Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Mar 20 - 22)

We've reached the March Equinox! The nights are getting longer, the mornings are getting a bit cooler, but things are definitely not slowing down in the city. This weekend we have a number of special treats lined up for our readers - underground parties left and right and even a small Revolver BBQ you'll have to find out about on your own. Performances by the Chilean Symphonic Orchestra, Evelyn Cornejo, Pascuala Ilabaca, Salvaje Decibel, special events in Barrio Concha y Toro, music from India, Colombian carnival and so much more.

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Salvaje Decibel
Photo courtesy Salvaje Decibel


- Concierto #2: How about something a bit more sophisticated for your Friday night? The Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile is having a performance with Director Leonid Grin (Russia) at the helm at 7pm. This is a pretty cheap option if you're a student (2.000 CLP) and takes place right outside Metro Baquedano.
- Weichafe: Ask anyone who knows anything about Chilean rock and they'll know about Revolver-favorite Weichafe. The band got back together recently after a three-year break and will be performing at Matucana 100.
- Sanfic Autocine: You've got the entire weekend to check out the SANFIC drive-in theater over in Lo Barnecha.
- Selknam: Highly recommended theater performance dealing with the Selknam people and their eventual extermination.
- Evelyn Cornejo: Popular new folk musician Evelyn Cornejo is launching her DVD "Arañita de rincon" Friday at Casa Bolivar. Many reasons to check this one out - the venue itself is a find, off-the-beaten-path, and she's also pretty damn good.
- Chiloe, Canta y Baila: The traditions of Chiloe will be on display at Sala Master with the group Chamal performing.
- Los Miserables: Well-known Chilean punk rock band Los Miserables will be performing at Bar Santa Filomena at what looks to be a pretty kick-ass show, along with Genitales, Señal Frente Sur, and Trikinosis.
- Pablo Milanés: The Cuban musician is in Chile and will have a concert at the Teatro Caupolican on Friday.
- Raga Urbano: Hostal parties are either really cool or really damn creepy. We're betting this one's the former. Spiritual sounds courtesy Raga Urbano.
- Martorral: Chance to check out Chilean band Matorral as they launch their new music video with a free show at the Biblioteca Nacional (Metro Santa Lucia).
- Zaturno: Chilean hip-hop artist Zaturno is performing at Opera Catedral (Metro Bellas Artes). Get there early or expect to pay 5 luca.
- Dancehall / Funk: Dancehall and funk fans we have you covered - there's a party at La Casa de Asterion with Mima MC, which includes dance performances and live body art ( and a 'disco funky & dance' party over on Bombero Ñuñez with live music to boot (
- Cumbia party: Can't have a Friday night in Santiago without some cumbia parties, right? This one's called 'Cumbiame Guasha' and will feature Ywana, La Transa, and La Keka Galindo over at Centro Arte Alameda (near Plaza Italia).
- Camilo Eque: Singer-songwriter Camilo Eque is performing live at the Centro Cultural España. Free show!
- Cowspiracy: Friday is apparently the Dia Mundial Sin Carne so drop on by Centro Arte Alameda and check out the US documentary Cowspiracy and some of the vegan/vegetarian stands that are going to be set up.
- Bombastic: Another underground treat for our readers! Theater parties are always awesome and there's one happening in Barrio Brasil. This one's benefiting a production called Mujer Bomba. They're promising "fotos y mucho bang!" - Fantastic.
- Sesión Punk Casa Volnitza: Feel adventurous? Into punk music? Not afraid of being expelled from Chile? Here you go.
- Viernes de Medios: This one's for our journalist friends- UC is hosting this discussion on journalism in a digital culture. Noon.
- Ciclo de Cine: Our friends at MakerSpace are hosting a free technology-related film showing. Friday's film: They Live.
- St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl: Yes, it's a bit late, but it's a pub crawl - does it really matter? Drink up.
- Manzana: We can't find much info on the band, but it's an acoustic session at a pretty intimate studio (think apartment converted into a studio space), which should make for a pretty unique experience.
- English Spanish on Friday: One of the 2938498 language exchanges in the city.
- Ceremonies: A couple of ceremonies looking for inner peace and all that good stuff. New moon gathering ( and Pichaykilla for women (
- Exhibit Openings: A couple of openings - Intro - painting and sculpture ( and two exhibits opening at the MAC (
- Cerca de Moscú: Final chance to catch the play written by Pablo Paredes and directed by Paulina García.
- DJ Parties: Zadig (France) is at Teatro Cariola at an event listed as private? (, Deborah de luca is on the decks at Ex-Oz (, Cassy is at Club La Feria (, Brazilian DJ Tiago Vibe is over at Bunker (, AyQueRico dance party over at Barrio Brasil (, oriente kids keep trying to dance- Amanda ( / La Reliquia ( / Mosaicave (, there's Sala Gente on Apoquindo (, Alternative-Garage Wave dance party at Bal le Duc (, Party at Blondie as usual (, Mambo at the Comercio Atletico (, and parties at Bar Mala Vida ( and the Banana House (
- Live Music: Bonzo is at MiBar (, Sin Boleta is performing over in Peñalolen (, Señor Pez is at Rockaxis (, Colectivo Individual over at ProJazz (, Tito Escárate y los Galanes Suplentes at La Máquina (, La Medicina at Casa Guacolda in Ñuñoa (, Càvan Trio Folk at Thelonious Lugar de Jazz (, surf music with Surfin Caramba at Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan (, check out some indie pop-influenced music, Chilean style, as Vargas celebrates their EP along with the band Migrantes (, Julius Popper has an early show at Sala SCD Bellavista (, what should be a defeaning experience with Los Sin Retornos, Tormenta China, and Monstrous con Juguetes at Bar Uno (,

