Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Dec 12 - 14)

It's almost time for Christmas and we're getting ready with our mittens, scarves and - wait. No. We're in Chile and the weather's starting to get scorching hot- despite the presence of people dressed up as Santa Claus at the local Jumbo. If you're looking for some open-air activities this weekend before things really start to get bad, Providencia is hosting a music festival, there's a gourmet festival at Parque Bustamante and a Sandwich fair at Parque Araucano. And if you're not looking to burn up, we definitely have things covered-

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Koradub
Photo courtesy Koradub


- In-Edit: Final chance to catch some of the films being shown as part of the In-Edit Film Festival. Excellent slate of music-related films and documentaries.
- Lanzamiento de Mamel: Craft beer fans! Launch party (and house party) happening tonight. First schop is free.
- Animal Libre: Vegan fundraising event for the Animal Libre organization in Chile. Starts at 7pm.
- Koradub: The band mixes instruments like the sitar from India and the African kora with modern sounds like reggae, drum and bass and jazz. Performing live tonight at El Clan.
- Feria Mundo Gourmet: Providencia is hosting a gourmet and gastronomical entrepreneur fair in the park near Metro Salvador.
- Feria MasDeco: Large art, design and decoration fair with over 100 vendors is happening this weekend at Estacion Mapocho.
- Feria del Sanguche: Yes, that's Chilean spelling for "sandwich." Catch the sandwich fair at Parque Araucano.
- Sufismo el camino del corazón: Sufi event with music, traditional stories and the dervish dance.
- Maxi Pedreros banda: Check out some live music at one of Barrio Yungay's more active venues for live music. Expect cueca, folk-rock and Latin American rhythms.
- Carrete Tanguero: Tango fest at Plaza de Armas today at 7pm. Take your dancing shoes and join in.
- Thelonious lugar de Jazz: A couple of shows at Thelonious - Saxophonist Ricardo Tejero at 8pm and Marcelo Cordova launches his record at 11pm.
- Rio Pacheco: Chilean pop-rock band Rio Pacheco is launching their music video today at 6:30pm at the Casa Coca Cola (jesus).
- Tango en privado: Last intimate tango show at Bar Popular. Show starts at 10pm.
- Como Asesinar a Felipes: Chilean hip-hop band Como Asesinar a Felipes is performing at Bar Loreto tonight. Not to be missed.
- Fashion Party: We really don't know much about this one, but some afro-cuban Chilean band is playing along with dance performances. We've never highlighted an event at this venue so this is a bit of an unknown.
- La Fiesta del Lagarto Murdock: Huge cumbia fest tonight at Kmasu with Santa Feria, La Combo Tortuga, Tomo Como Rey, Chorizo Salvaje and Sonora 5 Estrellas.
- Fiskales Ad Hok: Chilean punk icons Fiskales Ad Hok are performing along with Diferentes Actitudes Juveniles (Argentina).
- Pig Vicious: The name is actually pretty indicative of what's planned and this is pretty much the polar opposite of the Animal Libre event. Feast organized by Soul Kitchen and Salvador cocina y cafe starting at 7pm at Matucana 100.
- Emociones Clandestinas: The Chilean band from Concepcion is playing tonight at La Batuta, celebrating their newest single.
- Erotica: DJ dance party tonight at the Banana House - live performances included.
- Sinergia: Chilean band Sinergia is launching their newest record at Teatro Cariola today at 9pm.
- Ciclo de Tocatas: Jazz show at 6pm with Stefano Rojas and Ensamble de Jazz at the Universidad UNIACC.
- Frecuencia Nativa: Bands Frecuencia Nativa and Chocolate Sexual perform at Tambo El Conacin. Normally known for Andean parties, tonight features cumbia and reggae.
- Shamanes Crew: Club Zurai is welcoming the summer (early?) with dancehall stars Shamanes Crew tonight.
- Spacid: House, acid and underground techno on tap at Nave Luna in Barrio Bellas Artes.
- Leyendas del Glam: A type of event that's actually not that surprising in Chile - Glam-rock tribute fest.
- Electrodark: If you're looking for something a bit more gothic - Bal le duc is hosting a Rammstein tribute band and overall goth/industrial dance night.
- Rockabilly on the route: Rockabilly bands performing tonight at a pizza joint? Hell, why not.
- Pub Crawl with Latin King: The Pub Crawl picks up at 10pm and ends up at a party in Bellavista - featuring rap, funk, psychadelic, cumbia and reggae.
- Froots / Capitan Jungla: Live Reggae at Club Ibiza in Bellavista with Froots (rock reggae) and Capitan Jungla (reggae dance hall).
- Frenesi por la vega: Interesting outdoor event in an area that's a bit iffy at nights.. Multiple djs and exhibition.
- Las Mil y Una Noches: Poetry, music and theater at Kasa Ecolety.
- Claudio Cordero, Alejandro Silva y Gonzalo Sanhueza: Instrumental rock concert with three chilean musicians at SCD Vespucio.
- Los Obreros del Mambo: Cumbia band Los Obreros del Mambo celebrate their anniversary along with Chorizo Salvaje and La Gambeta.
- Exhibits at Espacio Mapocho: A couple of interesting exhibits are happening at Estacion Mapocho this month. One is a photo exhibit of gypsies in Chile and the second is an exhibit of Mapchue textiles.

