Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Mar 6 - 8)

First full weekend in March and things have absolutely exploded. A ton of DJ parties and live bands playing throughout the weekend. Some of the highlights include the Festival del Cañamo over at the Cajon del Maipo with bands like Chico Trujillo and Los Tetas, live shows by Banda Conmocion and Ases Falsos, Syrian Omar Souleyman performing at Teatro La Cupula, cueca parties, women's rights marches, juggling performances in Ñuñoa, underground parties, free films, exhibit openings, Colombian carnival celebrations and so much more. If you still can't find something to do in Santiago this weekend, then it's definitely you, not the city :D

Remember every Friday we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Chico Trujillo (Festival del Cañamo)
Photo courtesy Chico Trujillo (Festival del Cañamo)


- Día Internacional por los Derechos de la Mujer: Although "International Women's Day" is technically March 8, Santiago is hosting related events throughout the weekend, including a march Friday at 6/7pm at Plaza Italia.
- Carnavalito Gitano: Gypsy music anyone? Canavalito Gitano ( is performing tonight at Revolver-favorite Bar El Clan in Bellavista.
- Omar Souleyman: One hell of an interesting show with Omar Souleyman (, Cholita Sound (, Gladiadores del Ritmo, Inti Kunza ( and Terreza Macarena at Teatro Cupula. What?
- Expo Soy Mujer: Event in Providencia featuring over 70 stands and performances throughout the weekend. Friday's Ana Tijoux!
- Festival del Cañamo 2015: Major festival over at Cajon del Maipo this weekend. This is exactly what is sounds like and will feature Boomer, Rootz Hi Fi, Digital Dread and Iwa Kush on Friday, and bands like Chico Trujillo, Los Tetas and more the rest of the weekend.
- Marcela Parra: Singer-songwriter-poet Marcela Parra ( will be performing live at the GAM at 9pm. This is the pre-launch of her first album, Astronautas en la playa.
- La Minga / Nicolas Sotomayor: Acoustic performance by La Minga ( and Nicolas Sotomayor ( at Pub La Maquina.
- Los Care Ra! / Villa Cariño: Cumbia fest at perrenial party venue La Fonda Permanente Friday night with an album release party for Los Care Ra along with a show by Villa Cariño.
- Ases Falsos: Before heading for a festival in Mexico, the band will be performing at the GAM Friday at 9pm. Tickets seem to have sold out already.
- Dirty Loreto: Trap, House, Bass, Hip Hop, Dirty beats and more with Revolver-favorite Latin Bitman, DJ Caso and BassBangerz.
- Ñiños Perdidos: DJ, performance and theme party ( in Santiago Centro - Techno, Psytrance, textile intervention and more.
- Batallas de freestyle: Freestyle battle over at Plaza del Inca w/ La Capitani (in Las Condes??)
- Edo Caroe: This comedian did quite well at the Festival de Olmué and will be performing throughout the weekend at Teatro Nescafe. Requires advanced Chilean Spanish.
- English-language exchanges: Pancakes and games at August English ( and an English exchange in Bellavista (
- Exhibit openings: Check out Pamela Galleguillos' sculptures at the opening reception tonight at 7pm near Metro Santa Rosa ( Or check out a collective exhibit near Metro Bellas Artes at 7:30pm
- Mambo Infernal: Mambo fest at Club Ibiza with La Mecheklavo (, Michu y la Sangre Rebelde ( and Shoro Ripio (
- DJ Parties: DJ Seltzer and Shild (bassbangerz) at Club Subterraneo (, Alternative, Grunge, Britpop party at Blondie (, 80's and 90's hits at Club Eve ( in Vitacura, Pachanga and Dancehall at Santo Mambo (, EDM - house at Fuzion in Las Condes (, DJs Aldo Foschino, Leonardo Vargas, and Paula Wapsas at Mamba (, and Soul/Mod/Garage DJ Party at Naveluna with The Mod Company (
- More live music: Joss Stone ( will be in Chile on Friday (, live tango at Bar Popular (, Magdalena Cortínez ( bids farewell to Chile at Sala Master (, Juan Pablo River Cuarteto at Benevento Jazz Cafe (, Tonto pero feo ("the band that does everything wrong") will be at Bar de Rene
(, Chilean rock band Los Rex at Bar Loreto (, Live cueca with Las Pecadoras and Las Primas at Bar Victoria (, Knti, Elloco and Insider at Bar Uno ( and post-punk and new wave bands performing near Metro Irarrazaval (

Full list:


