Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Jan 16 - 18)

Ok, so maybe we stretched our Christmas and New Year's break to the absolute limit, but we're back! Hoping everyone had an excellent holiday season and is ready to check out the tons of things going on in the city. There are a few major events going on this weekend including the International Jazz Festival, Fonda Permanente's major bash, and the "Carnaval de la Challa" Sunday (highly recommended). We've also lined up hip-hop fests, contemporary dance, a variety show, tango, flamenco and even a piano recital at the Universidad Catolica's San Joaquin campus.

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Rim Bam Bum (performing Sunday at the Carnaval de la Challa)
Photo courtesy Rim Bam Bum (performing Sunday at the Carnaval de la Challa)


- Fonda Permanente La Popular: Major event as the Fonda Permanente crew celebrates their birthday with a huge bash featuring a ton of bands. Starts at 3pm and ends at 5am. If you didn't buy pre-sale tickets you might still be able to negotiate a decent price on the event page.
- Santiago a Mil: January in Santiago normally belongs to the Santiago a Mil Theater Festival. Their website this year has been a bit of a disaster in the user-friendly category, so you might be better off finding out about the different shows via their Facebook account:
- Mákina Kandela: Chilean band Makina Kandela ( is performing along with Orixango as part of the Musicas del Mundo event in Las Condes.
- Festival Internacional de Jazz: The Jazz Festival kicked off on Thursday and runs through Saturday at the Parque de las Esculturas. Gerald Clayton will be performing Friday.
- Pierrot Lunaire: Closing event for the International Contemporary Music Festival over at Teatro Baquedano with the Compañía de Música Contemporánea.
- Javiera Mena: The Chilean artist performs at Teatro Cariola Saturday.
- Contemporary Dance Marathon: Centro cultural La Perrera is hosting this dance event Jan 16 - 18.
- Masaf: Singer-songwriter Masaf ( is performing at one of our favorite venues, Bar El Clan.
- Pumcayó / Miss Garrison: Mexican band Pumcayó ( is performing at Bar Loreto with Revolver favorite Miss Garrison.
- Burlesque Night: A burlesque show in the middle of the city (Metro Santa Ana)!
- Victoria Mus: Chilean musician Victoria Mus ( is headlining this music marathon at Casa Guacolda to raise funds to travel to Mexico for a music festival. Event starts at 6pm with a number of invited artists and even a bit of standup comedy.
- Filomena Folk: Folk music event with Proyectosolo (, Martin Pescador ( and Timmer (
- Perrosky: Perrosky is performing live as part of the Tocatas Mil shows.
- Los Sonidos / Huacha : Argentine band Los Sonidos ( and Huacha are performing live at Bar Humano.
- I heart Miami Bitch: DJ dance party at the Banana House. Expect 90's, electropop, hip-hop, reggaeton and more.
- Mambo Black Power Music: Funk, Reggae and Roots at Club Ibiza (Bombero Nuñez).
- Flaitergraun : Hip hop fans can check out some Chilean talent Saturday night at Centro Arte Alameda with Margihuanero, Jimmy Fernandez, O.S.O 507 and more.
- Mariano Godoy: Argentine musician Mariano Godoy is performing at Thelonius Bar in Bellavista.
- Hell Boys: Dark wave / industrial dance party at Blondie.
- Tango: Intimate tango show at Bar Popular Friday night. Check out a past event:
- Hard Lager: Acoustic performance by Chilean band Hard Lager ( at MIBAR.
- Full Rap Party: "La Fiesta del Barrio" - Chilean rap is being showcased at La Casa de Asterion.
- Noche de Secretos: Your off-the-beaten-path event in La Casona del Rincón. A type of urban, hidden variety show with music by La Nueva Imperial.
- Completada: Bazar Remolino is closing its doors and will bid farewell with a "completada" (event where they sell completos to raise funds). This is for our vegan followers.
- STREET RIDDIM: Underground DJ's take over at Espacio Tabú.
- Gran Barcelona: Cerro Bellavista (Ex Oz) is hosting this "open mind" party Friday night. Pop / Indie / House / Hits.

