Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Mar 13 - 15)

If you're reading this we'll just assume you're NOT going to Lollapalooza. Great! There are a whole bunch of other events going on. This weekend we have the Expo India event at Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho, live shows by Banda Conmocion, Juanito Ayala, independent design fairs, tango, cueca parties, cumbia parties, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, reggae, blues, funk, tango, performances by the National Symphony Orchestra and more. And yeah, if you haven't heard about Lollapalooza, it's some sort of um, giant music festival, or something like that, people might show up.

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Banda Conmocion
Photo courtesy Banda Conmocion


- Expo India: Food, dance, film and over 80 stands at the India Expo at Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho (Metro Cal y Canto). Free entry.
- Expo Feria Urbana: Independent designers are set up at Centro Arte Alameda this Friday for the Expo Feria Urbana! From noon till 9pm.
- Symphony Orchestra: How about some Tchaikovsky to kick off your Friday night? Courtesy the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile.
- Saint Patrick's Day 2015: Catch St. Patrick's Day celebrations throughout the weekend at Fiddlers Irish Bar (, Flannery's Irish Geo Pub (, The Shamrock (, or Museo de Bellas Artes on Saturday (
- Concha Acustica: The UC students are throwing a back-to-school party at the Parque Intercomunal (non-UC students can still attend). Revolver-favorites Shamanes and Guachupé ( are performing.
- Banda Conmocion: Revolver-favorite party machine Banda Conmocion ( will be performing at Bar El Clan Friday night! Not to be missed.
- Fonda Permanente: One of our favorite spots is hosting another Revolver favorite- Juanito Ayala ( Tentempies ( will also be performing.
- Mambo Cumbiero: Moral Distraída (, La Kaña (, La Meche Klavo ( and Chilitojuai ( will be bringing the rumba tonight.
- New Sounds: Southsessions is hosting "Nuevos Sonidos," an event where they're showcasing some local emerging bands. Tonight features Gonzalo Vásquez (, Elefante y Los Ciegos (, and 4 Mil Piedras (
- Matanza / Bavina Ramos: What will be a most interesting show - folk musician from Argentine Bavina Ramos ( and Electro-Andean rhythms by Matanza (
- Folk Sessions: Another chance to check out some emerging music! Timmer (, Orlando Duarte Cantautor (, Antiplánico ( and Carlos Cohl are at Espacio Filomena tonight.
- Tertulia: Tertulia at Casa Huemul with music by La Plaza ( and Lucho Castillo (
- English Meetups: A couple of English-language meetups are happening on Friday - English on Friday ( and English in Santiago (
- Pub Crawl: Pub Crawl Santiago is hosting a Pre-Lollapalooza and ladies night pub crawl tonight.
- Benefit Bike Ride: Bike group is getting together at Plaza Italia at 8:30pm to ride (not a race).
- Fresa Salvaje: Can we get through a weekend without highlighting some random crazy party at the Banana House? Clearly no. This one's raising funds for a play.
- Ludoteca Opening: Into family-friendly games? The ludoteca inauguration is happening tonight at 7pm at the Centro Cultural de España. (cough)mini-cocktail(cough).
- Book launches: A couple of book launches - one (Toy Killah) in Barrio Brasil at 7pm (with live music) -, the other by poet Franco Osorio Paredes at the Casa Museo La Chascona (
- Capoeira: Want to check out a bit of Capoeira? The Brazilian embassy set up this event at the Espacio Fundación Telefonica.
- Club Ibiza: Funk, Hip-hop and disco with Sello Personal (, Matiah Chinaski (, and Juan Pirata ( at Club Ibiza.
- Independent: Indie party all night long at Bar Mala Vida with tunes from Franz Ferdinand, Kasabian, Bloc Party, etc.
- Dark Dance: Dust off that leather outfit from your closet and slip into Blondie for the Dark Dance / Fetish / Industrial party Friday night. And if the main room becomes a bit too much, hop into the side room for some indie / new wave tunes.
- Cueca parties: Los Benjamines ( are performing in Barrio Yungay ( while Los Guainas ( are at Pub La Maquina (
- DJ Parties: Sharam (Deep Dish) will be performing at Teatro Caupolican at 11pm (, Inti kunza and Roman at Club La Feria (, Eleven Dance Party at Cine Arte Alameda (, "Hot room" dance party at Club Eve in Vitacura- yeah yeah, at least they have an open bar (, Hits for the 25+ crowd at Sala Gente (, Andrea Paz, Diegors and Alejandro Paz at Mamba (, EDM at Club Naveluna (, Julian Jeweil on the decks at Ex-Oz ( and one big university party in Recoleta (
- Live Music: Los chicos palidos and Distorsion Nocturna are at Bar Santa Filomena (, Matias Cena bids farewell along with Fando at Bar Loreto (, Paz Mera will be at Bar Thelonious (, Diego Riedemann Trio over at Mingus Coffee (, Salvia with an acoustic set at MiBar (, Claro de luna and Ciudad-Z are at Espacio Musical Providencia (, Tunacola has a farewell show at Subterraneo (, Anali is at Benevento Jazz-Cafe (, Concepcion band El Increíble Sr. Corbata are at Projazz (, Chilean electropop band will be performing at Sala SCD Vespucio (, Spl4sh will perform at Casa Guacolda (, and Dayanandrea, Vaso de Leche and Diogenes Ecdc will be at La Casa de Asterion (

