Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Apr 3 - 5)

It's yet another long weekend in Chile and if you've decided to stay in the city, don't worry- there are still a ton of events going on around town including a few events organized to help out the people suffering up north post-landslides/flash floods. And yes, we've posted this a bit late - apologies, we're blaming the Newen Afrobeat show last night. Some of us are still recovering :-)

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Manka Saya
Photo courtesy Manka Saya


- Un abrazo al Norte: Major benefit concert Friday starting at 4pm for the communities up north affected by the floods and landslides. A ton of artists- check the link for details on the kind of stuff you're supposed to donate.
- Vientos y cuerdas: Conacin is a venue off the tourist radars but definitely worth checking out for its Andean parties. Expect plenty of wind instruments and Andean rhythms tonight with Manka Saya, Jhon Kenyi R and Jose Pichihueche.
- Chorizo Salvaje: Revolver-favorite Chorizo Salvaje is bringing the cumbia party at Bar Santa Filomena along with La Cototo.
- Quintafest: Street artists have organized the first Street Artist Festival over at Parque Quinta Normal this weekend!
- El mundo del Islam: The Cineteca Nacional (at the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda) is showing Islam-related films at 3pm weekdays throughout April. Free! Since we're posting this really, really late, you've already missed it :P But no worries - the event is going on throughout April.
- Diziplina, La Ciscu Show: For the few of you out there who aren't afraid of clowns- drop by the Anifteatro Bellas Artes at 9pm Friday for a musical show with clowns(!) Actually billed as the first rock and clown show in the world :D
- Lo que no dije: Performance that investigates the link between Gabriela Mistral's personal life, her literary works and flamenco. A mix of traditional flamenco with some experimental and contemporary dance- at the GAM!
- Jesus Crispy: Any event that lists on their Frequently Asked Questions: "Is this event Satanic?" is obviously going to catch our attention. This is over on the road to Pirque and really seems like an excuse to just camp out this weekend and, as they say, 'hueviar.'
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is having their "Perreo Intenso" event at Centro Arte Alameda tonight.
- Combo Tortuga / La Keka Galindo: Cumbia party over at Revolver-favorite and definitely popular with the locals- Fonda Permanente.
- RuPaul Drag Fiesta: A DJ dance party / drag fest / RuPaul night at the appropriately named Banana House. Really, where do we begin?
- Me-moria: Matucana 100 is featuring this bit of aerial theater this month. Tickets are 2.500.
- Centro Cultural Anandamapu: Ska, reggae and independent designers - works for us! This is at Centro Cultural Anandamapu over by Metro Cerro Blanco.
- Salseros ayudando al norte: Salsa and bachata lovers have a treat tonight as Rosa Negra is hosting this benefit night raising funds for the north.
- Street dance: Popping, breaking, locking and rap competition over at Plaza Italia at 4:30pm!
- Kasa Ecolety: Poetry and a photography exhibit by Yolanda Pimentel over at Kasa Ecolety Friday. This will also feature a cocktail and a live acoustic set by La Compañera.
- Jesuschrist Superstar: There are actually several performances of the musical happening around town, but this version's organized by a youth group in Recoleta.
- Misc events: Have 20 luca handy and want your first quick tattoo in Chile? Here you go: Or maybe you're just looking for something a bit more spiritual to bond with nature this weekend: Or a book exchange in Vitacura? Checking out the Santiago Public Library (Biblioteca de Santiago) is always a best bet, especially with a Chilean illustration exhibit:
- Live Music: Migrantes is pretty new band gaining a good bit of attention - performing at Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan (, Shaka's record release at Bar Oxido (, Nadie Importante is performing at ONACIU (, Free show with live music at Atico Bar (, Paco Paquerro is over at Bar Loreto playing live (, Catch the Cristian Gallardo Trio at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz (, and finally check out an intimate performance by Gaston Gomez at El Anden de Yungay (
- DJ Parties: Chocolate Party with open bar for women on Manuel Montt (, Barcelona at Casona Morande (, dance party at perennial party venue Blondie (, Dark wave gothic/post punk dance party at Bal le Duc tonight (, i-mosa on the decks at Club Ibiza (, local DJs are on tap at the Santiago Live Set Vol 1 show in Santiago Centro (, DJ cabral is over at Bunker (, Dancehall and funk over at La Casa de Asterion on Av. Portugal (, more dancehall at the Critikal Jack Riddim party at Santo Mambo (, Gustavo Ferrante and others will be getting the party going at MAMBA (, DJ Raver is celebrating his bday at KRO la barra de Lutty (, and finally Kamikaze in Las Condes is hosting a dance party Friday and Saturday (

