Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Dec 5 - 7)

It's the start of another long weekend in Chile! This makes it officially long weekend #28384 this year, but we're definitely not complaining. According to tradition, most people have already fled the city and those of us who stay are faced with very, very limited entertainment options. Just kidding! A ton of shows are going on this weekend- everything from contemporary dance by Metro Baquedano, the In-Edit music festival, Mike Patton, Ana Tijoux, Andean music, independent design fairs, Chilean hip-hop and even a comedy show (in English) featuring Revolver writer Andres Marcuse!

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Newen Afrobeat
Photo courtesy Newen Afrobeat


- Juanito Ayala: Revolver favorite Juanito Ayala (of Juana Fe! fame) is launching his solo record "Santo y Seña" Friday at the Anfiteatro Bellas Artes. The event will feature a number of invited musicians including opening band Xamanek and will most likely be sold out.
- In-Edit: The In-Edit Film Festival has kicked off. Check out the full program of music-related films and documentaries.
- Gepe / Astro / Camila Moreno: Teatro Caupolican is hosting this show as part of the Escudo Masters 2014 competition. Competing bands tonight are Cries of Death, The Power of the Pudu, and Hojas de Sol. 8pm start but also available via streaming if you can't make it.
- #Wow: Lira Bar Galeria is hosting this music and arts event with funk, r&b, hip-hop as well as a number of graffiti artists and illustrators.
- Contemporary Dance: Pluma by choreographer Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Efimeros by choreographer Felix Dumeril at the Centro de Extension Artistica y Cultural (super long name but it's the theater just outside Metro Baquedano). Shows at 8pm and run through December 20.
- Mañana me chanto: The band from Barcelona which mixes reggae with Latin American rhythms is performing at Bar Santo Filomena along with psychedelic party band Afoicuré and Michu la banda. This should be fun.
- Cumbia Chicharra: Cumbia fusion from France! The band mixes Cumbia with Mediterranean and Balkan influences and will be performing live at Bar El Clan in Bellavista!
- Improv Comedy (Spanish): Improvisation comedy show at Bar The Clinic! You're supposed to take everyday objects to the show and the duo will use them during their performance.
- FANTÔMAS / MELVINS: Just to be clear - Mike Patton = God in Chile. The bands are performing at Teatro Cariola Friday night before taking part in Saturday's Rockout fest.
- Anali: The Chilean musician is presenting her record at Thelonious in Bellavista. Check out her music:
- Familea Miranda: The Barcelona band is closing out their tour through Latin America with a show at Bar Loreto Friday night.
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is celebrating their anniversary at Centro Arte Alameda!
- Agrupación Instrumental Zahir: If you're looking for a change of pace - check out this instrumental-only band perform.
- Denise Rosenthal: Chilean pop star Denise Rosenthal will be performing live at this pop-heavy event at Bunker Espectaculos.
- Tacones Lejanos: Euro dance / New Wave dance party at the Banana House.
- Eky: Chilean rock band Eky will be performing at Bar Rene (Metro Santa Isabel) Friday night.
- Drum and bass: Haven't discovered Santiago's drum n bass scene yet? Check out Soul Beats at Nave Luna.
- Patricio Caceres: Singer-songwriter Patricio Caceres headlines the show at Matucana 100. Early show - 9pm. Check him out:
- Pico, pico: Yes, we know what that means. Cumbia party at La Peña del Nano Parra with Curazeta, Mister Beloula, Konchetucumbia, and more.
- SigObrillAndo / From Mesopotamia: A couple of interesting Chilean bands are performing at La Chimba Hostel. Yeah, we know- live music at hostels are iffy, but check out the music:
- G.E.N.: Rock band G.E.N. is performing an early show (8pm) at Sala Master. Second Hand Bullets is the opening band.
- Feria Santiago Independiente: Accessories, fashion, natural cosmetics, gourmet and more at the Independent Santiago Fair at Centro Arte Alameda (closes at 9pm).
- La Gallera: Cueca party in Providencia with La Gallera performing at La Maquina.
- Anarkia y Rebelion: Launch event for a book on emblematic Chilean punk rock band Fiskales Ad Hok, which will be performing (obvio).
- Sacramento / Imperio en Llamas: Unless there have been changes in the audio setup at Bar Uno, you may just end up with some degree of hearing loss- but then again, after a few [liters of] beer and badass music, who really cares?
- Pub Crawl: The Pub Crawl is kicking off another night of drinks and fuzzy memories at Hostal Providencia.
- Tango en Privado: No microphones, intimate atmosphere, live tango.
- Tech House: Event for the Psytrance and Tech House heads - major event at Teatro Caupolican with Telepatic, Josh, Electryeed, Xplicit, Andre Butano, Siddartha and more.
- Feria Baquedano: Another couple of options for fairs today. Independent designers are set up today until 9pm over at Casa Observatorio in Barrio Lastarria. And Plan Sofa is hosting independent vendors, live music and food.
- Cumbia Casona Pachanguera: Cumbia fest at La Casa De Asterion with bands La MecheKlavo, Combo Loyola and Taco Aguja Cumbia.

