Cultural Amanda for La Gran Fonda Urbana. It's really a concert masquerading as a fonda, but who cares when you have Los Tetas headlining on Friday and Anita Tijoux on Saturday, not to mention sets both nights by DJ Raff and other excellent local acts? If you´re into it, try to grab the presale price online (currently at CP $8,000 per night).

La Gran Fonda Urbana
September 18 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$15,000 at door
Centro Cultural Amanda
Embajador Doussinague 1767, Vitacura

La Tortuga Vacilona: Bar Las Tejas, located on Calle San Diego in Santiago Centro, and known as the “Auténtico Palacio del Terremoto” (the Authentic Terremoto Palace), is hosting its first Fonda these Fiestas Patrias. There will be plenty of Chicha and dancing here on September 18-19. Bands include La Combo Tortuga, Olguita Marina, La Cumbia, Sonora 5 Estrellas, Guachupé, Shabakano and La Transa among others. DJing will be in the hands of Vitoco-Mix and DJ Julio Mandril and EL JEFE as the master of ceremonies. Tickets on sale at Bar Las Tejas, from noon-12 p.m., San Diego 236 and online at Dticket.cl: CLP$10.000 ahead of time and $12.000 on the days of the event.

La Tortuga Vacilona
September 18 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$12.000. Pre-sale: CLP$10.000.
Las Tejas
San Diego 236
Metro Baquedano

Fonda Choriza: In the middle of Bellavista, you can partake of the Fonda Choriza on Friday, September 18 beginning at 10p.m. til the wee hours of the morning. Bar Santa Filomena will host Chorizo Salvaje, Sandino Rockers and the hip-hop girl band Michu y la Sangre Rebelde. If you get there too early, DJs La Joya and Lenio will start to heat things up.

Fonda Choriza, sólo para valientes
September 18, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$5.000
Bar Santa Filomena
Santa Filomena 126, Bellavista
Metro Baquedano

La Yein Fonda: Originally started by Chilean Folk-Rockers Los Tres, This is the original urban fonda. This year, Buddy Richard, Los Tres and Villa Cariño are headlining. If you're looking for a fonda located in Las Condes, this is it. However, it´s worth noting that Los Tres are playing in nearly every other fonda for less money so... just saying.

La Yein Fonda 2015
September 18 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$16.500.
Centro Parque Araucano
Presidente Riesco 5330, Las Condes

La Fonda Cuequera de Chile: El Club Matadero, one of Santiago's most popular Cueca clubs is having it’s Sixth annual fonda: La Fonda Cuequera de Chile. If you’re ready and prepared to dance cueca all nite long, head on over to Barrio Franklin, bands like René Torito Alfato y su Lote, Los Canallas de la Cueca, Porfiados de la Cueca, Los Republicanos, Las Niñas and many more will be playing from September 17-19, starting at 9 p.m.

La Fonda Cuequera
September 17 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$5.000
Centro Cultural Club Matadero
Santa Rosa 2260, Barrio Franklin
Metro Franklin

Fonda El Sindicato Social
Fonda Grunge
Fonda Prohibida
Fonda Minera (Centro de Alumnos de Ingeniería Civil de Minas)
La Fonda Sin Fondo
Gran Fonda: El Ultimo Tren a Redolés

Gay-friendly Fondas

La Gay Fonda Oficial: Sometimes you just wish fondas were more like DJ parties. Well, this one is! At La Fonda Gay, the tikitiki sounds just a bit more like pop and cumbia, as the concert blends typical Chilean drinks with light shows with DJs all night. This is a combined effort from four different production companies and should be a great place to end your night, especially since entries are 2x1 before 1:30 a.m.

La Gay Fonda Oficial
September 17, 2015.
General Admission: 2x1($2.500) until 1:30. CLP$4.000 till 4. CLP$5.000 after.
Centro Arte Alameda
Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 139
Metro Baquedano

Que Fuerte La Anti-Fonda: Listed as an anti-fonda, but we couldn't resist. The Gay Fonda Thursday night not enough? How about a party on Friday that goes on until 8AM featuring performance artists, games and DJ's all night long (one of the genres listed is: Reggaeton LesboTransFeminista). Nice. Get ready because this is going to be one long night.

Que Fuerte, La Anti-Fonda
September 18, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$2.000 - CLP$5.000
La Konsulta
Av Matta 312


La Pulenta's Fonda
September 17, 2015.
KRO la barra de Lutty
Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 195, Bellavista

Fonda El Gallo
September 17, 2015.
Echeverria 359
Metro Cal y Canto

September 17, 2015.
Santa Filomena 10, Recoleta
* Ignore the number shown as assisting on Facebok- they keep reusing the same event

Vegetarian and Vegan Fondas

Fonda Vegana El Huaso Vegetariano: September is a tough time for vegetarians and vegans. The improving weather and national celebrations mean you´ll probably be spending a lot of time miserably munching on hastily grilled veggies while everyone gorges on a variety of meats. Of the many vegetarian fondas that have sprung up in the last few years, El Huaso Vegetariano is the oldest and best offering to celebrate the Fiestas Patrias with whole-heartedly prepared vegetarian options including pastel de choclo, empanadas, choripanes, and anticuchos, all animal free. The fonda features live music and offers many animal-free vendors, as well as ...

Fonda Vegetariana El Huaso Vegetariano
September 18 - 19, 2015. 12-9 p.m.,
General Admission: CLP $2.000
Cumming 662, Barrio Brasil
Metro Cumming

Gran Fonda La Fraternal: Find some fun, music, good vegetarian food, cueca classes, and games for this weekend and stop by Gran Fonda La Fraternal in Ñuñoa this holiday weekend! Los Califas play on Friday night at 9 pm and Tierra Tricolor, a folklore group is playing at 2:30 pm. Thursday through Sunday... and more! Do not miss great live music and la RICA COCINA VEGETARIANA DIECIOCHERA.

Gran Fonda La Fraternal
September 17 - 20, 2015
General Admission: CLP$2.000.
Restaurante La Fraternal
Av. Holanda 3362, Ñuñoa


Veggie Fonda
September 17 - 20, 2015.
Govindas Restaurant
Ricardo Cumming 643
Metro Cumming

Fonda de las Vacas
September 18, 2015. 8PM.
General Admission: CLP$4.000. Pre-sale: CLP$2.000.
Purísima 129, Bellavista
Metro Baquedano

La Fonda Vegana Vegetariana de Providencia
September 17 - 20, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$3.500.
Miguel Claro 1114

Eco Fonda Primavera
September 18 - 20, 2015.
General Admisison: CLP$2.500.
La Casa Árbol
Exequiel Fernández 1009

Fonda Verde Sin Rodeos
September 18 - 19, 2015.
General Admission: CLP$7.000. Pre-sale: CLP$4.000.
El Noviciado
Bernardo O'higgins, Parcela 26, lote 4, Pudahuel.

Photo by Pablo Reyes
Photo by Pablo Reyes

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