Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Jan 30 - Feb 1)

If the thing you're looking forward to most this weekend is the Superbowl, we've clearly failed you. But it's never too late! Get out and enjoy some of what makes Santiago special. We have a number of hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems going on this weekend - the closing ceremony of the street theater festival, an aerial acrobatic performance in Quinta Normal, the indigenous festival in Cerro Blanco, fairs, vegan events and a ton of live music throughout the city plus the Ballet Nacional de Chile performing through Saturday. Go!

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Josefina Pérez, performance by the Ballet Nacional de Chile
Photo courtesy Josefina Pérez, performance by the Ballet Nacional de Chile


- Feria Indigena: The Indigenous Fair at Cerro Blanco ends this weekend. The hill is actually a ceremonial space and frequently hosts events related to Andean culture. Crafts, food and live music late into the night. Try not to be a tourist.
- Cuéntame la danza: Dance performance by the Ballet Nacional de Chile at 8pm with choreography by Mathieu Guilhaumon. Deals with the history of dance and is split into two parts and will feature several different styles of dance.
- Marathon K-Pop: The GAM is ground zero for the K-Pop Marathon this weekend with a dance marathon, forums, music and performances by dozens of those groups that are usually practicing their moves at the GAM.
- Random: Urban culture is on display at the Random event. This features artists from a variety of disciplines, including hip-hop, beatboxing, photography, street art, etc.
- Filomena Folk: Acoustic music session at Espacio Filomena with Proyectosolo (, Rey en el Norte ( and Diego Cubillos.
- Water balloon fights: That's right. Water balloon fights organized on Facebook. Can't blame them with soaring temps. One's at Parque O'Higgins and a brief one at Plaza Italia at 5pm. and
- Canto y conversaciones: Early show at 7:30pm featuring Doctor Pez and Sol Dominguez. They'll play and then open it up for a conversation with the audience.
- Tunacola: Interesting eclectic mix of brass, electronic beats, funk and hip-hop.
- La Guacha: Revolver favorite La Guacha is performing at Restaurant La Chimenea in Santiago Centro. Definitely worth checking out live.
- Contadores Auditores Awards: Tongue-in-cheek awards ceremony for those involved in the independent theater scene in Chile. Taking place at Matucana 100 (Metro Quinta Normal).
- Mime Gathering: That's right - a gathering of mimes and other artists who use gestures and bodily movements as part of their artistic expressions. Several performances are on tap. 8pm in Barrio Yungay.
- Perrosky / Matias Cena: Perrosky is performing at La Batuta along with Matias Cena. Expect a mix of blues, folk, country and rock and roll.
- Jauria: Argentine punk band Jauria ( is performing tonight with guests BBS Paranoicos (, Nosindependencia and Jurel Tipo Salmon.
- Pancho Riquelme: Singer-songwriter Pancho Riquelme ( is performing at El Cachafaz in Ñuñoa (Av. Italia 1679).
- Corderolobo / Carnavas: Corderolobo ( and Carnavas ( are performing live at Bar Rockaxis in Bellavista.
- Cueca party: Grab a handkerchief and head out to check out La Cuadrilla and Los Meta Y Ponga.
- Don Juan: Chilean band DonJuan ( is performing at MiBar. Free show, usually starts on time.
- Dance parties: A few dance parties are going on. Bar Mala Vida is hosting one with edm, pop, regagaton and pachanga (, Blondie is having another of their New Wave fests (, there's a launch party for with DJs Teco, Fran, Cata Olivos and Fantasna (, and Chilean-born Swede DJ Alexi Delano is on the decks at Club La Feria (
- Tambo Andino: The Andean cultural center Conacin is hosting a bit of live music at 11pm.
- Casa Volnitza: Live music (including No Te Salves Punk), bingo, food and dancing at a relatively underground venue in Santiago centro.
- Alectrofobia: Hard rock gig with Alectrofobia ( at everyone's favorite metal bar, Bar de Rene.
- Carnaval Brasil: Brazilian party with Samba, Bossa Nova, Samba and more.
- Romance en Fa: A band from the South of Chile (Coyhaique) is presenting their CD tonight.
- Fresco!: Up for some ska-jazz? Check out The Pulents ( over in Barrio Recoleta.
- Oh!: Yes, that's the name of a new Chilean band that plays what's described as "space rock" (
- Tango en privado: Intimate tango music at Bar Popular in Barrio Yungay Friday.

