Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Dec 19 - 21)

Ho-ho-ho. Yes, we made a Christmas edition! We really had no choice since it's the final weekend before Christmas and our agenda suddenly filled up with "ferias navideñas." We're presenting them in a separate section though, just to make things a bit easier to follow. We also have a ton of non-holiday events lined up- final days to catch dance performances at Metro Baquedano, vinyl fair at the GAM, Chilean party band Guachupe is celebrating an anniversary, Bar El Clan is doing the same, Mysteryland 2014, punk rock shows, bingo at an "okupa" and Chilean bands playing all over the place.

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Dosis Habitual
Photo courtesy Dosis Habitual

Christmas Shopping

- Feria Emprendeprovi: The Municipalidad de Providencia is promoting local small businesses with a Christmas fair set up at Parque Ines de Suarez. Over 60 stands (Dec 19 - 21).
- Feria Navideña de Productores de Peñalolen: Peñalolen is one of our best bets for their weekly fairs and Christmas should be no different. Excellent prices and you're sure to find a surprise or two (Dec 19 - 23).
- Verde Navidad: Ecological fair featuring cosmetics, gourmet, design, beauty products and more in Vitacura (Dec 19 - 23).
- Feria Santiago Independiente Navidad: Centro Arte Alameda is hosting this independent designer fair through Friday (Dec 17 - 19).
- Navidad en El Secreto: This one's located in an interesting design and artisan space tucked away in Lo Barnechea (Dec 15 - 21).
- Feria Navideña Cachivaches: Local art, artisans and workshops are on display near Metro Cumming. "Cachivaches" means something like "miscellaneous objects." (Dec 20 - 22).
- Feria Navidad Sofa: Independent and locally-made items at Sofa (Metro Santa Isabel). Clothing, toys, beauty products, editorials, music, food and more (Dec 20 - 21).
- Antiques Fair: In keeping with the tradition of having mostly events aimed at senior citizens, Las Condes is adding a Christmas touch to their regular antiques fair (Dec 21 - 23).
- Bazar Alternativo: Pick up some gifts at the Bazar Alternativo at Casa Piedra (Vitacura). Free entry (Dec 21).
- Santiago Bazar Navideño: Patio Avenida Italia in Barrio Italia is featuring over 20 vendors (Dec 20 - 21).
- Bazar Navideño Lastarria: Art, design, gourmet, clothing, and cosmetics vendors in Casa Observatorio De Lastarria (Dec 20 - 23).
- Feria navideña en Paseo Bulnes: Paseo Bulnes (located across the street from La Moneda) has been set up with a Christmas fair since the 11th (Dec 11 - 24).
- Bazar Espacio Activo: Handmade products and independent design fair at Casona Puyó in Bellas Artes (Dec 20 - 21).
- Feria Navideña Recoleta 2014: The comuna of Recoleta's fair is going on at Caletera de Pedro Donoso (Dec 2 - 23).
- Ferias Navideñas La Reina: La Reina is hosting a couple of Christmas fairs this year (Dec 14 - 24 and Dec 17 - 24).
- Feria Mascotas: And we can't forget the animals. Espacio Urbano de La Reina is the site of this fair in support of an animal-rescue organization.


