Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Feb 6 - 8)

If you're still hanging out in Santiago this weekend- you're a trooper. The weather's pretty brutal, people are fleeing the city daily, shops are shutting down and options for going out are suddenly becoming a bit scarce, even for us. But no worries- we've still managed to find excellent options around town for you to check out including an homage to Violeta Parra in Plaza Brasil, juggling meetup at Plaza Ñuñoa, final days for a couple of film festivals and a number of lives shows throughout the city.

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Chorizo Salvaje. Photo by Emilia 'iguana'Aguilera
Chorizo Salvaje. Photo by Emilia 'iguana'Aguilera


- Chorizo Salvaje: Chorizo Salvaje ( is bringing the cumbia party to La Peña del Nano Parra Friday night. LasMala ( will also be performing.
- Guachupé: Perennial party venue Fonda Permanente will be going strong this weekend. Friday features Guachupé ( with its extremely loyal and extremely insane following, while Saturday features Santa Feria ( and Poder Guadaña ( This is right off Cumming street - Agustinas 2359.
- Cine a la Fresca: Final two days to catch free films sponsored by the Centro Cultural de España. The films Friday and Saturday are being shown at the Fundación Cultural de Providencia (Nueva Providencia 1995).
- Ana Sol y La Candela SoundSystem: Closing out their tour through Chile, Ana Sol ( will be performing at Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan.
- Sofía Oportot / Ignacio Herbojo: Chilean pop musician Sofía Oportot ( will be performing in Santiago Centro along with Argentine musician Ignacio Herbojo (
- Consuelo Schuster / Daniel Chiang: MiBar (Metro Santa Isabel) is hosting performances by Consuelo Schuster ( and Daniel Chiang ( Shows at MiBar tend to start on time.
- Altertango: Argentine band Altertango ( is performing at the GAM.
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is having a gig tonight at Centro Arte Alameda (near Metro Baquedano).
- BBS Paranoicos: Famed Chilean punk band BBS Paranoicos ( will be at Bar Santa Filomena Friday night.
- CHALLA Tropimix: This is just a straight up party at the aptly named Banana House.
- Museo Matta Sur: The neighbors of the Matta Sur Barrio have put together their own exhibit highlighting the history of the neighborhood. Details are sketchy but worth checking out during the day.
- Used Book Fair: Universidad Mayor is having a used book fair at their campus on Santo Domingo through Feb 15.
- Bar Uno: Endorado (, SigObrillAndo ( and Bosque ( are performing live at Bar Uno in Bellavista.
- Anathema: British progressive rock band Anathema is in Chile and performing at the Teatro Caupolican.
- Juan Pablo Rivera: Jazz vocalist Juan Pablo Rivera ( will be performing at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz in Bellavista.
- Batallas Cultivando Versos: Freestyle competition in Parque O'Higgins. Winner gets cannabis seeds. What?
- SantoMambo: Ladies get a free Mojito at this pachanga, dancehall, reggaeton, cumbia dance party.
- Hasta Abajo: 18+ DJ party at Hangar (Santa Filomena 10) in Recoleta tonight.
- Traphouse: DJ party celebrating birthdays for C.A.S.O., Wildcat, and DMI. This is going on at Santa Victoria 51 (Santa Isabel).
- Spacid: Enjoy the beats at Club Naveluna (Merced 142) with DJs Oddy (, Qasio (, Le Saux and Nico Mores.
- Ciclos acusticos: Bluee PseudoStudio is hosting a series of acoustic sessions throughout the summer. Saturday's band canceled but Metamorfosis will be performing Friday.
- Pink Feca: Pink Floyd tribute band Pink Feca ( will be performing at Bar Dulce Noche.
- La Ley Tribute: Ok, we're stretching things a bit with an event at a mall, but yes, a La Ley tribute band will perform at the Mirador of Alto Las Condes Friday night. We apologize in advance.