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- Afrofunk night: Extremely popular band Newen Afrobeat is playing live along with Reina Nutria at Club Ibiza (Bombero Nuñez). Funk, jazz and African rhythms. Yes, it'll be full of neo-hippies.
- Te vere volver: Tribute shows are fairly common in Chile but this one's huge. Tribute to Gustavo Cerrati featuring Camila Moreno, Manuel Garcia, Nicole, Lucybell, Gondwana, Shamanes crew, Fernando milagros and more.
- Festival Despierta: Major festival happening at Parque Padre Hurtado. This is a bit pricey but will feature Cat Power, Chambao, Kevin Johansen, Nano Stern, Perotá Chingó and Ana Tijoux.
- Sitar: A night of classical Indian music with Gabriel Feller (sitar) and Pedro Marambio (tabla) at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.
- El Acustico: All-ages acoustic (pop) punk show at Parque Forestal (Metro Baquedano) Saturday afternoon starting at 2pm! With Nose, Infalibles, Promedio Rojo, Noiz and Tu Ultima Mentira.
- Comedy at the Shamrock (English): Revolver's Andres is performing as part of the stand-up comedy show at the Shamrock! We'll obviously be there.
- Rockout Fest: Devo and Primus playing in Chile? What? Part of the lineup of Rockout fest 2014 - also featuring Fantômas, Extremoduro, Melvins, Blind Melon, Thurston Moore Band, Helmet, 2 Minutos, Los Morton, Machuca, Rama, Como Asesinar a Felipes, Hielo Negro y Los Peores de Chile
- Mobb Deep: Yes, Mobb Deep is also going to be in Chile this weekend and will be performing at Teatro La Cupula.
- La Danza de las Polillas: Bar de Rene is playing host to the launch of La Danza de las Polillas' debut album. Melancholic tunes. Check them out:
- Movie premiers: Check out a couple of Chilean movie premiers at Centro Cultural La Moneda. "No me basta con decir tu nombre" at 18:15 and "La Fábrica" at 20:30.
- Tambo Andino: Andean music fest and fundraiser for a Peruvian folk group in Chile. If you're up for checking out a bit of music shared by Peru, Bolivia and Chile - head over.
- Santiago Comic Zone: The Santiago Library (Biblioteca de Santiago) is hosting this event for comic fans starting at 11am. Seminars, live artists, Cosplay and more.
- Feria Vegourmet: Ok, so it may not exactly fit the definition of "gourmet," but still worth checking out to pick up some goodies.
- Hocico: Mexican band Hocico is performing at Blondie. Electro dark event - try not to bump into angry looking dudes dressed in black.
- Aguanta Jimmy: Jimmy Polvora and Los Viking 5 are taking over Fonda Permanente La Popular Saturday night for Jimmy Polvora´s record release.
- Fármacos: Chilean indie band Farmacos are performing at Bar Loreto with a DJ party to follow.
- Elephant Pool Party: Live music and a pool party at La Casa Roja Hostel. Need we say more?
- Cumbia Villera: Cumbia party at Bar Santa Filomena with Entero Picante, Grupo Callejeros, Cumbia Merca and DJ Picon.
- Like a virgin: Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Madonna's Like a Virgin" clip - well you can pretty much figure out what kind of party it's going to be.
- Hula-hula: Alternative dance party with a pretty alternative lineup. The theme is hula-hoops. That's all we'll say.
- High Fly: We're suspicious of any party on Av. Brasil sponsored by a major brand, but here you go-
- Encuentro Malabarismo: Jugglers and street performers are meeting up at Plaza Ñuñoa Saturday afternoon.
- Los Tata / Los Nicolas Cantry: Chilean country rock band (what?) Nicolascantry and indie rock band Los Tata will perform at 9pm SHARP.
- HORDATOJ: Chilean hip hop on tap at Santo Mambo party with Jota Droh. Sign up on the Facebook page for free entry before 12:30am.
- Fiesta Acapulco: DJ dance party that's pretty wild. What kind of music? Trap, moombathon, reggaeton, electrocumbia, pachanga and girls in bikinis serving drinks.
- Intemperie: Closing event for a collective project involving sociologists and artists intervening in an area that exemplifies the violent interventions the "construction boom" has had on neighborhoods.
- Low Tech: Inauguration of an exhibit by three Chilean artists which deals with contemporary technology themes but using low-tech physical elements. This is at the Centro cultural factoría Santa Rosa (Santa Rosa 2260).
- Click Fest: Event for EDM fans: Enertic, Vonbeck, Ju!-C and Jota Lopez.