- Mysteryland Chile: The Chilean edition of the EDM festival is taking place this weekend. Yes, it's outside Santiago but only 40min away and large enough of an event to list it here.
- Recorriendo el Mundo: Choreographers Annabelle López Ochoa (Belgium/Colombia) and Félix Duméril (France/Switzerland) present works at the CEAC (Metro Baquedano).
- Barrios Migrantes: Launch of a documentary on migrants in Chile. Cameras followed Haitian and Peruvian migrants in Santiago. Launch at noon at the Biblioteca de Santiago.
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is happening this Friday in Bellavista.
- Guachupe / Banda Conmocion: Major event at Teatro Caupolican. Chilean party band Guachupe celebrates their 15th anniversary along with Banda Conmocion and La Floripondio.
- Yapoh Trio: Intimate concert in Barrio Yungay with Yapoh Trio, along with dance performances by Milena Bralic and Ariel Alonso. Check them out: Event:
- Shawn & The Blue Moons: Revolver's own Shawn Strange will be performing with her band Shawn and the Blue Moons at Casa Guacolda in Ñuñoa! Don't miss it!
- Veronica Soffia y Los Singulares: The band is presenting their new single, "Habra que esperar" at Sala SCD Bellavista. Show's at 9pm. Check out Veronica: Event:
- Los Miserables: Famed Chilean punk rock band Los Miserables (founded 1990) is performing at Bar Santo Filomena.
- Provi Compra Local: Nocturnal event at some of the famous shopping galleries of Providencia. Video games, vinyl, movies and independent designer fashion till 11pm.
- Shamanes Crew: If dancehall is your thing - Shamanes crew is performing at Dot Club Centro de Eventos.
- Orquesta de Cámara: Christmas performance by the Orquesta de Cámara de Chile in Plaza Ñuñoa.
- Fiesta Cáñamo: Dosis Habitual will be performing Friday night at El Clan. Expect a fusion of hip-hop, funk and soul.
- Espacio Wave: Music and art at Centro Arte Alameda. EDM to start off the night then live hip-hop and a dj party till 5 in the morning.
- Inauguration of Art Weekend: We love inaugurations! Check this one out at Galeria OOPS for Art Weekend (Dec 20/21).
- Rockfem Divas: Tribute party for rock divas from the 80's in Vitacura. What?
- Último carrete calavera: The flyer has a rockabilly skull. Figure it out and then win a tattoo at the party.
- Sondelvalle: Club Subterraneo is hosting the album release party for Sondelvalle. Expect steady doses of rap and cumbia.
- Carrete Tanguero: Tango fans grab your shoes and head over to Plaza Brasil at 9pm.
- Cristian Gallardo trío: The Jazz group will be presenting their record Desiertos at the Club de Jazz de Santiago.
- ZonaZero: House/Psytrance fest at Teatro Caupolican
- VampireFreaks: A gothic, dark-wave, industrial fest happening at Blondie. Take your pick between the Vampire Room, the Infernal Room or the Helsing Room. Yikes. Should be interesting though you're best served avoiding people with shaved heads.
- Dance parties: There are just a ton of alternative (and REALLY alternative) dance parties going on Friday night. Take a look at the full agenda for details but here are just a few of them:,,,,,,,
- Casa Bolivar: Off-the-beaten-path treat for our readers with the Escuela de Comunicacion Popular celebrating their 5th anniversary at Casa Bolivar.
- La ultima cena: And for the truly adventurous- an event at an okupa Saturday night. Okupas are abandoned spaces/houses taken over by a group/collective. Live music, punk rock, even bingo!
- Gran Peña El Coipo Ciego: Club Social Comercio Atlético is hosting this party featuring Los del Maipo and Pata e Cumbia.
- Patin Urbano: Rollerbladers meet up every Friday night at 8:30pm at Plaza Los Dominicos and embark on a 2-3 hr skate through several comunas of Santiago.

Full list:


