2016 Fonda Guide

Welcome to Revolver's 2016 Fonda Guide! This year we only have three days to pack in a lot of celebrating, so if you´ve decided to stick to Santiago for Fiestas Patrias, but really have no idea where to begin we've got you covered with the very best insider's fonda guide, from traditional to anti-fondas, including the best Municipal, Concert, Gay-Friendly and Independent Fondas in the city.

But before rushing out the door for your empanada and terremoto fix, we highly recommend you brush up on some of the history behind Chile's independence day celebrations, read about the origins of Chile's national dance, or even check out our tutorial on how to dance the cueca (yes, you'll need it).

So you're looking for..
Municipal Fondas - Independent Fondas - Concert Fondas - Gay-friendly Fondas - Vegetarian/Vegan Fondas

Municipal Fondas

The Municipal fondas are some of the most established options for Fiestas Patrias. If you’re just dipping your toe in the water, Parque Ines de Suarez and Padre Hurtado are great options, while Estadio Nacional is a really fun place to take kids, and Parque O’Higgins is just…wild. Regardless of which fonda you choose, try not to get there *too* early.

Parque Inés de Suarez (Providencia): A classic, this Fonda in Parque Ines de Suarez in Providencia has the reputation of being more family friendly and it's quality food, drink and shows. There'll be a ton of food stalls and artisan stalls to get a sense of Chilean dieciocho culture. It's worth going on Monday just to see Los Tres perform live. Other live performances include Javiera Parra on Friday, Gepe on Saturday, and Santiago All Star on Sunday. Entrance is CLP $4,200 for adults and CLP $2,000 for children.

Fiesta Dieciochera de Providencia
September 16-19, 2016
General Admission: CLP$4,200. Children and seniors: CLP$2,000.
Parque Inés de Suarez
Antonio Varas 1510, Providencia
Metro Manuel Montt (and a 20-30 minute walk south) or buses 504, 501 and 518, and any bus that drops you off on the corner of Bilbao and Pedro de Valdivia or Antonio Varas.

Parque O'Higgins (Santiago Centro): As Fondas multiply and change each year, the Parque O'Higgins Fonda is still a classic and arguably “The Place to Go” if you want a taste of traditional fiestas patrias. There'll be all the classic food and drink, two different stages, and music from big names such as Gepe (playing Friday), Ases Falsos (playing Sunday), Pedro Piedra and Chancho en Piedra (both playing Monday). They've also got a 'cuecadrome' in this year with over 2,200m of space just for the national dance. Supposedly it's been 'cleaned up' a bit in recent years so we can expect a few less people passed out on the grass as well.

Chile, Santiago te Celebra
September 16-19, 2016
General admission: CLP$3,000. Children under 12: Free.
Parque O'Higgins
Av. Beaucheff 398
Metro Parque O'Higgins

Semana de de la Chilenidad Parque Padre Hurtado (Las Condes / Vitacura / La Reina): Last year we were tongue-in-cheek in mentioning this Fonda, organized by La Reina, Las Condes and Vitacura. But then, we went, and we can report that the many events that take place throughout the week including equestrian shows, folkloric music, the Chilean Folkloric Ballet, and much more, make this a great alternative to combine the fonda experience with a picnic under a shady tree and to make a day of your experience. Also, check out the many options taking place throughout the week.

Fiesta de la Chilenidad
September 12-19, 2016
General admission: CLP$5,000. Children and seniors: CLP$2,000.
Parque Padre Hurtado
Francisco Bilbao 8651, La Reina
Metro Bilbao and then Bus 08 (or walk)

Fiesta Chilena de Ñuñoa (Ñuñoa): This fonda in Estadio Nacional has a growing band of followers who rave about it. With its unique setting in the national stadium there is plenty of space for all the bands, food and fun that you could want. A great fonda to visit during the day, this one absolutely packs in the traditional Chilean culture with an equestrian show from the Chilean Army Equestrian School, alongside antique games, cueca lessons and a ton of quality artisanal vendors from all over the country.
Fiesta Chilena de Ñuñoa
September 16-20, 2016.
General admission: CLP$2,000. Children and seniors: CLP$1,000.
Estadio Nacional
Avenida Grecia 2001
Metro Ñuble and walk east or Metro Grecia and take buses 506, 507, 510, 511 or 516.

