Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Nov 7 - 9)

Dia de los Muertos has passed. Santiago's Halloween invasion is over. We're just starting out November and we were a bit worried about finding interesting events this weekend. Then we remembered this is freaking Santiago and the action never, ever stops (unless there's a natural disaster). Want to check out some lucha libre? Listen to legendary party band Chico Trujillo up on a ceremonial hill? Rock out to hard punk metal? Or maybe check out some Chilean hip-hop? Classical music? It's all happening this weekend. Check it out!

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy Abya Yala
Photo courtesy Abya Yala


- Suicide Girls Party: The website which features "alternative" female models is having an official party in Santiago this Friday night. This is actually pretty popular in Chile and we've even met some of the Chilean Suicide Girls so go check it out!
- Con el Chico en el Cerro: Legendary Chilean band Chico Trujillo will be performing at Cerro Blanco in a benefit show for an upcoming carnival. Highly recommended if you can get some tickets - only 500 are being sold. Be respectful- Cerro Blanco also serves as an indigenous ceremonial area - and they reserve the right of admission.
- Abya Yala en Familia: Reggae-roots-mystic-latin-dub-rock band Abya Yala is performing at SCD Vespucio. Family-friendly event with a band that's especially popular with the neo-hippy set.
- Boys & Bears: Yes, the name of the party is "Boy and Bears." This is an extremely gay-friendly party happening Friday night at the always entertaining Bal le duc.
- FILSA: The International Book Fair in Santiago is still going strong into its final weekend. Live music, conferences, book signings and more.
- Por Resistir a la Invasión: Hard punk rock show (and discussion) in benefit of detained Mapuches. Definitely only for the adventurous.
- Sonidos Jamaikinos: The name of the event is Jamaican Rude Party and it's a ska party! Sonora de Llegar, Manifiesto Ska Jazz, and Los Precisos Rocksteady.
- #DelArteAlTatuaje: Special event for tattoo fanatics. This Friday it's realism vs new school techniques.
- Los Viking 5, Santa Feria: Bar Santo Filomena is celebrating their anniversary with a healthy dose of Cumbia Friday night. Los Viking 5, Santa Feria, and La Perro e Playa.
- LaBanda en Flor and Olguita Marina: Socially conscious cumbia is the order of the day with LaBanda en Flor. They'll be performing with Olguita Marina at La Batuta in Ñuñoa.
- Tambo Cusisiñani: Tambo party starting at 8pm. Latin-afro rhythms, Andean music, Cumbia and all-around party in Barrio Yungay. Specially selected for our readers.
- Park(ing) DAY: The Park(ing) Day initiative is attacking the corner of Portugal with Marcoleta, converting parking spaces into green areas fit for a picnic. From 9am to 6pm.
- Tango en Privado: Intimate Tango sessions at Bar Popular on Huerfanos.
- Noche Burleseque: And if you're looking for something a tad bit more underground, check out this Burlesque and variety show at Casa Santiago. Yeah, we're far from Lonely Planet here.
- Ghost Tour: Prefer to frighten up your Friday night? There's a ghost tour happening at the former San Jose Hospital (yikes). 8000 pesos and starts at 7pm.
- Loco Afán: If you've mastered Chilean Spanish, why not try some theater? Loco Afán deals with homosexuality and AIDS in Chile during the 80's. Should be interesting.
- Canciones Machacadas: Several up-and-coming Chilean independent musicians will be featured at Casa Bolivar.
- Jam afrobeat: Early event for drum circle fans - Afrobeat jam at Nomade from 7pm until 9pm.
- Familea Miranda: Catch some post-punk experimental rock straight outta Spain at Bar El Clan Friday night.
- Feria Santiago Independiente: The independent designer fair is taking place at the Centro Arte Alameda again. Accessories, food, clothing, etc.
- Katty Fernandez & La Bicicleta Jazz Band: Too many cumbia parties? Discover the Club de Jazz de Santiago where they're featuring Jazz Fusion tonight courtesy Katty Fernandez and the Bicicleta Jazz Band.
- Feria Mujer: La Tercera's "Feria Mujer" is taking place this weekend at Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura.
- Alejandro Filio y Carlos Varela: Mexican singer-songwriter Alejandro Filio and Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Verela will be performing at Teatro Nescafe de las Artes Friday night.
- PreGame & Pub Crawl: Pub Crawl Santiago is having an outing this Friday. Drink, play games, drink, meet people, drink, repeat.
- DOMO RESISTARCIS: Cultural event at ARCIS University featuring Bizarro cinema (John Waters), a fair, and live performances. This will be quite diverse - don't be shy.
- Creamfields Chile: And just because it's quite popular in Chile, we're listing the major Creamfields EDM event.
- SVPER: From Spain, the duo formerly known as Pegasvs will be performing at Bar Loreto.
- Delta Venus and Primavera de Praga: Delta Venus and Revolver favorites Primavera de Praga are performing at Club Subterraneo.
- Poetry Slam: Poetry slam event taking place at Centro Cultural Mapocho (International Book Fair). Friday's duel features Seo2 (Makiza) and Jimmy Fernández (La Pozze Latina).
- Santiago Fashion Week: Billed as the "most important fashion event in the country," but their website has no info. We're not buying it, but here you go nonetheless-