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- Festival Internacional de Jazz: Final chance to catch the International Jazz Festival at the Parque de las Esculturas. Tom Harrell (USA) headlines the show Saturday.
- Fiesta del Roto Chileno: A whole slew of activities taking place in Barrio Yungay throughout the day - everything from Tango, Gypsy Jazz, Circus performances and so much more. Family-friendly event.
- Delatores / La Horda: A couple of excellent Chilean bands are performing Saturday night at Sala SCD Vespucio (these are early shows that generally start on time). La Horda ( and Delatores (
- Fármacos: Chilean pop band Fármacos will be performing at El Clan Saturday night. Check them out: Event:
- Cuecazo: Major cueca party at Club Matadero with La Gallera, Los Republicanos de la Cueca and Mario E. Zamora y Pepe Fuentes. Take a handkerchief and give it a shot.
- Festival Gratisemillas: Workshops on recycling, medicinal plants and urban gardening along with acoustic music. Free and the first festival for this group so go out and support the eco-cause.
- Congreso: Legendary Chilean band Congreso is on stage tonight in Las Condes.
- Remolinazo: The theme of the party is "Pyschadelic Carribbean." Open-air event with live performances by Javier Barría, Vicente Rodriguez and more. Oh and food will also be available (choripans and hamburgers).
- Hawaian Tripic: Live performance by Debronze ( with a DJ Party ( to follow at the Banana House.
- Creative Sessions: This is for fans of circuit-bending and experimental music in general. Audiovisual event that kicks off at 5pm.
- Franz Mesko: Saxophonist Franz Mesko is showcasing his talent this Saturday at Bar Radicales.
- Peces Sexteto: If you're going to be hanging around Yungay for all the festivities, drop by Yungay Viejo at 9:30pm sharp and enjoy the show by Peces Sexteto (
- Mambo Infernal: Curazeta and Los Care'ra are headlining this mambo/cumbia/pachanga party on Bombero Nuñez.
- Samer Fest: Punk-rock fest at the Centro Cultural Franklin (Metro Franklin). We're completely clueless as to the name, but there are about 6 bands performing.
- Nights of Tragedies: Bar Mala Vida is hosting this dark wave / post punk / goth party with a live performance by Strange Thoughts (
- Street Feast: We're not exactly sure if this is actually a legit food fest, but we do know it involves food and Barrio Italia, which makes it a winner in our book.
- Adrenalina: 90's party at Blondie. Think boy bands, eurobeat, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and Will Smith. Yes, we said Will Smith.
- Barabajo: DJ party on Avenida Brasil featuring: Oddy (, Qasio (, Le Saux (, and more.
- Tokata Solidaria: And if you're looking for a touch of subversion...
- Tardes Sabatinas: Afternoon event (3pm - 9pm) with live music for 2 luca. Featuring Barcaza de Sueños (
- Piticu: DJ Piticu (Romania) headlines the party at MAMBA, along with Joaquin Lledó, Rodrigo Valdivia and The chronik.
- BiblioEncuentro Vegano: The Santiago Library (Biblioteca de Santiago) is hosting this vegan event every Saturday afternoon.
- Pachanga: Los Terroristas de la Chingana and La Keka Galindo are bringing the cueca and cumbia Saturday night.
- Retro: Retro dance party in Las Condes for those of you 25 and over.
- Bal le Duc: The always entertaining Bal le duc is hosting a brit pop / new wave / retro dance party Saturday night.
- Flamenco: Up for some Flamenco? 5,000 pesos gets you in on the show in Nuñoa. Starts at 9pm.
- Pub Crawl: Pub Crawl Santiago is having another round with a special for "femme fatales."
- Rollerderby Workshop: The Santiago Derby Rollers are having a workshop for beginners at Los Dominicos Saturday at 3pm.
- Plop Gallery: Drop by Plop Galeria for an interesting discussion on history and illustration with the author of Santa Maria 1907.
- Danilo Rodriguez Donoso: Free piano recital at the UC's San Joaquin campus.
- Dia del Melon con Vino: Yes, that's melon and wine day! This is actually just an excuse to head over to Parque O'Higgins and drink with an assortment of slightly (or extremely) inebriated characters.

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- Carnaval de la Challa: Do not miss this. This is the finale of the "Fiesta del Roto Chileno" festivities going on this weekend in Barrio Yungay. It's an actual urban carnival that normally ends with the infamous "challa" (confetti) fight (the stuff will be thrown directly at your face). Trust us, this is fun (until the confetti gets in your eyes). We'll be there.
- Olla Común: Also part of the Barrio Yungay activities- make a full day out of it and get to know some locals and learn a thing or two about the neighborhood with a communal lunch at one of the community centers.
- Musicas del Mundo: Your chance to catch legendary band Inti Illimani Historico perform live! Pascuala Ilabaca will also be performing along with Ajayu Fusion Lationoamerika. This will probably sell out and is the final day of the festival kicking off on Friday.
- Feria Forestal: If you're wondering what happened to the entertaining and family-friendly fair that would set up every Sunday at Parque Forestal and why it's suddenly full of cops, you can thank Santiago Mayor Carolina Toha for banning it and dedicating vital resources to preventing people from selling crafts and used clothing. You can also thank her for the general filthy conditions of Santiago Centro. Do not try to pet the rats in Cerro Santa Lucia. Yes, we're hating on Toha. (Note: the fair might pop up by Metro Salvador)
- Feria de la Cleta: Bike fair that happens just about every weekend at Parque Diego de Almagro.
- Reaching for the moon: Final movie in the Sexual Diversity Film Festival happening at Matucana 100 (Metro Quinta Normal). Brazil, 2013.
- Encuentro de Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía 2015: Sci-fi fans! Jedi warriors! Hulk fans! You're being summoned at the Centro Cultural Las Condes through January 25.
- Lucha Libre: Yes, another edition of full-blown Chilean WWE-style wrestling! First event of a summer series - this one's happening at the Centro cultural Rojas Magallanes.
- Techno Night Session: Techno fans can even find stuff to do on a Sunday. Naveluna is hosting this event with Velasquez from Venezuela and Magno Saavedra (Chile).
- Santiago Sunset: EDM party in Quilicura that starts at 1pm with hosts from a local radio station and a pool. Uhhh.. We're listing it just in case you're interested but it's definitely your call.
- La Skandalosa: Ska fans can hit up Cine Arte Alameda to check out the action courtesy La Skandalosa (Argentina), Gatovang (Chile-Argentina) and Resostenido (Chile).
- CicloRecroVia : Several streets throughout Santiago will be closed once again from 9am to 2pm for ciclists, skaters, joggers etc. Apply sunblock like crazy and head out early to grab the free snacks along the way.

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