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- 1000 amigos por el norte: Some guy who calls himself "Weedman" (and actually dresses up as a superhero) is organizing this meetup at Parque Juan XXIII. We're guessing this was originally just supposed to be an excuse to hang out at the park all day, but now they've switched it to a benefit event where they'll be collecting supplies for the people up north. Go in a group, go with friends and take a blanket.
- A mover la coneja: Free party at Cine Arte Alameda! This place is an already extremely popular for parties and this one's aiming to have like 1,000 people. Plus it's benefiting the people up north, so a good bet all around.
- Guachupe: Chilean band Guachupe tends to bring the party (and their significant following) wherever they go. Catch them tonight at Fonda Permanente.
- Tinkunazo: For the adventurous- the Poblacion Santo Tomas is marking the anniversary of the Centro Kultural Poblacion Santo Tomas with their first neighborhood carnival. This will feature a cultural groups and a street procession, but take note this is mostly for the neighbors and the community over at La Pintana.
- Encuentro de malabarismo: Drop by Plaza Ñuñoa on Saturday to hang out and check out the Street Juggler Meetup going on all day. This is like the 14th version and just a good excuse to get out and just hang out on the grass. Take a blanket and snacks.
- Jornada Cultural En Sincronia con la Naturaleza: Second day of a weekend-long spiritual, become-one-with-nature event happening over at Cerro Blanco. All sorts of workshops and special events and ceremonies.
- Yayoi Kusama: Everyone and their Chilean host mom is heading out to CorpArtes to check out the awesome exhibit by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Recommendation is to go *early* otherwise you might not even be let in.
- Feria vegourmet: Centro Arte Alameda is hosting another iteration of the Feria Vegourmet. Yes, yes, some doubts about the gourmet selection given the preponderance of veggie cakes, but still worth dropping by for maybe lunch or some veggie snacks and treats.
- Lasmala: Check out some world fusion music courtesy Lasmala over at Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan Saturday night.
- Jesus Crispy: We're guessing the folks lost in the abyss that is Jesus Crispy probably don't even know it's Saturday.
- Cumbia party: La Peña del Nano Parra is once again the spot for a cheap night out full of cumbia. Curazeta, Ladysharon and La Shimbombo are performing.
- Bazar de Lastarria: If you're in the Lastarria neighborhood, drop by Casona Lastarria for some independent designers and gourmet goodies.
- Misc Events: Take the kids out for a circus workshop at Gran Circo Teatro ( Urban rollerbladers are headed out for a circuit that starts at Metro Bilbao ( Casa Santiago is hosting a Mapuche resistence event (attend this and expect to be expelled from the country) ( Lucha libre in Santiago! ( And people are getting together behind Museo Bellas Artes for hugs.. what? (
- Live Music: Indie dance night over at Club Ibiza with performances by Chocho (arg), Paracosmo and Planeta no (, Los Secuazes, Waila Candela and others are over at Bar Santo Filomena (, Manuel Lopez and La Luz Ma at 9pm (sharp) at El Anden de Yungay (, Hardcore punk and an album release by Terror Demokracia at La Casa De Asterion (, four bands performing at Sala Master with styles that range from grunge to blues rock to progressive metal (, "Hell string" fest (you can probably figure out what kind of show) over at Bar Santa Filomena (, La Pezgato and De Morgue at Humano Bar - early show at 8pm (, live tango at Magaldi Tango Club (, Soda Stereo tribute band celebrates their birthday at Ex-Oz (, Café Paranoia is launching their single at Casa Guacolda in Ñuñoa (, Covarrubias, Cesfam and Putas Salvajes are at Cortesano Pizzeria Cantina (, Elektrio will be over at Bar Onaciu (, Mis Aleluyas, Mi Andromeda, Munsoon and iovi are at the independent music fest at Centro Cultural Espacio Elefante (, Lars Graugaard and Claudio Perez are at Thelonious Bar (, The APes are at Sala Master (, benefit live show at ONACIU in Recoleta (, afternoon acoustic show at the Parque de las Esculturas in Providencia (, interesting show over at La Bodeguita de Julio with Forro, Pagode Bahiano and Arroxa (, Amarga Marga performing at Bar Loreto with a DJ party to follow (, and Digital Dread and Hordatoj are over at Santo Mambo (
- DJ Parties: Decadance dance party (think The Cure, Billy Idol, Doors, etc) at Bar Mala Vida (, AM Party launch at Carmen and Matta (, EDM fest at Party Shake 2015 at the Teatro Caupolican (, Kitsch dance party at Blondie (, Techno at NaveLuna right off Parque Forestal (, Depeche Mode night along with everything you can imagine for a 80's/pop party over at Bar Le Duc (, Roman&Castro along with Alejandro Paz on the decks at MAMBA (, Hot Rabbit DJ party at Club Matta (, Ladytron and Crystal Castles-themed dance party at the Banana House on Santa Filomena (, Saint Dance Party in Peñalolen (, the Phrenetic Parke event which is actually over at Parque Intercomunal de La Reina ( And we don't really mean to diss the dancing skills of the oriente kids, but... well, anyway here are some options: #Bailasinparar dance party at Mosaicafe (, Amanda is hosting a "The Clap" party. We're pretty sure this has nothing to do with Gonorreah but yeah, this is what happens when people blindly adopt English names for their events (, Carribean party at Club Eve (, Retro dance party for the 25+ crowd (, Kamikaze's party continues (, and the Black Label party at Aura Club (