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- Natisu: Revolver favorite Natisu is back performing in Santiago after returning from her tour in Spain. Check out her music: and check her out live at Art du Café.
- Zorba, El Griego: Teatro Municipal is presenting "Zorba, the Greek," for FREE, at Parque Araucano (park by the Parque Arauco mall) with the Ballet Company of Santiago. Starts at 9pm but you can start getting there at 7pm for a spot.
- MECAL: The MECAL short film festival is taking place at the Centro Arte Alameda this weekend. It's a bit difficult finding (and being able to read) the program, so here's a link: . Dance party Saturday night!
- Blondie 80's New Wave: If you still haven't visited Blondie, tonight might be your night. This place has been throwing indie/new wave dance parties for so many years and is a fixture of the Santiago indie scene. The venue is huge and it's more entertaining to go in a group.
- Jan Franz: Exhibition by Jan Franz (Germany) inspired on the year and a half he spent in Chile. The exhibit deals with impressions of the different cultures in Chile and Latin America.
- Feria Festin de Sabores: Live music and food. What more can you possibly ask for? The event will feature gourmet food, craft beer, desserts, options for vegans and vegetarians and more.
- Remolinazo #5: Fifth version of an event which mixes live music and poetry. This time the event will feature musicians from different parts of Chile and Argentina.
- Cena Solidaria SERIGRAFIA ITINERANTE: Fundraising dinner for our friends at Serigrafia Itinerante. Vegan meal plus screen-printing demonstrations.
- Avalancha and Rulo: Percussion band Avalancha and Rulo (of Los Tetas fame) will be performing at El Clan Saturday night.
- Los Benjamines: Cueca band will celebrate their 4-year anniversary at the Comercio Atletico. This place is a bit complicated to get to but always features cueca parties.
- Feria del Dibujo Hola Chao: Music and illustrations. In its 10th iteration, the fair will feature more than 30 exhibitors, including emerging artists and designers.
- Feria Vegourmet: Vegan food fair at Centro Arte Alameda! This has received mixed reviews, but you can still find all sorts of different treats and vegan goodies for sale.
- Villa Cariño: Cumbia party at Las Tejas with Villa Cariño (romantic cumbia), La Combo Tortuga and La Chimbomband. DJ party follows.
- Festival de Todas las Artes Victor Jara: The San Ramon Municipality (Metro Santa Rosa) is throwing the event which will feature live performances by a number of well-known Chilean bands, including Quilapayun and Los Vikings 5.
- LemonLab Tiene 2 Papás: DJ dance party which plays on the current controversy over a book about a child with two fathers. Gay-friendly (obvio!).
- Scream Fest: A massively produced event featuring Austin Mahone, Bridgit Mendler, Never Shout Never, Jesse & Joy, Alexis y Fido, CD9, Juan Magan, Yandar & Yostin, Denise Rosenthal and Madvanna.
- Bienal del Underground & La Contracultura 80s: Interesting seminar that deals with the counterculture scene in Chile in the 80's. A decent level of Spanish required to understand what everyone's talking about. The event was switched to private so you'll have to email to find out if there are any spots left.
- Concierto Nº 20: Looking for a classical music outing? Check out the CEAC (Metro Baquedano) Saturday night with Yuki Kakiuchi from Japan.
- Sol y Lluvia: The famed Chilean folk band is celebrating 35 years with an intimate show at the Sala SCD Vespucio.
- La Vuelta al Mundo en Música: The final running of the series which mixed live illustrations and music. Catch it Saturday night as Edmundo Browne will be illustrating.
- Festival Juvenil Artes Escénicas: Casadanza will be showcasing different theater performances along with actual theater workshops. This Saturday night the play is "Oriente" and deals with prejudices, the conservative university Catolica and challenges faced by Chilean society in trying to become a more equal society.
- Banda Comoción: The cumbia party band will be performing at the always popular Fonda Permanente.
- Fat Joe: Fat Joe, yes - that Fat Joe from the US, will be performing at Teatro Caupolican. Go figure!
- The Backgrounds: A mix of folk, indie and rock will be performing live.
- Tremenda Gozadera: Cumbia bands La Culebrera and Mano Lete will perform live Saturday night.
- I heart Miami: Dance party at the Banana House. What kind of styles? Pop Cola, Moombahton, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Trap, Cumbia Villera, 90s, Electropop, a bit of kitsch and more. So, basically every style and some you didn't even know about.
- #BailaSinParar: We're going to risk highlighting this one again - normally parties in Vitacura are l-a-m-e but this one shows promise.