- Escuela Circo del Mundo: The World Circus School is having an end-of-year showcase. Nine months of intense work will be on display- catch it this Saturday or Sunday.
- Artes Milenarias de la India: Journey to India at this special event featuring classical indian dances, music, acro-yoga demonstrations and food.
- Pascuala Ilabaca: El Clan (one of our favorite venues) is celebrating their 14th anniversary in style with live music courtesy Pascauala Ilabaca & Fauna.
- Liberacion de libros: Have some books you're done with and are looking for new material? Trade a book for two at the Centro Cultural La Moneda this Saturday.
- Fotografía de Autor: Someone told us recently, "todo esta pasando en Kasa Ecolety." (Everything's happening at Kasa Ecolety). This weekend: exhibition and sale of photographs, objects and books.
- Tour a pie: How's your Spanish? Take a free walking tour of Providencia at 5pm. Starts at Metro Baquedano.
- Sálvame Jebús: The name may be funny ("Save me jesus"), but the duo is pretty good. Performing live in Barrio Yungay.
- Mauricio Redoles: Mauricio Redoles and Los Descuentos are performing at Bar Raices. This guy's a piece of work- poet, singer-songwriter and musician. Worth checking out.
- Bellydancing: Juventud Providencia and the Academia de Danza Aisha Comte are presenting a bellydancing show at 6pm.
- Obra Violeta Parra: Theatrical performance by children on the life of Violeta Parra. This is at the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos.
- Feria Pandogatos: Universidad Diego Portales is having a major Design and Illustration fair.
- Maldita Navidad Fest: Looking for the exact opposite of a Christmas Choir? Check out Chilean rock at the "Damn Christmas Fest."
- LiLiTS: Chilean female band LiLiTS are performing live at MiMar this Saturday night. The show starts on time so don't be late.
- Coexist: Event at Cerro Santa Lucia where urban life and its relation to the environment will be the focus through various artistic expressions. A couple of films on skateboarding and surfing in Chile will also be shown. Time: 3pm - 10pm.
- BBS Paranoicos: Punk rock courtesy BBS Paranoicos this Saturday night at Bar Santa Filomena.
- Dopamina: Dance party near Metro Republica featuring Trap/Twerk/Moombahton/Hip-hop.
- No nos conoce nadie: Project showcasing the talents of up-and-coming Chilean visual artists. The artists used the concept "The Internet" for their works.
- #BailaSinParar: The dance party in Vitacura (?) is at it again with a Christmas theme (dress in white).
- Intimate Stranger: Final show of the year for Intimate Stranger. They'll be performing all the tracks of their album, Conversacion Imaginaria.
- LesHyperSounds: Viña indie band "We Have The Place Surrounded" is performing at Bar Mala Vida along with "The How Much."
- Gran Peña Solidaria: And of course we can't let the weekend go without at least one activity which might get raided by the police.
- SENTIRES: The dance troupe Tierra Salesiana performs traditional dances and will be performing at the Santiago Library (Biblioteca de Santiago, Quinta Normal) at 11:15am. Tip the dancers.
- I draw what I hear: Live illustrations! Pamela Ravotril will draw while Vikenx provides the music. Shirts, zines and illustrations will also be on sale.
- Swing party: Swing, not swingers. Lindy hop fans can get down at Parque San Borja Saturday starting at 5pm.
- Feria Vinilo Libre: Pick up some vinyl at Centro Cultural GAM this weekend. Free entry.
- LAIA VEHí: Barecelona musician Laia Vehi is in Chile and performing at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz.
- Matías Cena / Dagger Complex: Alternative indie rocker Matías Cena is performing along with psychedelic pop band Dagger Complex at Sala SCD Bellavista at 9pm sharp.
- La Ultima del Año: This one's for the punk rock fans. Show at La Casa de Asterion featuring Arkolikos Anonimos, Diogenes, Distorsion Nocturna and THe Sotos. It'll cost you a luca until midnight.
- Pub Crawl Santiago: Christmas-themed pub crawl with a discount if you donate a gift.
- Feria de las pulgas Sidarte: The actors' syndicate is having a sale! Family event with a number of activities and chance to pick up objects used in films or on tv.
- Madness: And if you're looking for some legit parties Saturday night, there's Psychotropical madness at La Peña del Nano Parra (, Mambo at Humano Bar ( and the craziness you've come to expect at the Banana House ( Good luck!
- Poliglota Picnic: The language exchange group is having a picnic Saturday!

Full list:


- Santiago Ilustrado: Illustrations, hand-made products and street-wear on display (and sale) at Centro Arte Alameda.
- Ceremonia de Sonido por la Paz: Head up Cerro San Cristobal for a ceremony greeting the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Music, song and dance.
- Al palo: Another round of acoustic performances at Parque Forestal Sunday evening this time featuring el viaje de seth, jaguar & luis labbé.
- Feria de la cleta: Traditional bike fair is happening at Parque Diego de Almagro in Santiago Centro.
- Kundalini Yoga: Free yoga at Plaza Ñuñoa Sunday morning! Take a mat and tip your instructors.
- International Migrants Day: Multiculutral fair celebrating the International Migrants Day at Parque de los reyes.
- Natalia Contesse y trío: Live folk music courtesy Natalia Contesse at Plaza Raúl Devés.
- Domingo de perilla: Check out some live music at Bar Popular. Early show, starts at 5pm. "Jazz huachaca".
- The Tin Soldier: Spend an evening at Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura checking out the performance of the Tin Soldier. Show starts at 9:15pm. Free.
- Coro San José de la Sierra: If you're looking to get into the whole Christmas spirit with choir music, Las Condes is having a free concert at the Plaza Los Dominicos at 7pm.
- Leñeria Abierta: The relatively new space is opening their doors and showcasing the works created by its residents.

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And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago:

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