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- Quintafest: Final day to catch the first Street Artist Festival going on at Parque Quinta Normal! We're not quite sure what the turnout's going to be like, considering it's the first time they try to organize something like this, but still worth supporting and checking out.
- Easter egg hunt: Another one for the kids - the Las Condes Municipality is organizing some Easter egg hunts over at 4 different plazas on Sunday.
- Algobueno: The Teatro Cultural Lo Prado is hosting a hip-hop event this Sunday starting at 6pm. The idea is to promote the Chilean hip-hop scene with MC's and breakdancers. Free event.
- Juegos: inconsciente e identidad: Exhibit opening at the Biblioteca Viva Vespucio Sunday at 6pm.
- Lo que no dije: Last chance to catch the performance that investigates the link between Gabriela Mistral's personal life, her literary works and flamenco.
- Reflejo/Sonoro: The interactive audiovisual exhibit Sonor over at the Museo Bellas Artes ends today! Drop by before it's gone.
- Bike events: A number of bike events going on this Sunday. There's a bike clinic where you can pick up some skills and socialize with other cyclists on Cerro San Cristobal ( A mountain bike group is meeting up by the Pio Nono entrance to head up the hill ( Ciclists are gathering over at Plaza La Paz in Recoleta in a protest against the number of cyclists who have been killed in traffic accidents ( And head over to either Parque San Borja ( or Parque de Los Reyes ( for workshops and vendors selling bike-related items.
- Vientos de Chile: Event over in Providencia called the Winds of Chile which is going to feature performances related to Chiloe and the north.
- Todxs a la hoguera: Afternoon fundraising show at La Cucarachera as the groups involved work to finance some projects. Food, live music and independent vendors.
- Ciclorecrovia: Get up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. From 9am until 2pm.

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And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago:

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