Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Mar 27 - 29)

Fires in Temuco, fires in Valpo, the volcano in Villarica acting up again, flash floods and landslides in the north and an insane UFO sighting in Santiago last night. Ok we're kidding about the last one, but in all seriousness things have been a bit stressful in Chile lately. We have a ton of things lined up this weekend, but before heading out, please consider donating some goods to the people who have been affected, particularly those up north. Here's info on different places where you can drop off donations:

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Fiesta de la Vendimia, Isla de Maipo
Photo courtesy Fiesta de la Vendimia, Isla de Maipo


- Femcine: Festival Cine de Mujeres kicked off on Tuesday and ends on Sunday! Films, films, films, workshops and even live shows are taking place around town. Full details here:
- Festival Internacional de Música de Santiago: Twenty-seven different concerts are going on around the city this weekend for the Festival International de Musica de Santiago! The event started Thursday and there are about 9 shows you can catch for free. Check out the Program.
- Festival Internacional de Cine de Lebu: Catch a selection of the best from the Bio Bio Film Festival at Estacion Mapocho this weekend! Chilean and international films and even live music - for free.
- Ana Tijoux: We love Ana Tijoux. Seriously. She's been nominated for a Grammy more than once and for good reason. Check her out at Teatro Cariola Friday night for an all-ages show.
- La Felliniana: Free, outdoor theater event in La Reina with the Italian company Ondadurto Teatro. This looks pretty cool and you can bet it'll reach max capacity so get there *early.
- Mirabai Ceiba: Spiritual music with harp, piano and guitar is the order of the day with duo Mirabai Ceiba performing in Providencia.
- Commemoration: Event commemorating the "Caso Degollados" is taking place at the Plaza de la Ciudadania behind La Moneda with La Moral Distraida and powerhouses Congreso and Inti-Illimani. Another event is also planned for Saturday.
- Cumbia/latin parties: If you're looking for a cumbia party at a venue that's a bit off-the-beaten path, La Culebrera will be performing at Bar Raices (; Konchetucumbia, La Transa, Chilito Juai and Azucar Milagro are all at Estacion Iberomusic near Metro Santa Lucia (; and Moral Distraida brings their cumbia/hip-hop mix to Revolver-favorite Fonda Permanente tonight (
- ( me llamo ) sebastián: This guy's been getting increasingly popular, especially among the alt set. One of his videos features him dancing in a leotard... Uhh..
- Gran peña: Los Pata e Cumbia are headlining what is definitely a party for locals. Terremotos, borgoñas, cumbia and a venue with a max capacity of 400.
- Tango en privado: Bar Popular in Barrio Yungay is the spot for an intimate tango session. They apparently have these most Friday nights.
- Photo Night Tour: This one looks pretty good for all you photographers out there. Free nighttime photography tour in Lastarria! This is organized by a photography store with quite possibly the world's worst name for a store that sells camera gear: Kill Store.
- Misc events: Fans of Japanese street style are meeting up at the Coca Cola house (, not a Chilean film but still a chance to catch the flick "Kinshasa Kids" at the Universidad Catolica (, political street mural event (, and an awesome alleycat race that starts in Providencia and will hopefully not result in a followup benefit race for bikers injured during this one (
- O'higginazooo: Yet another O'Higginazo! For those of you not keeping up, this is a call for people to head over to Parque O'Higgins to basically just hang out with a favorite beverage.
- Dance Parties: Some straight-up (or not-so-straight) dance parties Friday night: Banana House in the Bellavista neighborhood is at it again (, ultra gay-friendly "Boys and Bears" at Bal le duc (, classic dance party at indie-favorite Blondie (, and Funk and R&B at Club Ibiza (
- More DJ Parties: DJ Lechuga Zafiro (Uruguay) is on the decks at MAMBA along with Inti Junza and T.Friedlaender (, UNight celebrates their one year anniversary with DJ Juan Zolbaran (Argentina) and Andre Butano at Club La Feria (, Trance, trance and even more trance at Teatro Caupolican (, DJ Nash and DJ Pequeño are at Subterraneo (, Sala Gente hits party on Apoquindo (, and in the oriente sector (we'll withhold comment this weekend): Club Eve (, Mosaicafe in Vitacura ( and two(?) Motorola parties (we suspect one of the organizer's parents works at Motorola- we'll preemptively call this "Motogate"): and
- Cueca Party: Las Capitalinas and Los Trukeros are putting on a cueca party at Bar Victoria.
- More Live Music: fando at Onaciu in Recoleta (, kanibales surf combo and hombre bestia at Bar Mala Vida (, Los Celestinos at Pub La Maquina (, Protistas at Teatro del Puente (, Andean music with "lakitas san juan" at Tambo Del Conacin (, MerkÉn at Casa Muriel (, Punk show with Valium, Superclank and others at Bar Uno (, Juan Pez at Bar Rockaxis (, Como Asesinar a Felipes at Bar Loreto (, Facu Tobogán is performing at Kasa Ecolety (, Punk rock at Beerlitzer with Dead Jonkie, Pukutrinuke Mapuche and others (, Chilean rap on display at La Casa de Asterion with Bombarap, Hermanos Cabezas, Savio MC and many others (, Juank pino & las neuronas del recuerdo at El Anden De Yungay (, Chilean "evil rock" with Johnny Cacho, Banda Polvaro and more at Cenicero Rock (, and live music in Barrio Brasil with the Colectivo Enjambre (