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- Patrimonio y Arte en Barrio Concha y Toro: The Concha y Toro neighborhood is hosting a full afternoon of cultural activities, including an artisan fair, theatrical interventions, neighborhood tours, live music and more.
- Krishna Sambandha: Teatro Nescafe de las Artes in Providencia is the spot for music and songs from India.
- Pascuala Ilabaca: Haven't checked out Pascuala Ilabaca perform live yet? Haven't been to Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan? Take care of both Saturday night.
- Salvaje Decibel: Up for some truly excellent Chilean rap music? Check out Salvaje Decibel's launch of their latest music video at Centro Arte Alameda.
- Cabaret Clown: Family-friendly clown event over by the Museo Bellas Artes at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm and again on Sunday.
- Revolver BBQ: If you've read this far you might be up for joining the Revolver team for a bbq Saturday night. Interested? Send us a message on Facebook: Space is limited.
- Cueca party: Got the cueca moves down pat? Ok maybe not, but head over to La Chimenea and just give it a shot as Los MetayPonga puts on a show.
- Lawal: Check out some relaxing folk fusion rhythms with Lawal at El Anden de Yungay.
- Mambo Chicha: Looking for more stuff way off-the-beaten path? Here's another- party at a cultural house in Barrio Yungay raising funds for a carnival in the Santo Tomas poblacion. Expect artistic interventions throughout the night.
- Homage to Bach: The UC Instituto de Musica is paying homage to Johann Sebastian Bach with a free concert at Campus Oriente.
- Alegria: What looks to be a pretty cool show with Feliz te toco algo, Revolver-favorite Afoicure and Lawanda.
- Felinos de Chile: We actually never heard of this band before but the sound is pretty cool. Check it.
- Literary Events: Celebrate Dia de la Poesia at the Cafe Literario with a tribute to Gonzalo Millán with excerpts from his book "La Ciudad" and an open mic for poetry (, Chilean writer Carolita Salvo reads her beautiful poetry at Biblioteca Viva (, and the presentation of Feña Illustradora's new book "El increíble oficio de mi papá" at the Biblioteca de Santiago (
- Feria Eco Mama: Ecological fair for moms at Plan Sofa near Metro Santa Isabel.
- Carnival: The Colombian and Dominican communities are throwing this homage to Carnaval de Barranquilla Saturday at 3pm! Drop by Plaza Bogota to check it out.
- Marcha para el agua: March in defense of water rights. This is going to include participation of some of the cultural groups you'll usually find at these events. Paseo Ahumada w/ Alameda at 11am.
- Somos Solo Ruido: Premier of the film by Christian Delon over at Centro Arte Alameda. Event will also feature live music by Evelyn Fuentes Ortega and The End of Samsara.
- Lírica violenta: Benefit show with a ton of bands playing out on San Diego starting at 2pm.
- The Final Command: If you're on the lookout for some underground Chilean metal, this is definitely your show. Out at Arena Recoleta. Good luck!
- OHigginazo: OHigginazo actually just means heading over to Parque O'Higgins with your favorite beverage and hanging out all afternoon and into the night. Doesn't sound bad at all.
- Emociones Clandestinas: You've probably heard these guys on the radio already ( Playing tonight along with Hombre Bestia and Durango 95 at Bar Santa Filomena.
- Live Music: Cler Canifrú will be performing at MiBar near Metro Santa Isabel (, Chilean rock with Bajhara at El Vagon on Pio Nono (, Chances and La Bestia de Gevaudan are at Rockaxis (, La Vereda del Sabor is performing at Yungay Viejo (, Chile Negro is at House Rock & Blues (, release the hounds! Err.. no, release the bats! Dark / deathrock night at Bar Mala Vida with Amoniaco and Insider (, another intimate acoustic set at Bluee Pseudo Studio with Perro Fantasma (, Peces Sexteto performing at Bar Popular in Yungay (, Los Barnechea at La Casa en la Arboleda (, Kalfu at Toque de Queda (, gufi at Sala SCD Plaza Vespucio (, Matuzo at Pub La Maquina (, Tatune launches his solo album at Club Chocolate (, and finally Moral Distraida and Negros de Harvar are at La Batuta (
- Tocata Cazuela Chapsui: Can you really fit in 6 bands in 3 hours in Chile? Find out with a show that starts at 7pm and will supposedly end at 10pm sharp. Tawhambü, CHINI and the technicians, Cristóbal Sanhueza, Oblongo, Incal and CosmoCafetera.
- DJ Parties: You can almost never go wrong with a dance party out at Blondie (, EDM with Daniela Haverbeck at Club Nave Luna (, Back to school dance party at Casa Coca Cola in Bellavista (, all-vinyl DJ dance party at Bar Loreto (, Brit pop and new wave at Bal le Duc (, Retro dance party for the slightly more adult crowd at Sala Gente (, Tobi Neumann at Club Quinto Sol (, Sanfuentes, Nico Castro and DJ Xtralarge are at Mamba (, deep house all night at Teatro Caupolican (, and hip hop, dancehall and reggaeton at Santo Mambo but with a live presentation by SEO2 of Makiza fame (
- Gustock: We actually listed this last time around as our featured event and it was a complete disappointment. There was nothing Woodstock-y about this (aside from taking advantage of the name)- overly commercial with a bunch of people sitting on the grass, not interacting with anyone outside of their group. You know what we're talking about. We've still listed it just in case you want to go, but don't blame us.