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- Weichafe: Weichafe is back! Check out the famed Chilean rock band perform at Teatro Caupolican.
- Festival de la música: Providencia is hosting an open-air music festival at the Parque de Esculturas this weekend.
- Emociones Clandestinas: The band will be performing along with Surfin Carmaba Saturday at Bar Santa Filomena.
- Joe Vasconcellos: The musician is having a major show at Matucana 100 Saturday night.
- #MeMuevoEl13: Plaza Italia (Metro Baquedano) is the scene of this citizen protest against the hydroelectric plants they're trying to build at the Cajon del Maipo.
- Open Santiago Bike Polo: Open Santiago Bike Polo tournament this Saturday in Santiago Centro!
- Papanegro / Flying Bananas: Papanegro and Colombian funk-hop-hop band Flying Bananas are playing at Bar El Clan.
- Quique Neira: Chilean Reggae artist Quique Neira will be playing Saturday at Santo Mambo (San Diego 1455).
- Lemon Lab: Another iteration of the gay-friendly party is going to take place at the Ex-Fabrica Club.
- Viva Voces: Political-cultural act in support of the families and children of the missing detainees from the Pinochet years. Will feature performances by Illapu, Inti Illimani, Manuel Garcia, Juan Ayala, Evelyn Cornejo and more.
- Gabriela Nuñez Salinas: Check out her photography exhibit at Kasa Ecolety along with the musical performance by Luistofoles.
- Haila Mompié: Cuban artist Haila Mompié is in Chile and will perform at Orixas (Tarapaca 755).
- All Carajo Fest: Uruguayan rock band No Somos Nadie will be performing at the Centro Arte Alameda along with Chilean rock bands Bagual, Metakiase, Jesusto, Dezaztre Natural, and Icarus Gasoline.
- Fiesta Arte Tribal Muta: Special treat for our readers- event in Barrio Yungay that features dance, theater, design, photography and music.
- Lucybell: Famed Chilean band Lucybell is closing out 2014 with a performance at Blondie.
- I heart Miami: Banana house is bringing the craziness again with a cumbia / reggaeton dance party.
- Poetry reading: Up for checking out some local poets? Bar Chancho 6 is the place.
- Lasmala: The band will be performing at Club Subterraeo.
- Street Feast: Art, food, drinks and fun on Manuel Montt - and at least one food truck.
- Fiebre de Cumbia: Cumbia and dancehall party at one of Santiago's more interesting venues - Bar Las Tejas.
- Feria Vegourmet: The vegan food fair is happening again but this time over in Barrio Italia!
- Ilusos / Caos en Bangladesh: Blues and psychadelic rock on tap at Bar Grez.
- Taconeras Debut: The all-female Cumbia band will be performing at Club Chocolate in Bellavista.
- Mega Fiesta del Funk Chileno: The Feel the Funk Festival was canceled but the party continues (hopefully). Check out funk bands and party all night.
- Azucar Milagro: The band will celebrate their 5 year anniversary along with La Culebrera, Nano Parra, Opcion Marginal.
- Feria Ilustrarcos: Illustrator fair at the Instituto Profresional Arcos.
- Pool party: is hosting a pool party over at Barrio Brasil.
- Magia de altura: Performance at Lastarria 90 that speaks to the connection between magic and Latin American popular arts. Not sure we're describing it properly but it looks interesting.
- Japan Music Fest: Revenge: What? Event featuring bands dedicated to Japanese rock / Visual key. Eight hours of Japanese rock (by Chileans).
- Dope Street Fair: Live graffiti, Skate/Bmx/Roller performances, rap, etc and the launch of Dope Magazine's fifth edition.

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- La Furia del Libro: Final day to catch the activities behind this independent book fair. Conferences, a number of book launches and more.
- Robert Henke / Electric Indigo: Experimental electronic music by Robert Henke (Berlin) and Electric Indigo (Vienna) in an underground theater beneath the "El Angel" gallery - inauguration of the space after 19 years of disuse. Only 150 tix available.
- Cultura Profetica: Puerto Rican reggae band Cultura Profetica is performing in Chile December 13 and 14.
- Arcangel: Reggaeton artist Arcangel will perform at the Teatro Caupolican Sunday at 8pm.
- Metal Chaos Chile Fest: The name says it all. Featuring Nuclear, Sadism, Saken, Alto Voltaje and more! Take the kids (kidding)!
- Movimiento Sagrado: Experimental acrobatic performance based on the human body and physical space.
- Feria Permuteros: Fair where the idea is to exchange products and services for something in kind. This is happening this Sunday at the former hospital San Jose.
- Passione Lírica: A musical! Framents of classic operas are interpreted as part of a performance that gives us a peak of what happens once the curtain closes.
- Ride to F*ck: Originally scheduled a couple of weeks ago, the event was moved to this Sunday. Skate, BMX and music and a pretty inappropriate name.
- Beautiful Fest: 15 shops are going to have their wares for sale at Plan Sofa.
- Mapuche mural session: Different social organizations and individuals will gather beneath the Purisma bridge for a mural painting session in support of the Mapuche people's resistance.
- Bazar Casapiedra: Pick up some Christmas gifts at the Christmas Bazar in Vitacura. Well, at least entry's free.
- Feria de la cleta: Grab some biking accessories and learn about some basic bike mechanics at the fair that sets up at Parque Almagro.

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