Carnaval Dieciochero de Recoleta: This fonda is only in its fourth year, so it may still be rough around the edges, but it is family-oriented and promises a relaxing atmosphere and music by Moral Distraida, Sol y Lluvia, , Sonora Dinamica, and more.

Carnaval Dieciochero de Recoleta
September 16-19, 2016.
General admission: CLP$4,000. Children and seniors: Free
Estadio Municipal de Recoleta
Recoleta 3005, Recoleta
Metro Dorsal (Line 2)

More Municipal Events:

Vive Chile en Lo Barnechea
September 14-19, 2016
General Admission: Free
Avenida Las Condes 14891, Lo Barnechea

18 en tu Barrio (Peñalolén)
September 17, 2016, 3-10 p.m.
General Admission: Free
Centro Cultural y Deportivo Chimkowe
Avenida Grecia 8787, Peñalolén

Semana de la Chilenidad Parque Cerillos
September 16-19
General Admission: Adults CLP $4,000, Children over 4 $1,000, small children and over 65 free
Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda 6100

Independent Fondas

These are more commercial, entertainment driven Fondas, that definitely bring in a crowd and promise top-notch musical acts. Most do offer family-oriented offerings but they are definitely a bit more adult.

Fonda WokiToki: This year marks the second Fonda from the Online Comedy Group Woki Toki. After an overwhelming success last year they are offering one of the best performance driven fondas, with more than 30 artists including Tiro de Gracia, Croni-K and Noche de Brujas headlining on Friday, Amerikan Sound and Chico Trujillo on Saturday, and Villa Cariño and Ráfaga on Sunday. The fonda also features a youth-focused stage with shows by popular Chilean acts Cantando Aprendo a Hablar and Cachureos.

Fonda WokiToki
September 16-19, 2016
General Admission: CLP$8,000
San Jorge 1975, La Florida

La Yein Fonda: Originally organized by the Chilean rock band Los Tres, la Yein Fonda usually has more of a concert feel to it than other traditional fondas. Starting at 10 p.m. and running until 5 a.m., this is the place to go if dancing the night away is what you are looking for this year, but be ready to pay the price. The headline features Los Tres of course, but also various musical groups such as La Sonora de Tommy Rey, and eternal cueca singers Pepe Fuentes and María Esther Zamora.

La Yein Fonda 2016
September 16-18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$16,300.
Centro Parque Parque Araucano
Presidente Riesco 5330, Las Condes

Fonda Don Óscar
September 16-18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$12,000
Espacio Don Óscar
Pajaritos 4155, Maipú

Concert Fondas

If your focus during these Fiestas Patrias is to listen to some awesome bands, drink, and dance the night away and aren't particularly looking to run into kids or play bingo, we've got you covered.

Fonda Permanente La Popular: Fonda Permanente is back with a bang this year with a two day marathon of some fantastic live performances. This year’s line-up is one of the best yet with performances by Anita Tijoux, Villa Cariño, Santaferia, Chico Trujillo, Moral Distraída and many, many more. This Fonda is not for the faint of heart as doors open at 2pm and the party keeps going till 5 am, but if partying is your thing then this is the place to be.

Fonda Permanente La Popular
September 17 - 18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$12,000.
Ciudad Empresarial

Fonda La Volaita en Matucana 100: From the creators of the hugely successful, “Festival de la Cosecha”, comes Fonda La Volaita 2016. This three day event promises fantastic live music, a range of national and international booze as well as tasty grub. Located just a stone’s throw from Quinta Normal, this huge venue will play host to major acts such as Villa Cariño, Guachupe, La Combo Tortuga, Banda Conmoción and many more. Tickets are CLP 8000 in advance or CLP 12 000 at the door.

Fonda La Volaita
September 16-18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$12,000
Matucana 100
Matucana 100
Metro Estación Central

La Gran Fonda Amanda: A Little sick and tired of choripanes, terremotos and all things cueca? Fancy something different? Then be sure to check out Gran Fonda Amanda at Club Amanda, Vitacura these fiesta patrias! Banda Conmoción will be showcasing both their new and old tunes at this one night event. With nineteen musicians, Banda Conmoción is a force to be reckoned and will keep you entertained all night long with their upbeat and energetic hits.

La Gran Fonda Amanda
September 18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$10,000 at the door
Centro Cultural Amanda
Embajador Doussinague 1767, Vitacura

Fonda Choriza, sólo para valientes
September 16, 2016
General Admission: CLP$5.000
San Diego 1455
Metro Rondizzoni

Gay-friendly Fondas

These gay fondas and antifondas are perfect if you want to check the fonda box, but really, you just want to par-tay.