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- #pedaleacontodo: Ideal event for a Sunday, complete with forums, workshops and information- all related to cycling. Last of the 117 events featured in the "Verano para todos y todas."
- Jazz Manouche: Check out some live Gypsy Jazz in Plaza Ñuñoa with Casino Hot Jazz.
- Cine a luka!: For only 1.000 CLP catch some of the best short films around for a full 90 minutes.
- Mosquitas Muertas Andinas: Mosquitas Muertas will be performing at Matucana 100 with supporting acts including Roberto Carlos - everything in an acoustic version. Special show for the rock band made up mostly of kids.
- Majamama: Four Chileans (all Swedish residents) show what it means to be Chilean. Majamama means chaos and disorder and in this case refers to how complicated it is to find one's identity.
- Tour Conociendo Providencia: Discover a bit more about the Providencia neighborhood with this free tour that starts at 10:30am.
- James Blunt: British singer-songwriter James Blunt live in Santiago.
- Intervención con ayuda de nadie: These guys are pretty out there and are performing an artistic intervention by the Cafe Literario Sunday. Live music and a heavy dose of experimentation.
- Orlando Duarte, al palo: Singer-songwriter Orlando Duarte will be playing his newest songs live on the grass at Parque Forestal.
- Yayoi Kusama: Drop by CorpArtes in Las Condes on Sunday (free) to check out the pop art show by famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.The exhibit will be on through June 7.
- Fantasmas borrachos en concierto: Catch the 7pm performance of the play Fantasmas Borrachos by Juan Radrigán at the GAM.
- Jesucristo Superestrella: The world-famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is in Santiago for the 11th time. Final show is April 12!
- Expo "de lo imaginario a lo real": First individual exposition of the Peruvian artist Cota La Pintora.
- Mary Poppins: See the famous story of a British family and their not-so-typical maid in one of Chile’s best theaters. Every Sunday, only in March.
- In the parks: Roda en plaza yungay- Round of capoeira over at Plaza Yungay (, catch a bit of Palin (traditional Mapuche game similar to field hockey) at a benefit event in Quinta Normal (, Some yoga to promote the Third Chakra Manipura (, or a weekly workshop to practice the art of Ki Ho, which consists of breathing, moving and dance (
- Canto al agua santiago: Festival to raise awareness on water resources and how to preserve them.
- Meditacion por el equilibrio de la luz: This refers to that time between night and day where the light is perfect for contemplating the world, destiny and luck.
- Ciclorecreovia: Get up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. From 9am until 2pm.

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