Full list:


- Festival Internacional de Música de Santiago: Time's running out to catch some of events during the Festival International de Musica de Santiago! Event ends Sunday and includes several shows you can catch for free, including this one at the Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral: Full Program.
- Virgin Fest: Virgin is putting on a music festival today at Matucana 100 (Metro Quinta Normal). Alex Anwandter, Astro and Niño Cohete will all be performing.
- Fiesta de la Vendimia: Ok, yeah, this is a bit out of the way but an extremely popular weekend outing! Stomp on some grapes, drink some wine. Over at Isla de Maipo.
- El Mercado Arabe: The Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda is hosting this event Saturday from 12pm to 7:30pm. Pick up some objects, buy, trade, lamps, rugs, food, etc.
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly party is having a Suicide Girls Special tonight!
- Street Feast: Or if you're looking for a food festival out in Ñuñoa, check this one out.
- Feria y Trafkintun: Seed exchange! You're supposed to take your seeds, a blanket and any ceremonial drums you might have around your apartment. Plaza de Armas.
- Arduino Day: For the techies out there! Did you even know there was a Makerspace in Santiago? Head over Saturday and check out what they have in store for Arduino Day!
- Vinyl Fest: Vinyl fans! Never know what you'll find at these events - this one's taking place at the GAM.
- Repair Café: Interesting concept - people who can repair things (e.g. bikes) are at the cafe and the idea is to take things that are broken and they'll help repair them, but the idea is to interact and possibly learn a thing or two - or even volunteer to help out. First time this is happening so turnout might be a small to start out.
- Major EDM Parties: There are a few serious EDM parties going on Saturday - one for the family at the Parque de Esculturas which is NOT free (, a major one out near Cajon del Maipo called Bosque Libre (, and what's billed as the biggest paint party in the entire history of mankind - or something like that - (
- Chilean Boxing: Definitely something you probably weren't expecting to check out while in Santiago. This is out in the San Miguel neighborhood.
- Feria del trueque: Trueque means 'trade' - the idea is to take things you don't really need and trade them for other things. In Ñuñoa and will most likely be a small event.
- Lo nuestro lo carnaval: This looks like a pretty good event but the tickets ran out quite a while ago. Maybe sneak in? Or negotiate :-D
- English events: If you're not handling Chilean Spanish too well and need a spot to revert back to your native tongue (no!)...
- Misc events: And some slightly different events you might want to check out! Couples pool tournament on Huerfanos (, Breastfeeding photo shoot at the Santiago Public Library (, some capoiera at the GAM (, dog gathering, or rather a dog-owner gathering, in Providencia (, and a major yoga session in La Reina (
- Other DJ parties: Bal le duc's Madonna party (, Blondie Cabaret (, or an early Blondie party for the younger kids (, Retro party at Sala Gente (, 80's and 90's hits at Club Eve (, EDM at Club Subterraneo (, a rave called Rave (, Techno at NaveLuna (, recommended gay-friendly Lemon Lab party in Recoleta (, dance party at Mosaicafe (, Clap (not "The Clap") at Amanda (, and another Motorola Party (
- Banda Conmoción: One of our favorite party bands playing at an event hosted by our friends at la Fonda Permanente. This is a straight-up party. Try not to lose a shoe!
- Villa Cariño: With a sound that's been described as romantic cumbia, Revolver favorite (they even played one of our parties!) Villa Cariño is launching their EP at Teatro Cariola.
- De caramba y gaita kandela: Revolver-favorites de Caramba will bring the cueca party tonight at Comercio Atletico! Gaita Kandela will also be performing.
- Shamanes Crew: We haven't forgotten about our Dancehall fans. Shamanes Crew will be performing at the Santo Mambo party on San Diego Street.
- Perrosky: Revolver-favorites Perrosky are performing at Sala SCD Bellavista. These shows start on time (usually).
- More live music: Amanitas will be performing at Bar El Clan (, Tango show at the Magaldi Tango Club (, Punk rock show at Centro Cultural Franklin (, Los Peores de Chile and Ruta 1210 at Bar Santa Filomena (, The Rentons at Bar Onaciu in Recoleta (, Julius Popper at Estacion Mapocho (, Matias Correa and Proyecto Maloik at Patio Bellavista (, Maxi Pedreros and la Sazon at El Anden de Yungay (, Camilo Eque performing at Yungay Viejo (, Fakuta at Bar Loreto (, Los Pajaros de Jauja at Bar Popular (, Cumbia party with Sonora 5 estrellas, Waila Candela and others at Club Ibiza (, Los Viejos Diablos and Javier Moreno at Teatro del Puente (, Francisco Gonzalez is performing at Barril Vitacura (, Felipe Schuster and Andrés reveco at Estudio Panal (, Laplaza at Humano Bar (