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- Air-Scenika: Acrobatic aerial performance by the Aerial Theater Group Dementia ( The performance is based on Henry Miller's "The Air-Conditioned Nightmare." The show will begin at approx 8pm over at Parque Quinta Normal but this is just part of all the events lined up starting at 1pm in the park. Expect live music by the likes of Juan Ayala, Inti Illimani Histórico, Anita Tijoux, Makina Kandela and Pedro Piedra. Update: Hopefully you got there early because the organizers of the aerial show screwed up the time pretty damn badly (or the Consejo Cultura moved it) and they stopped letting people in at 8.
- Santiago a la Gorra: Closing ceremony for the "Santiago a la Gorra" theater festival which is like the antithesis of Santiago a Mil. This festival offers free theatrical performances (with voluntary donations) in marginalized sectors of the city. The closing festivities are Saturday starting at 4pm in Santiago centro (Parque Portales - intersection of Portales w/ Cueto) and will feature performances of "Amukan Vilú," a play based on a Mapuche myth at 7pm.
- Festival de Verano - Espectáculo Nº4: Final chance to catch the Ballet Nacional de Chile performing "Cuentame La Danza" at the theater by Metro Baquedano.
- Iluminados: Lemon Lab is hosting another session of their gay-friendly party at the Ex-Fabrica (
- Live Jazz La Reina: The La Reina Municipality and the Club de Jazz de Santiago have organized a jazz show at the Plaza La Reina at 9pm. Daikiri Jazz Band is performing.
- La Big Rabia: The band ( is performing live at Bar de Rene (Metro Santa Isabel) Saturday night.
- Fiesta Surf Rock n Roll: Rockabilly / Psychobilly fest at Bar Santa Filomena with Los Kanibales Surf Combo, Richie and the Richmen, and others.
- Mr. Toé: New project by DJ Subversivo mixing ancestral Latin American rhythms and contemporary electronic beats.
- Mon Laferte: The talented Chilean musician is launching her album this Saturday at Sala SCD Vespucio. A bit pricey - $10.000 - but she's good (
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is going at it at Centro Arte Alameda this Saturday night (
- Feria de las Pulgas Libros Usados: There's a used book fair happening at Parque Quinta Normal Saturday starting at 5pm.
- Britpop dance parties: A few options for those looking to dance to Depeche mode or Erasure. The Banana House (, Bal Le Duc ( and legendary venue Blondie (
- Biblioencuentro Vegano: Every Saturday between 12pm and 5pm catch the BiblioEncuentro Vegano at the Biblioteca de Santiago.
- Milongas: Tango fans can check out the action at the Magaldi Tango Club on Santa Rosa and help out at a benefit show or head over to the heart of Barrio Yungay for the night.
- Cueca party: Los Benjamines ( are closing out the cueca parties at Comercio Atletico before the summer break, while Centro Cultural Club Matadero is hosting their own cueca benefit party.
- Gypsy Jazz: Panchito Cabrera (, Chile's Django Reinhardt, will be performing live.
- Creative Sessions: Into experimental music and audiovisual shows?
- Festival HipHop: Full day of events from workshops, lectures, documentaries and debates, along with tattoo, graffiti and body paint demonstrations.
- Feria de las Pulgas: If you're going to hang around Barrio Yungay or Barrio Brasil this weekend, drop by Bar Popular (Huerfanos 2744) for their flea market sale and check out some of the live music while you're at it.
- Benjamin Furman Project: Check out this mix of latin folk, middle eastern tunes and jazz at Bar Thelonious.
- Pubcrawl: The folks at Pub Crawl Santiago are having a pre-Superbowl version tonight.
- Sacramento: Chilean rock band Sacramento ( will be performing at SCD Bellavista along with Barouh ( This usually starts on time.
- Alexis Venegas Trio: The venue formerly known as Merken is now Toque de Queda and will be hosting the Alexis Venegas Trio this Saturday.
- Sobremesa: contemporary dance performance at the Humano Bar (Chucre Manzu 8) in Bellavista.
- Santiago Boulevard: Santiago Boulevard ( will be performing live at MiBar.
- Frank's White Canvas: The band ( is launching their record this Saturday. They'll be joined by Chilean band Parallel (
- Suau / Boogie Mike: DJ Suau and DJ Boogie Mike will be on the decks Saturday night at Club Subterraneo.
- KPT4: Ever check out Chilean kickboxing? This is happening over by Metro Grecia (Grecia w/ Ramon cruz).
- Dia de la Piscola: There will apparently always be an excuse to get drunk at Parque O'Higgins. This weekend it's "Dia de la Piscola." Sheesh.
- Combo Ginebra: Cumbia band Combo Ginebra will be on stage at Revolver-favorite Fonda Permanente Saturday night. Arrive a bit late. Agustinas 2359, Santiago.
- Punk sin poesia: What should definitely turn out to be quite the interesting event - happening at Plaza Yungay starting at 5pm.
- Magia en Le Cite: Magic show anyone? Le Cite is hosting three magicians near Metro Manuel Montt.
- Pre carnaval: La Bodeguita de Julio is hosting this Samba and Batucada fest and excuse to celebrate the upcoming carnival season.
- Sesionesdelpatio: Casa Guacolda is kicking off its summer sessions with performances by Napols ( and Nadie Importante (
- Los Chinches: Bar Loreto is hosting the show as Los Chinches ( perform live.
- Casa Volnitza: The underground treat for our more adventurous readers (and those who have a slight distaste for authorities) - vegan meal, live music and more at Casa Volnitza.
- Negros de Harvar / Lomo Guacho: Hip-hop, Latin American sounds, cumbia are all in store at Club Ibiza with Negros de Harvar ( and Lomo Guacho (
- Los Reyes Eligen: Dancehall battle over at Plaza Italia with judges Robrto Alexander and Morena DanceHall Queen (
- Parranda Mestiza: Peruvian and Colombian beats are on tap at Bar Raices with performances by Gaita andela and Colectivo En Rueda.