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- Lollapalooza: Just about the most obvious event possible, but we still had to list it. Saturday and Sunday. Details:
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is back this weekend.
- Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile: Start the night out here nice and civilized and then just go all-out the rest of the night.
- Freestyle Battle: This is going on right in Bellavista with people from different regions of Chile competing.
- Festival de la pobla: For the adventurous! Festival at the poblacion Villa Francia - aimed mostly at the community there so outsiders may stand out a bit, or a lot.
- La Gran Tallarinata Cantadora: Another unique off-the-beaten-path event for our readers. A type of fundraiser, where you'll eat a meal (spaghetti) at this cultural center in Yungay which will be accompanied by some karaoke and live music.
- Poetry anyone?: Several options! First up- international poetry contest early Saturday morning called "Grito de Mujer" In Bellavista live art, music, poetry and tarot-readings(?) And finally we have some straight-up poetry reading in Barrio Yungay
- Aflora Reggae: Reggae band Aflora ( will be kicking off El Clan's "Coctel de Femme" series tonight.
- Cueca Party: Grab a handkerchief and head over to El Comercio Atletico for an urban cueca party with La Gallera ( and Los Metayponga ( The dance isn't that difficult but a stiff drink might help.
- Montafonkas / Caraslargas: Drop by Club Ibiza on Bombero Nunez (Bellavista) to check out the "funk_tastic dance night" with Montafonkas ( and Caraslargas (
- Yungay Viejo Tango: Up for a bit of live tango in Barrio Yungay? Head over to Yungay Viejo to catch Hugo Cruz and Eduardo Sosa perform.
- Conexión Brasil: Brazilian rhythms all night with Conexion Brasil at La Bodeguita de Julio (Bellavista).
- Cicletada por la weed: We're not sure if anyone will actually show up to this or if everyone will just forget this was today ;-)
- Swing: The park near Av. Portugal is the spot for swing dancing and old-fashion rock & roll.
- Candy bazar: If you're in the Lastarria neighborhood, check out some of the goods for sale at the Casona Observatorio.
- Lo que no dije: Performance that deals with Gabriela Mistral and the relationship that exists between Flamenco and her literary works. At the GAM!
- Kickbocking: How about some MMA for a Saturday afternoon? This is happening over at El Bosque.
- Erin go bragh: Erin go Bragh will be performing as part of the St. Patrick's Day celebrations at Dublin Irish Pub.
- Santiago al Futuro: The Red Bull Music Academy is showcasing some up and coming Chilean sounds / djs - Valesuchi, Lavina Yelb, Nico Castro, Pía Sotomayor and Blok.
- Chilean rock: For those of you looking for a taste of emerging punk rock or even metal, some options include emerging metal and punk bands at the Penalolen Skate Park Saturday afternoon (, "Mutant metal sessions" at Bar Uno (, Cero ( performing at Sala SCD Vespucio (, or some indie and post-punk action with Flame ( and Club de Surf ( at Rockaxis (
- More Live Music: Eduardo Yanez, Jorge Venegas and Ismael Duran take over Sala Master tonight (, Ska in Santiago with Santiago Downbeat Ska Jazz, Skabeche Ska and Radio Chimba Soundsystem (, Carlos Cuevas Cantautor and Juan Pablo Espinosa are performinag at Casa Guacolda (, intimate musical session by Desencajados at Bar 35mm by Plaza Nunoa (, La Nueva Imperial will be at Anden de Yungay (, hard rock with Alto Voltaje at Bar de Rene (, blues courtesy Vintage at Bar Grez (, genuine hip-hop with Jonas Sanche at Santo Mambo (, cumbia with Los Piures de Tuman at Club Subterraneo (, Los Celestinos are launching a record at Pub La Maquina (, San Mckenzie is at Humano Bar (, and last but definitely not least, Chilean blues with Toro & Bluesman and La Guachaca Blues Band at MiBar (
- DJ Parties: 90's party at permanent dance/party venue Blondie (, Old school classics & new wave at Bal le duc (, 80's party at Club Eve in Vitacura (, retro dance party for the 25 and over crowd at Sala Gente (, SEPP (romania), Joaquin Lledo and Natalia Pastor on the decks at MAMBA (, dance party at Mosaicafe (, the Barcelona party at Casona Morande (, special "twerk" afternoon party at Blondie for the kids (ohgod) (, crazy neon ecstasy all-ages (uh-oh) afternoon party at Teatro Caupolican (, from rocksteady dub to deep jungle at NaveLuna (, "thug out" party at Cine Arte Alameda (, reggaeton vs hiphop at Teatro Caupolican (, "The Clap" party in Vitacura.. yes, it's called "The Clap." Someone should really advise them on the names they use (, Nikkita party by Parque Araucano (, Rodrigo Laffertt and Nico Cano are running the show at Club Day Seven (, House music party at Aura Club in Vitacura (, Ricardo Molinari, Alex Rich and Felipe Pöll are at Club La Feria in Bellavista (, and wrapping it all up is the interestingly named party "La Puta Fiesta Ultra Porno" at the Banana House. Wow.