Full list:


- Fiesta de la vendimia: Grape-harvest celebration! And an excellent excuse to check out Isla de Maipo. Live music, get in on some grape-stomping, drink some wine, etc.
- Dia del Joven Combatiente: Ok just a heads up to be a bit careful at night since March 29 is the "Day of the Young Combatant." Revolver was actually in Villa Francia for some of the events a few years ago, but we do NOT recommend you go out looking for protests.
- Last call: Remember it's the final day to catch the films at Femcine ( and the Festival Internacional de Música de Santiago concerts (
- Clandestino de swing: Swing fans! Head over to Plaza Ñuñoa Sunday for some fun with the crew at Swingtiago.
- Bicipaseo Patrimonial: Learn a bit of history on this bike tour that's themed on women who have left their mark on Chile. These events normally draw a couple hundred bikers and will be kicking off in front of the Museo Bellas Artes.
- La armonía del clarinete: The Universidad Andres Bellos is hosting a clarinet concert Sunday at 7pm in Las Condes!
- Recorrer Barrio República: Up for a walking tour through Barrio Republica?
- Gracias Margot - Pascual Ilabaca, Juga di Prima: There's going to be a pretty good concert Sunday as part of the Femcine activities.
- Feria libre: Ok so Santiago Mayor Carolina Toha has unfortunately been successful (so far) in killing the fair that used to be set up at Parque Forestal. If you're looking for an alternative, dropby Plaza Yungay and just hang out and enjoy the plaza.
- Tango nuevo: Live music, a photography exhibit and an excuse to try a bit of tango.
- Open Circus: Interesting event over in the San Joaquin neighborhood. Circus equipment is set up so the public can give it a shot. We imagine there's a waiver involved :-)
- Clase de twerk it: We were closing out the agenda without too many off-the-wall events, so here you go - spend your Sunday learning how to twerk! You're welcome.
- In the parks: Your regular yoga sessions at Plaza Ñuñoa again this Sunday ( and a "Domingo Saludable" event at Villa Vida Natural (
- Salsa Salsa Salsa: Fundraising event for a cause featuring all the salsa and dance classes you can possibly handle.
- Benjamin Furman: Performing live at the Estadio Israelita Sunday! We've heard it's for member's only - ?? (

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And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago:

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