Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Nov 14 - 16)

Due to an editorial decision, we have decided NOT to feature Friday's Village People and Richard Marx show. We know you're a bit disappointed, but cheer up - we have a whole other slate of activities lined up to get you through the weekend. Looking for some contemporary dance? Classical music concerts? Private tango? An experimental orchestra performing at a park or a retro party with Santiago's roller hockey league? Or maybe Santiago's biggest gay-pride event all year? Yeah, we've got you covered.

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Manuel Garcia
Photo courtesy Manuel Garcia


- Museos de Medianoche: Museums at midnight! From 6pm until midnight a number of museums will be opening their doors for free. Participating venues this year include the Museo Histórico Nacional, Museo de Artes Visuales, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, PLOP! Galería, GAM, and a ton of others.
- DOFD - Feria de Diseño: Event promoting design, art and music by Santiago youngsters. Featuring conferences, vendors and a pretty cool line-up of live acts.
- Angelo Pierattini: Revolver favorite and all-around awesome musician Angelo Pierattini will perform at La Batuta along with Rama. Chilean rock at its finest.
- AirelavaleriA: Singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Airelavaleria (It's a palindrome!) will be performing tonight at El Clan. Expect a style that mixes rock, pop, jazz and more.
- Realidad Paralela: The lesbian-friendly event is having a house party tonight! Secret affair - you'll need to contact them for the address.
- Pale Mountain: Our friends Pale Mountain (Hey Brett!) will be performing a free show at the Soul Kitchen over at Matucana 100 at 7pm.
- Banana Trans: Absolutely nothing wrong with hitting up a museum before midnight and then partying at the Banana Trans[vestite] dance party with special guest Cristal Diamond. Nothing. Go for it.
- Latin Bitman: DJ/Producer Latin Bitman is hitting the decks tonight along with Daniel Klauser and DJ Raf. Latin Bitman is a Revolver favorite and mixes Latin American rhythms with EDM, hip-hop and funk. Check it: Event:
- Mitcheaux: Indie band Mitcheaux is launching their second record "Popwine" at Centro Cultural Sofa. They'll be performing along with special guest Sunset. Check out Micheaux:
- Roller Derby Retro Party!: Treat for readers that make it this far. This is going to be one hell of a fun party. The girls from the Roller Derby league are throwing a retro party at Casa Bolivar. There's really not much more to say about this.
- Quilapayún: One of the longest-lasting Chilean folk music groups (formed in the 60s) is performing live at the GAM this Friday and Saturday.
- Expo Feria Urbana: Independent design fair is taking place at Centro Arte Alameda starting at noon!
- La Guacha: La Guacha is performing live at Bar Opera Catedral (Metro Bellas Artes). Show starts at midnight but try to get there before 10:30pm to get in free - otherwise it's 7.000.
- DJ Zomboy: British DJ and producer Dubstep phenom Zomboy is in Chile and performing at Ex Fabrica Club in Recoleta.
- Hits Parade: The always entertaining Bal le duc is having a 80's DJ dance party tonight.
- Los Care Ra: Cumbia group Los Care Ra will perform at La Chimenea (restaurant). It's technically a restaurant but there's a dance floor.
- The Santiago Pub Crawl: The pub crawl is at it again with a round that ends at a party for the launch of the #PorfinViernes parties at Aura Club.
- Artesanía UC: Craft fans need to head over to Parque Bustamente for the final weekend of the Artesania UC fair.
- Fiskales ad-hoc: The emblematic Chilean punk-rock group is performing along with Curasbun and Genitales at Bar Santa Filomena. Oh yeah.
- Carajo: Catch some punk rock / "nu metal" from Buenos Aires courtesy Carajo tonight at Club Subterraneo.
- Decima Orquesta: The group that's preserving the "paya" tradition - or poetry that's sung is launching their record at El sindicato.
- Shakespeare 450: Fundacion Teatro a Mil is producing a Shakespeare event through the end of the weekend. Catch Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet but you have to hurry up because tickets are running out FAST.
- Intimate Tango: No microphones, just vocals and an accordion. Catch a dose of live tango at the Bar Popular on Huerfanos street.
- Teatro POW Party: Open-mic, stand-up comedy and DJ dance party! Hey, it's thrown by a theater company!

