Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Nov 21 - 23)

We're still trying to recover from last night's BBQ at the Revolver house so apologies if we're a bit late with our guide or if you catch any typos :-) But here you go! As always we're bringing you a number of different options to fill every possible gap in your weekend. Major music festivals, Expoweed, film festivals, Chilean hip-hop, rap, cumbia, cueca parties and a community fair in Barrio Yungay!

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy MKRNI (Pulsar 2014)
Photo courtesy MKRNI (Pulsar 2014)


- Pulsar: Pulsar has kicked off and it's one of the biggest music festivals in the city. Featuring a ton of live performances, there's really no point in even mentioning some of them because there are just way, way too many. Check out the site for full details:
- Festival de Diseño ESTAMPIDA 2014: Design fair featuring a ton of stands and several workshops on everything from screen-printing to illustration. This is at the U Chile campus on Portugal.
- Adventure Film Festival: Friday marks the 10th iteration of this film festival in Santiago. Head over to San Cristobal hill for some tunes, craft beer, environmental fair and a number of adventure films.
- Expo Weed 2014: This is pretty self-explanatory, but there's a major cannabis festival happening at Parque O'Higgins. Live music, conferences, stands and a much-coveted "chill out area." That's right.
- Fernando Milagros: This guy is everywhere now. Catch this leading musician in Santiago's alternative scene playing live at Bar El Clan.
- Funky Flu + Elemento rap: Fans of Chilean rap (or those of you who have no idea what the scene is like) should head over to Matucana 100 Friday night. Here's a sneak peak:
- Mambooo: Here's the cumbia party for Friday night. La Transa, La Kaña, Capital B and Lady Sharon. Have we heard of all of these before? Not exactly, but it's cumbia and the party lasts till 4 in the morn.
- Fiesta Molecula: is celebrating their third anniversary with a party at Bar Loreto. This is sponsored by GAP (WTF?) so honestly that's reason enough to keep this event off our list, but it's a chance to check out an up-and-coming band called Marineros.
- Mapocho Jazz: The Recoleta Municipality is hosting a jazz festival. Friday night: Simón González Cuarteto (Chile), Trío Familia (Argentina) and Marcelo Córdoba Cuarteto (Chile).
- Fiesta Cuequera Primaveral: We've seen some of you try to dance cueca and yes, it needs some work. Head over to Barrio Yungay for a lesson at 8pm followed by live cueca music and a party, of course. Obvio.
- Baleduc Dark: One of Club Bal-le-duc's "dark" events which mean goth/industrial. Dress up and avoid eye contact!
- J.M. Calleja: Catch the artist from Spain and his visual-poetry and performance at Casa Mutt (Manuel Montt) tonight. More on the artist: Event:
- Danza Árabe Falak: Free event for those looking for a bit of an Arabian dance showcase on a Friday afternoon. Starts at 6:30pm.
- Dropkick Murphy's: What? The US Celtic punk band that's been around for almost two decades is actually playing in Santiago, Chile. Oi!
- Las Primas: Grab a handkerchief and head over to El Huaso Enrique for a cueca party with Las Primas and De Chilena.
- Soloists in Yungay: Catch 6 different solo artists perform at the Anden de Yungay.
- Banana House: The always eclectic Banana House is having a party called, Primavera Piña - that's "Spring Pineapple." What? Exactly.
- Los Verdaderos Cabrera: Early show. Los Verdaderos Cabrera are taking off to Mexico and are saying farewell with a show at Sala SCD Bellavista at 9:30pm.
- Gerk: Hardcore screamo fans rejoice. Bands Gerk and Teachece from Argentina, along with Distopia and Septimo Infierno.
- Tenemos Explosivos: Chilean post-punk band Tenemos Explosivos (We have explosives) are playing tonight at Centro Arte Alameda along with Quemacoches from Argentina, Silencio Absoluto and NoAlimento.
- Merken: Chilean indie band Merken is performing live over at Onaciu in Bellavista. Event:
- ResistArcis: And here's our off-the-beaten path secret pick of the day. Expo, fair and party thrown by ARCIS University students (the University currently fighting to stay alive).
- Smirnoff Extravaganza: EDM fans who can make it to Ciudad Empresarial can check out Smirnoff's attempt at creating a carnival environment with a number of headliner DJ's.
- Bazar ED: Revista ED is having a fair at Parque Bicentenario with a bit of live music, food and a bit of art (we're listing this in case you're interested but we're anticipating this will be somewhat lame- take a look at the photos).
- Barbara & Los Rotos del Rock: Chilean rock band Barbara & Los Rotos del Rock is performing live at Bar Mala VIda along with Huacho and El Hombre Comun.
- Zaid: Zaid is launching their first video at the Sofa cultural venue (near Parque Bustamente). Free wine!