- Festival del Cañamo 2015: Second day of the festival over at Cajon del Maipo. Saturday's bands include legendary party band Chico Trujillo, Los Tetas, Ywana and more.
- Expo Soy Mujer: Camila Moreno is performing tonight as part of the Expo Soy Mujer fair over at Parque Balmaceda.
- Carnaval de Barranquilla: The Colombian community is hosting a carnival celebration in Providencia this Saturday. Who knew? This is supposed to go down near Metro Los Leones.
- Banda Conmocion / La Gallera: This promises to be an awesome party. Banda Conmocion ( brings the cumbia party while La Gallera serves up cueca.
- Encuentro de Malabarismo: Juggling meetup at Plaza Ñuñoa - including performances and competitions.
- Mujeres del Barrio: Cultural-artistic event Saturday and Sunday in Barrio Yungay in honor of International Women's Day with performances, artisan fair and more.
- Gloria: Free showing of the excellent Chilean movie, Gloria, at Centro Cultural Espacio Matta (Metro Santa Rosa).
- Azul Violeta: Our off-the-beaten-path underground treat for our readers. Party at the Azul Violeta in Barrio Yungay. Theater, dance and circus, oh my. For the adventurous.
- Fiesta Arcadia: Another interesting and alternative party that you definitely won't find on most event guides. Or for the younger crowd, Remolinazo
- Fiskales Ad Hok: Chilean punk legends Fiskales Ad Hok ( will be performing at Bar Santa Filomena along with Panteras Negras, T.A.M. and DJ Maximo Cain.
- Rayos y temblores: Up for a bit of poetry and music?
- Full moon circle: This one's just for women! Full moon circle at Plaza Inés de Suarez at 6:30pm.
- Churupaca: Argentine band Churupaca ( will be at Bar El Clan Saturday night with their mix of folk, reggae and balkan rhythms.
- Biking / Inline: Bike ride to Parque Mahuida in La Reina which starts at Plaza Italia at 10am ( or catch the inline skater battle at Parque San Borja (near Metro Catolica) Saturday and Sunday.
- Fanzines and Illustrations: Pick up some fanzines, eat some vegan goodies and have a cup of tea at the Fanzine fair (, or check out Safari Feria 2, the design and illustration fair, in Bellavista (
- Kundalini Yoga: Another session of Kundalini yoga over at Plaza Ñuñoa. Remember to tip the instructor.
- Leyenda: For the slightly nerdy, medevil fantasy galore over near Metro Pajaritos
- Feria Vegourmet: Vegan food fair at Centro Arte Alameda.
- DJ Parties: DJ party with Juana La Loca, Trixie Baby and others (the DJ names should clue you in), Old school new wave post punk dance party at Blondie, 80's and 90's hits at Bal le Duc, Tech and house gig at Naveluna, Retro dance party at Sala Gente on Apoquindo, 80's night dj party in Vitacura (yes, we know), Santo Mambo has Pachanga, Dancehall and Reggaeton for DJ Irie's bday, DJs Mons and Suau are at Club Subterraneo, DJ Onur Ozer from Turkey and Umho from Chile are on the decks at the Safari party, Psy-tropical electronica outfit MKRNI will be at Mamba along with Fernanda Arrau and Moses (, and finally the Vitacura crew will try dancing again at Mosaicafe
- Live Music (a ton): Oscar López will be at Casa Guacolda (, Chilean rock with Lasavia and La Oficina del Sueño at MiBar in Barrio Italia (, La Jose and Diana Rojas are at Sala Master early (, La Mala Senda and Rey Puesto at Rock & Guitarras, Big Sur will be at Bar Loreto (, Cristian Gallardo Trio at Thelonious (, Luistofoles departs Chile with a show at El Anden de Yungay (,
Andrea Velasco at Opera Catedral (, Rock with Clonmarioneta and Rio Pacheco at Rockaxis (, Argentine band Armonicas de Fuego will be in Recoleta (, Brazilian party with ConexionBrasil in Bellavista (, and Burger Revolution 3 in Santiago with Club de Surf, The Suicide Bitches and Hablame Sucio in Independencia (

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- Puma Lab Anniversary: Puma Lab (that clothing store at the GAM) is having an anniversary celebration Sunday afternoon. Live music by C-Funk, Rootz Hifi, Movimiento Original Crew, live dance, skate, etc.
- Los Tres: Renown Chilean band Los Tres ( will be at the newly established Teatro Coca Cola City in Bellavista with an acoustic performance though March 12. Tickets are a bit pricey.
- Expo Soy Mujer: Final chance to catch the fair at Parque Balmaceda. Javiera Parra and Consuelo Schuster are closing out the event.
- Música de películas: Event for the whole family - The Teatro Municipal de Santiago and Orquesta Filarmónica de Santiago are putting on a show at the Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura at 8pm, performing music from several animated films.
- Ahinko: Reggae band Ahinko ( will be performing an acoustic set at Parque Forestal.
- Liberación de Libros: Cafe Literario (Parque Bustamente) will host a book exchange! Give one book and take two. Sweet.
- Villa Grimaldi: Former torture center Villa Grimaldi is hosting an event in honor of the International Women's Day with live music by Denise and Aguaturbia, Las Pecadoras, and more.
- Lucha Libre: WWE-style wrestling in Santiago! Event starts at 6pm!
- Otras: Take in some political street theater (for free) at one of the emblematic "poblaciones" in Santiago - La Victoria - with the presentation of "Otras" - No hay revolucion sin las mujeres. Do not get lost at night in this neighborhood.
- Feria Friki: Pick up that Sailor Moon doll Sunday (! Seriously.
- Los Beetles: Beatles tribute band Los Beetles will perform at Sala Master Sunday at 7pm.
- Activities at the parks: Parque de los reyes is hosting "Gratiferia" where people exchange things they don't need (for free- "Gratiferia" - gratis feria, get it?)- Practice some KiHo at Parque Santa Rosa de Apoquindo - Or maybe some yoga in Ñuñoa?
- Bikers/Inline skaters: Take your pick - urban inline skating with Patin Urbano (, 200M bike race at Parque O'Higgins (, or inline skate competition at Parque San Borja (
- Ciclorecreovia: Get up early and head out to the Ciclorecreovia, where several streets throughout Santiago are closed off so cyclists, skaters, rollerbladers, etc can enjoy the city streets safely. From 9am until 2pm.

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