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- Gay Parade 2014: Saturday marks another iteration of the biggest gay-pride event in the country. Four stages, electronic music and huge crowds expected. Massive event by La Moneda! Take a camera!
- Frontera Fest 2014: Major "Latin American arts and music event" with a ton of headliners including Calle 13, Manuel Garcia, Bomba Estereo, La Floripondio, and more.
- Beat Calavera: Country, Surf y Rock and Roll! Beat Calavera is launching their record "Beat Bang!" tonight with Andrés Lecaros Los Forajidos and Los Kanibales Surf Combo at Centro Arte Alameda. Launch party! Check out Beat Calavera: and the event:
- Huerto Urbano Yungay: The urban garden in Barrio Yungay is celebrating Spring! Help out building a spiral herb garden, take a workshop, trade seeds and listen to live music. Perfect activity to get over Friday's traffic/metro disaster.
- Criterium / Feria de la cleta: Santiago criterium (short urban bike race) and bike fair happening in Barrio Yungay! This race is in benefit of a rider injured in the last one. Yikes!
- LaNiñaHorrible: Fundraising party for theater company La Niña Horrible (The Horrible Girl). Theater parties are always a blast and this one's at Casa Bolivar which is quite the interesting venue.
- Fiesta de la Primavera: Head over to the Ecological Community of Penalolen for the Spring Festival. Dress up as a hippy and compete in the costume contest.
- Retrocumbia Pecaminosa: All-out Cumbia party at the always fun and extremely rowdy Bar Las Tejas. Featured Saturday: Sonora 5 Estrellas, La Combo Tortuga, Moral Distraida, and Kitra. Some of our team will be there.
- Funky Flu: For the hip-hop fans! Revolver favorite Funky Flu (Salvaje Decibel) will be performing live on Bombero Núñez in Bellavista.
- A night in old Russia: Classical music concert at the CEAC (Metro Baquedano) with Director Yuki Kakiuchi (Japan). Tickets are actually pretty reasonably priced so head on over for an early start to the night.
- Animal Libre: For the animal lovers - event featuring food, debates, music, projections, etc. in benefit of a couple of organizations fighting for animal rights.
- De la Ghetto: We're not exactly hardcore reggaeton fans, but this is a major event.
- Ska fest: Ska fans rejoice! Ska bands from Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Paraguay and obviously Chile are performing at this party.
- La Gallera: Chilean cueca band La Gallera will be performing at El Huaso Enrique restaurant, site of a number of live cueca parties throughout the year.
- Angelo Escobar: The self-made singer-songwriter is performing at Parque Forestal along with Alvaro Álvaro Berríos and La Fábrica Banda. If you see a large number of people gathered around a guy with a guitar sitting on the grass against a tree, you found it- this guy has quite the following.
- Dandy Jack: EDM fans! Head over to Club La Feria Saturday night for Dandy Jack live.
- Waripolo Street Dance: Breakers, hiphop competition in Plaza Italia.
- Afro-latinoamericano: Journey through African-Latin American rhythms followed by a dance performance inspired on the same.
- Bar Mala Vida: The bar in Bellavista is having a DJ dance party with indie/britpop/new wave tunes. DJ Rodrigo Mendoza on the decks!
- Retro: Retro dance party in Las Condes for those of you 25+. We have yet to check this place out so let us know if it's cool!
- Saiko: Saiko is a Chilean band that debuted 15 years ago. They're marking the occasion with a party at Blondie where they'll perform their hits.
- Encuentro de Danza UC: Event closing out a class at Universidad Catolica featuring the dance students performing hip hop, house, dancehall, and more.
- Metal benefit show: All-ages show raising funds for an operation. True Chilean-metal fest featuring Silverjack, Enigma, D1STRAUGHT, La mas gorda and Vastator.
- La Transa, La Sonora Keka Galindo: Cumbia dance party at Bar Santa Filomena.
- Takeshi Kitano: Film series featuring the Japanese director. Up tonight> Escena frente al mar (1991).
- Yungay en Bicicleta.: Event happening at 5pm which allows you to discover the neighborhood (Yungay) through a bike ride and games.
- 4to CICLO DE DANZA UDLA: Catch the final set of the dance performances by former students and professors of the UDLA. Saturday features Re-trazos and Danza por la Memoria.

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- La Molestar Orquesta: The band is launching their second record this Sunday at Parque Juan XXIII. Do not miss this - it's actually a full event with yoga at noon, a community picnic at 1pm (bring stuff to share) and various other activities. Take a blanket and enjoy.
- Represento: Hip-hop fans should head over to Matucana 100 for Represento Hip Hop Magazine's one year anniversary bash. FREE event with a ton of activities related to the Chilean hip-hop scene.
- Recuerdo a las Víctimas del Tránsito: We had no idea the 3rd Sunday of November is the official "World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims." But in any case it's being marked here in Santiago at the Parque Diego de Almagro with performances by Chinoy, Max Berrú, Mauricio Redoles and more.
- Marcha día Cannabis Medicinal: A march in favor of medicinal marijuana! Starts at 12pm(ish) at the Plaza Los Heroes.
- Feria Cletera: Aside from the "Traffic Victims" commemoration (see above), Parque Diego de Almagro is hosting a bike fair. This is the second part of the bike fair that starts at Plaza Yungay on Saturday.
- Artesania UC: Last chance to drop by the Artesania UC fair taking place at the Parque Bustamante. Crafts, conferences and more.
- Feria Forestal: Drop by Parque Forestal on any given Sunday afternoon and you're almost bound to find the flea market behind the museum. They're having a fair this Sunday despite the efforts by Carolina Toha to shut it down. Check it out!
- Romeo & Juliet: There are still tickets available for this free performance at Parque Inés de Suárez in Providencia. Shakespeare at the park!
- El Tango de las Rosas: Final chance to catch the contemporary dance performance that deals with female identity over at the art collective La Vitrina.
- El Galponcito: Intimate music and poetry event. This session will feature Luistofoles and La Motivante, along with a poetry intervention.
- Beautiful Fest: Fifteen shops are having a fair at Plan Sofa.
- Ciclorecreovia: Several streets in the city are closed off every Sunday morning so people can bike, run or skate. Get out there!
- Concierto Latinoamericano: Free concert at noon featuring music composed by Enrique Soro (Chile), Alberto Ginastera (Argentina) and Heitor Villa-Lobos (Brazil).
- Tocata No Alto Maipo: This event is a bit outside our normal range of highlighted events, but it's going to be a good one. Concert demanding a new environmental-impact study for a new dam that they're trying to build in the Cajon del Maipo.

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