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- Primavera en Yungay: Barrio Yungay is celebrating Spring with a community festival through Sunday! Vendors, exhibits, tours, live music, the opening of a community museum, and more. Starts at 11am.
- Chinoy: Revolver favorite Chinoy will be performing Saturday night at the Teatro Universidad de Chile (Metro Baquedano). If you haven't heard him perform live yet, don't miss this opportunity. Starts at 8pm.
- Noche Circodelika: Circus-psychedelic band Afoikure Circodeliko is performing at Bar Santo Filomena along with Zingamalí and Feliz Te Toco Algo. We're expecting a pretty cool show. Check out Afoikure: Event:
- Superfiesta Expoweed: Spent enough time hanging out in the chill-out area at the Expo Weed and looking for a party? Matucana 100 is the place with Ky-Mani Marley, Los Tetas and Bitman performing live.
- Festival Junta & Pega: Club Matta is hosting this art and design fair with exhibits, vendors, music, activities and more. Check out the link for full details (lots):
- Fulano: Famed Chilean band Fulano is performing a major show at the Teatro Nescafé de las Artes in Providencia.
- Primavera Fauna: Major festival on Ruta 68 leaving the city. Yes, not exactly easy if you don't have a car but the lineup's pretty good.
- Fiesta de los tambores: Drum fest at Parque Quinta Normal! Afro-groups, artists, jugglers meeting up at noon.
- Pulsar: Ok we'll just give you a sample of who's performing today. Ana Tijoux, Camila Moreno, Matorral, Colombina Parra, Miss Garrison, Mkrni, Sonora Palacios, Nave Oso, etc. My God.
- Lollipop Bang Bang: You might be able to figure it out from the name, but this is a pop dance party happening over at Blondie. Tonight will feature Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj impersonators / tribute artists and in the second room they'll be showing footage of Depeche Mode in Berlin.
- Flow: Contemporary dance performance which incorporates elements of "Flying Low, Release and Floor Technique." This is over at the Art Collective La Vitrina.
- Alterlatina: Female latin-American band Alterlatina is performing live in Barrio Yungay.
- LaPutaFiesta: Hide the children. All-out madness at this techno dance party at the Banana House with a live show by performance artist Irina la loca.
- Ska Fest: Two luca for a night with 6 ska bands in Santiago Centro.
- Vegetable Milk Workshop: For our veggie and vegan friends! Learn how to make your own vegetable milk over in Las Condes.
- Jazz Italiano: The Calderons will be performing at the Italian Cultural Institute in Santiago.
- Verde y Punto Feria Viva: Holistic, natural and green fair in Las Condes featuring yoga, meditation, vendors, decoration, slack line, books, etc.
- Bar Uno: If you've ever walked down Bellavista and heard extremely loud music coming out of a small-looking bar in the corner, that's probably Bar Uno. Electrozombies and Peste are performing live tonight. Wear earplugs.
- Fiesta Latinoamericana: Bar Conacin is one of our closely-held secrets and regularly features live performances with an ethnic, Latin-american focus. Think along the lines of Andean music. Three performances tonight: Chañar, Freddy Torrealba, and Orígenes Chile.
- The Color Run: AKA "The Happiest 5k on the Planet" is taking place this Saturday. Note: tickets are sold out.
- #Sesionesdelpatio: Casa Guacolda in Ñuñoa is hosting another of their music sessions with Jose Gil y Los Absurdos.
- Santiago Pub Crawl: The Pub Crawl group is heading out again tonight and will wind up at Mosai in Vitacura.
- Arde el Club Matadero: Cueca party at Club Matadero with Jorge Yáñez, Los Hermanos Catalán, Las Pecadoras Cueca and Los Piolas del Lote.
- Just Dance: Retro dance party for those of you 25+ in Las Condes.
- Ciclo de Cine: Crazy cinématographe: Europäisches jahrmarktkino (1896-1916) will be shown at the MAC Parque Forestal. This is a compilation of more than 40 shorts dealing with Europe between 1896 and 1914.
- Grati-feria: Parque Almagro is hosting another grati-feria (fair where people go to give away things they don't need anymore). This includes some workshops in the park to (try to) learn how to juggle, drum and more. Includes a mini water-balloon fight so take the kids.
- Feria Popular de Arte Naif: Naive Art Fair over at the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda - part of the exhibit Al Ritmo (Brazil).

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- La Noche de Colores: Barrio Italia is having a party this Sunday! Food specials, stands, tango in the streets and live music.
- Legalize Fest: Major concert! It's a bit far, but will feature Quilapayun, Aguaturbia, Los Jaivas, Quique Neira, Sol y Lluvia, Black Star, Ska-P, Deep Purple and more. This is over at Espacio Broadway (read: far).
- Festival de Cortometrajes: Sunday's the final day of the Short film festival in Las Condes.
- Elephant Pool Party: Pool, drinks and music over at Hostel La Casa Roja. Starts at noon.
- Pulsar: Last chance to check out everything going on at the Pulsar Music Festival. Major event with a ton of artists.
- XFan: Anime fans! Final day of the X-Fan fest featuring everything from conferences to live music to cosplay.
- Feria de las pulgas: The Sunday fair at Parque Forestal might not happen this weekend thanks to Santiago Mayor Carolina Toha who continues to use public resources to crack down on people selling their random used goods at one of the more interesting fairs in the city. It's not like she should focus on maybe a ton of other problems in downtown Santiago. Stay tuned in the link for updates on the status of the fair.
- Quemacoches: The punk rock band from Argentina is playing at Bar Uno Sunday at 6pm. T.A.M will also perform. This will be loud.
- Monserrat Sembler: The musician and her band will be performing in Nuñoa at Casa Guacolda.
- Desafio Trek: Trek Bikes is hosting a mountain bike race this Sunday!
- Ciclorecreovia: Several streets in the city will be shut down so you can run, walk, bike or skate without any fear of being mowed down by the Santiago micros or taxis.
- Taller Cocina Vegana: Revolver-favorite Vegan Bunker is hosting a vegan cooking class.
- Kundalini Yoga: Free Kundalini Yoga sessions over at Plaza Capitania in the Las Condes neighborhood.
- Mapuche Fvtamalon: Quite honestly we're not sure just anyone can show up at this Mapuche event in Quinta Normal, but here you go.
- Hit & Run Tango: This is actually part of the Noche de Colores in Barrio Italia but still.
- Kansas: Kansas, yes, that Kansas ( is performing at Teatro Caupolican. We're just as surprised as you.

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And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago:

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