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- Parque Forestal: The flea market that sets up most Sundays at Parque Forestal is a staple of the urban cultural landscape, despite efforts by authorities to shut it down. This Sunday the vendors will be present but there's an added bonus- street performers and artists are having a fest. Take a blanket and enjoy one of the best ways to spend a Sunday afternoon. Here's hoping authorities will not interfere.
- Fiesta por una nueva primavera: Pro-education concert and party at Parque Quinta Normal featuring the likes of Ases Falsos, Villa Cariño, Sol y Lluvia, Supernova, Colombina Parra and Silvestre.
- Dia Nacional del Artesano: Barrio Yungay is celebrating with a neighborhood event, vendors and live music. The idea is to promote the use of public spaces for community cultural events.
- SUPERVIVENCIA: No Sunday is complete without... WWE-style wrestling! That's right, a full-blown lucha libre event in the middle of Santiago on a Sunday afternoon! Who knew?
- Yoga en la Plaza Ñuñoa: Grab your yoga mat and head over to Plaza Nuñoa in the morning for some free yoga! Please don't forget to tip the instructor.
- Artesania UC: The Artesania UC fair is taking place over at Parque Bustamante through November 16. Exhibits, demonstrations, conferences and music.
- Food Trucks: El Secreto is an area in La Dehesa dedicated to design and artisanal works. Besides being an interesting spot to check out on any given day (even though it's a bit far), this weekend they're also hosting several food trucks. Food trucks!
- FILSA: Final day to check out the International Book Fair in Santiago. Event featuring book signings, conferences, live music and more. Check out the program for details.
- Feria Delirio Vintage: If you're in the Barrio Italia neighborhood on Sunday, drop by Sofá and check out the independent fair happening this Sunday.
- El Tango de las Rosas: Final chance to check out the contemporary dance performance by Compañía MovimietoFuga at La Vitrina.
- Feria Mujer: Final day for La Tercera's "Woman's Fair" in Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura.
- Aventura en la Quinta: Kids event! Educational and fun bike ride for children in Parque Quinta Normal. Registration required.
- Mi Barrio Ska: Chilean ska band Brigada de Negro is launching their record, Mi Barrio Ska. This is already sold out!
- Aguante Pablito!: Punk-rock benefit show Sunday afternoon featuring Chilean punk bands like Fiskales Ad-hok, Los Mox and more.
- FLOW STGO HIPHOP: A bit pricey but it's quality hip-hop on a Sunday afternoon. Featuring Arianna Puello, Calambre, Rapsusklei and others.
- Pop Up Store: Galeria OOPS in Barrio Italia is hosting a pop-up store featuring 16 different independent brands.
- Banda Conmocion: The Chilean party band is hosting a couple of shows on Sunday at SCD Vespucio. A bit much, no?

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