Full list:


- Santuario de Lo Vásquez: Catholicism still rules in Chile and with Monday's Immaculate Conception holiday, it's become tradition to make the pilgrimage to the Santuario de Lo Vásquez - on bike! And then onward to Valpo to hang out on the sand.
- Ana Tijoux: Latin Grammy award winning hip-hop artist will be performing a show at the Teatro Caupolican this Sunday. Hip-hop show with party to follow.
- Santiago a la gorra: The "Santiago a la gorra" street theater festival is launching with a party Sunday night at Bar Santa Filomena. Theatrical interventions throughout the night and a party.
- Prismas: Contemporary music will be featured at Espacio Matta as part of the "Composiciones Germina.Cciones" artist-residency program, featuring works by composers from Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Chile. And it's free!
- Mambo: And no extended religious holiday can be complete without a Cumbia/Mambo party. Santa Feria, Tomo como rey, Vinochelapi and Ywana performing. Looks promising.
- America Le Atina: Final chance to catch the event hosted by Universidad de Los Lagos and community organizations, social groups, independent editorials. Final day is going to feature live music, an urban carnival and more.
- Santiago Danza Joven 2014: Teatro Cousiño is hosting a classical dance competition with dancers competing in 5 age divisions.
- Head Funk Party: Party over at El Clan Sunday night mixing what's unfortunately referred to as "musica negra" with jungle, dubstep and drum and bass.
- @cortometrajes: Cine Arte Normandie will be showing another 90-minute set of short films from around the world - comedy, drama, action, etc. Last showing of the year!
- Kitsch Baila Domingo: Dance party for the decidedly younger crowd. 80's new wave, techno pop, Depeche Mode special, movie projections featuring Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, etc. And a dance contest. You get the idea.
- O'Higginazo Veggie: Vegan meetup over at Parque O'Higgins. Meet some locals, eat vegan goodies at the park. Note: don't just show up empty-handed.. take something to share.
- Yoga at Plaza Ñuñoa: Another set of yoga at Plaza Ñuñoa! Remember to take your own mat.
- Parque Diego de Almagro: The flea market and bike fair are going to be set up at Parque Diego de Almagro but this time around the bike fair will host some special events for the Lo Vasquez bike ride mentioned above (bike safety demonstrations, basic bike mechanics, etc).
- Bal le-duc: New wave dance party at the always entertaining Bal-le-duc.
- Bazars Barrio Italia: Fans of independent designers, artesan fairs and healthy lifestyles can check out this fair taking place at Teatro Italia or a Christmas-themed fair taking place at Patio Avenida Italia. /
- 4 Mil Piedras: Chilean rock will be on tap at Bar Onaciu with 4 Mil Piedra's launch party for a new music video. The alternative rock band Paracosmo will be opening.
- Tony Dize: Reggaeton fans- we know you're out there - check out Puerto Rican "La Melodia de la calle" perform at Kmasu Sunday night.
- Carnaval en Pudahuel SUR: The neighbors of Pudahuel rightfully feel a bit ignored by the authorities and are going to hit the streets with their own neighborhood carnival Sunday.
- Showroom Fest: Plan Sofa is hosting a fair featuring what's billed as "the best Instagram virtual stores."
- Tiny inhabitants: Event for children! Take the kids out to the Biblioteca de Santiago to discover the awesome library and get a theatrical performance as an additional treat.
- Underground Rap Fest: You'll need to make it out to Puente Alto for this one, but you'll come away with one hell of a unique experience.
- Indownside: Chilean "post-grunge" band Indownside will be performing at Club Chocolate.
- The Last: Can the "Sector Oriente" kids dance? From what we've seen so far, it's a bit of a struggle, but here's another chance-

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