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- Stomp: Percussion and movement. The UK company has been performing their show most of this past week. Sunday's your last chance to catch it at the Teatro Municipal de Las Condes.
- Yayoi Kusama: Drop by CorpArtes in Las Condes on Sunday (free) to check out the exhibit by Japanese artist and writer Yayoi Kusama. The exhibit will be on through June 7.
- Cine en femenino: Final day of Matucana 100's "Cine en femenino" film festival with Mike Leigh's "Un cuento sobre la felicidad."
- Expo India: Final day to catch the Expo India activities at Centro Cultural Estacion Mapocho (Metro Cal y Canto).
- Bar Vox Populi: Benefit show in Bellavista featuring Paz Court, Nicole Bunout, Pablo Fierro y Sebastian Espinoza, Daniela Medel, Cristian Lobos, Francisco Zalaquett and others.
- Didgeridoo meetup: What's a Didgeridoo? There you go. Meetup at Plaza Inés De Suárez Sunday afternoon.
- Lucha libre: Another round of full-blown WWE-style wrestling in Santiago.
- Benjamin Furman Project: Benjamin is leaving Chile soon and will be performing Sunday at noon at the San Cristóbal Hill.
- Esqueleto Libros: Bar Uno is hosting a book sale. Go figure! Starts at 6pm and apparently won't feature deafening music.
- Bike fairs: A couple of bike fairs- and
- Physical activities in the parks: Take up a free yoga session over at Plaza Ñuñoa (remember to tip), check out some capoeira at Parque Ines de Suarez, or try a bit of KiHo at Parque Santa Rosa de Apoquindo
- Bike ride San Cristobal: Join a group of cyclists heading up the hill.
- El Gran Teatro del Mundo: If you're looking for a bit of theater there's this play going on at Teatro U. Mayor, but we also have a ton of theater shows listed in the full agenda listing (click on the Agenda link at the top of the page).
- Steve Hackett: Steve Hackett is in Chile and performing at Teatro Nescafe de las Artes Sunday afternoon. This is obviously sold out.
- Herbalife Run: There are a couple of 4k and 10k runs organized by Herbalife this Sunday.
- Feria Parque Forestal: Remember just hanging out at Parque Forestal on a Sunday afternoon and checking out the random stuff for sale? Well forget about it because Santiago "Mayor" Carolina Toha has banned it and has sent cops to patrol the area constantly on Sundays lest someone try to sell a used book, all the while downtown Santiago remains filthy, Cerro Santa Lucia is a mess, potholes seem to rarely get repaired, there are still almost no public restrooms which is truly shocking, and most of downtown is a bit too dangerous to walk through at night alone. Fantastic :-( Plaza Yungay is the current alternative btw.
- Ciclorecreovia: Get up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. From 9am until 2pm.

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