La Gay Fonda Oficial: The ultimate gay Fiestas Patrias party. Realidad Parelela and Fiesta Minister (lesbian and gay nights respectively) are combining with Pride Chile to provide music for all tastes, from traditional Cueca to the pop hits of the moment.

La Gay Fonda Oficial
September 16, 2016
General Admission: CLP $5,000 and 2x1 until 1:00 a.m.
Centro Arte Alameda
Av. Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 139
Metro Baquedano

AntiFondarks Kiltra: If the traditional celebrations aren’t really your thing and you’re looking for something darker, then this rock Anti-Fonda is the place for you. Music will range from new wave and Brit pop to kitsch and post-punk.

AntiFondarks Kiltra
September 17, 2016
General Admission: CLP$6,000
La Konsulta
Av Matta 312

Rincon Criollo Aniversario Blondie: Like Chile, Blondie is also celebrating a birthday this weekend, with a two day party extravaganza! On Saturday night the three dance floors will be filled with a mix of 70s,Chilean 90s, new wave and garage. The “Old School” Sunday night will pay homage to Blondie’s 23 years and play a mix of retro, Brit Pop and Chilean classics.

Rincon Criollo Aniversario Blondie
September 17-18, 2016
General Admission: CLP$10,000 (valid for both days)
Alameda 2879
Metro Union Latinoamerica

Vegetarian and Vegan Fondas

It is straight up tough being a Vegetarian in Santiago during Fiestas Patrias…half of the fun is in the delicious asados, empanadas and choripanes! These fondas offer the chance to chow down on animal-free Chilean dishes. But a word of warning—demand definitely exceeds supply so these fondas can get crowded! If you are looking for free, vegetarian choripanes we recommend taking a walk around metro Cumming, where you can find a ton of little shops selling delicious, gourmet vegetarian choripanes.

Fonda Vegana El Huaso Vegetariano: This year Homo Vegetus is celebrating its 9th edition (!!) of the fonda familiar “El Huaso Vegetariano” in Barrio Brasil. Like most vegan fondas it is alcohol and smoke-free, there will be veggie versions of traditional Chilean foods like empanadas, choripanes, anticuchos and alcohol-free beverages.

Fonda Vegetariana El Huaso Vegetariano
September 18-19, 2016
General Admission: CLP $2,500
Cumming 662, Barrio Brasil
Metro Cumming

Fonda Vegana de Safari Colectivo: Safari Colectivo is an emergent group of organizers involved in many vegan events such as Pasarelas Verdes at Parque San Borja. They organize many vegan events and of course will be hosting a [free!] vegan fonda on the 17th and 18th, with live music, food and even alcohol at Casa de los Diez (Santa Rosa con Tarapacá)

Fonda Vegana de Safari Colectivo
September 17-18, 2016
General Admission: Free
Casa de los Diez
Santa Rosa 179, Santiago
Metro Santa Lucia

Eco Fonda Veg: For a slightly more alternative ‘fonda’, EcoFonda Veg will take place in Recoleta. This is more of an event with stands open to vegan entrepreneurs, including artesanry, clothes, food, etc.
Eco Fonda Veg
September 18, 2016
General Admission: Free
San Cristobal 508, Recoleta
Metro Cerro Blanco

Fonda Familiar Tía Clafira ¡Septiembre sin Crueldad! (Limache): Outside of Santiago, the Santuario Tia Clafira will be hosting a fonda in order to raise money for their animal sanctuary in Limache, close to Valparaiso. For those who want to stay the night, camping possibilities are available at CLP $3,000. Proceedings from the food and drinks will go to the sanctuary and its inhabitants, but entry is free, with the possibilities of gardening workshops, hiking tours and a tour of the sanctuary in exchange for donations.

Fonda Familiar Tía Clafira ¡Septiembre sin Crueldad!
September 17-19, 2016
General Admission: CLP $3,000
Santuario Clafira
Ruta F-610

Gran Fonda Fraternal
September 16-18, 2016
General Admission: Free
La Fraternal
Holanda, 3362, Providencia

Veggie Fonda
September 16-18, 2016
General Admission: Free
Cumming 643

Fonda Vegetariana Puente Alto
September 17, 2016
General Admission: Free
Hare Krishna Temple
Nemesio Vicuña 248

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