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- Festival Cine UC: Don't forget to check out some of the films being shown at the UC Film Festival through Feb 8. Excellent films are being shown throughout, including The Grand Budapest Hotel this Sunday at 7pm.
- Anime Expo: Final day to catch the Anime Expo Summer Santiago 2015 at Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho. Haruko Momoi and Yoko Ishida ( are the special guests.
- Feria de las pulgas Parque Forestal: Head over with the entire family to Parque Forestal to check out all the random items on sale at the flea market. Wait. Scratch that. Santiago Mayor Carolina Toha has banned the fair and has cops patrolling the park while crime, trash, broken streets and deteriorating buildings continue to plague downtown Santiago. Thank you Toha for eliminating one of our favorite Sunday pastimes.
- 31 Minutos: Extremely popular 31 Minutos are filming "Radio Guaripolo" at the Plaza de la Constitución at 8pm.
- Bike Fair: Parque Diego de Almagro is hosting another bike fair with stands, workshops, etc Sunday afternoon. There's also aonther bike fair going on at park located at the corner of Balmaceda and Brasil (
- Superbowl: Yes, yes, we're listing this just because we know many of you just can't let this one go, even if you're in a different hemisphere. So if you're looking to hang out with a bunch of crazed English-speaking football fans, some options: Loom in Providencia (, California Cantina (, and Sport Cafe (
- Kundalini Yoga: Free yoga over at Plaza Ñuñoa! Take a mat and don't forget to tip your instructor.
- Ciclorecreovia: Make the most of your Sunday! Wake up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. Go early since the sun is pretty unbearable towards the end.
- Ciclopaseo Independencia: The Independencia comuna is hosting a bike ride Sunday morning. It's not the most touristy of neighborhoods so definitely drop by maybe as part of your ciclorecreovia ride.
- Meditation and KiHo: If you're looking for something a bit more spiritual, catch some mediation over at the Mapulemu Botanical Garden (Cerro San Cristobal) or a session of Ki Mo at Parque Santa Rosa de Apoquindo.
- Bazar Moda y Gourmet: If you're in the Lastarria neighborhood, drop by the Casa Observatorio Lastarria for their regular design and gourmet fair
- Casa Mutante: Sebastian Gomez + band ( and Del Futuro are performing at Casa Mutante in Ñuñoa. Early show, starts at 7pm.
- Sunday EDM: Sunday afternoons are like the perfect time for electronic dance music parties, right? Right??

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