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- Encuentro Malabarismo: A gathering of street jugglers! Drop by Plaza Ñuñoa during the afternoon for the meetup and check out some of the performances.
- Violeta en la Plaza: Head over to Plaza Brasil Saturday and Sunday for an homage to Violeta Parra, Nino García, Jorge Guerra "Pin-Pon" and Rolando Alarcón. Live acts will be performing throughout the day.
- Ruta Brava: Discover the history behind the Matadero Franklin neighborhood! Tour at 11am- you'll have to send an email to sign up.
- Feria de Pulgas y tango en vivo: Bar Popular in Yungay is hosting another feria de pulgas (flea market) along with live music (tango).
- Depeche mode tribute: Legendary indie dance venue Blondie is having a Depeche Mode tribute night. Even though it's Feb, this will probably still be fairly packed.
- Festival Skapunk Attack: The name should be pretty self-explanatory- ska/punk festival with Flema from Argentina and Chilean bands Manifesto Skajazz, Sonora de Llegar, Los Kanibales Surf Combo and others.
- Feria de las Pulgas y del Trueque: Catch the flea market near Metro Tobalaba between 10am and 2pm.
- MarielMariel: Chilean musician Mariel Mariel is performing at Opera Catedral (Metro Bellas Artes) tonight before departing on her tour in Mexico.
- Gratiferia: The concept behind this fair is to actually just give things away. Take things you don't need any more and just give them away and maybe find something else that might be useful.
- Alejandro Gallo / Guillermo Quiroga: Music and poetry await at Laverno Arte (near Metro El Llano) with performances by Alejandro Gallo and Guillermo Quiroga along with paintings around the patio.
- Sesiones del Patio: Casa Guacolda in Barrio Italia is hosting a session of live music with Soul Robots and Rodrigo Ruiz.
- The Cuchos: Chilean band The Cuchos have organized an acoustic event at the Parque de las Esculturas with bands NOSE, Smutt, Los Foker's, Meridian, Frox and Born for this.
- Kundalini Yoga: Session of Kundalini Yoga at Parque Ñuñoa Saturday afternoon. Take a yoga mat and tip the instructor at least a luca.
- Cueca party: Club Matadero's only event in February is this Saturday with Torito Alfaro, La Cuadrilla, and Aladin Reyes.
- Fetish Factory: Yeah we *know there are some of you out there looking for this. Private event, you need to contact the organizers and they'll actually quiz you a bit to make sure you're someone who should be attending.
- Tokata Autogestion: Parque Neptuno is hosting this event with a number of Chilean emerging bands performing out in Lo Prado.
- DJ Dance Parties: A whole host of DJ parties Saturday night: Tropocalypse - house, techno, electromambo craziness at the Banana House (, retro dance party for the 25 and over crowd in Las Condes at Sala Gente (, deep house EDM party at NaveLuna Club (, reggaeton, pop and dance hits with Mission Parties at Centro Arte Alameda (, 80's night at Club Eve (, Hardcore DJ party at Espacio Filomena- closed event so you need to sign up on the Facebook to get in (, Divalicious gay-friendly dance party at Bal le duc (, DJ Hector on the decks at club La Feria (, DJ party with Nick Calaveras and others at Club Subterraneo (, Dance party in Vitacura for women 23+ and men 25+ ( and pop, hits, electro at Purisima 129 with VJ Ariel Robert and Supersonic (
- Elefante Efervescente: And why not check out a book launch and some live music ( in Barrio Yungay? Plus some wine.
- Crip Walk: Second edition of the South American C-Walk tournament. Not sure what the hell we're talking about?
- Taller Estudio 112: Taller Estudio 112 is celebrating their birthday with a literary and photographic exhibition along with a band putting music to the silent film, The Unknown.
- La bendita Feria: Fair at La Bendita Yoga (Metro Colon) where you can pick up biodegradable detergents, vegan pastries, etc.
- Candy Pub Crawl: The Pub Crawl Santiago group is having another pub crawl tonight.
- Rebel Beauty 6: The Rebel Beauty group, which seems to promote alternative beauty and whatnot - tattoos, piercings, etc is having a get together at Parque O'Higgins. Expect plenty of 'melon con vino.'
- Nervosa: Thrash Meal Fest over by Metro Pajaritos on Saturday.
- Fiesta del Djembe: Djembe/drum party over at Parque Quinta Normal Saturday. This will probably involve much more than drums and may not be suitable for children.
- Intervencion con ayuda de nadie: And if you're looking for something a bit more crazy? - Cumshot Records (yes, seriously) is organizing a performance and then some at the skate park at Parque Bustamente.
- Basketball: Why not check out a Chilean basketball game in Maipu this Saturday? Don't answer that.
- Crossover Maniacs: Heavy metal, thrash metal and all that good family-oriented stuff at Cerro Navia Saturday.
- Mega Minister: Gay-friendly party at Centro Cultural Amanda.

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- Violeta en la Plaza: Last day to catch the event taking place Saturday and Sunday at Plaza Brasil paying homage to Violeta Parra, Nino García, Jorge Guerra "Pin-Pon" and Rolando Alarcón. Live acts throughout the day.
- Festival Cine UC: Final day to catch some of the films being shown at the UC Film Festival.
- Kundalini Yoga: Another session of Kundalini Yoga at Parque Ñuñoa remember to tip the instructor at least a luca.
- Ciclo Acustico Parque Forestal: Pepe Varela, Diego Diaz y Yorka are supposed to be performing acoustic sets in the park but there haven't been any updates to the event lately, however- a second event with other musicians is also going on Sunday afternoon.
- Feria de las pulgas Parque Forestal: Head over with the entire family to Parque Forestal to check out all the random items on sale at the flea market. Wait. Scratch that. Santiago Mayor Carolina Toha has banned the fair and has cops patrolling the park while crime, trash, broken streets and deteriorating buildings continue to plague downtown Santiago. Thank you Toha for eliminating one of our favorite Sunday pastimes.
- Ciclorecreovia: Make the most of your Sunday! Wake up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. Go early since the sun is pretty unbearable towards the end.

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