Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Oct 17 - 19)

This weekend is quite gay-friendly with a sexual diversity film festival kicking off Friday and a major march Saturday at 2pm. If you're not really into that, we still have an assortment of events lined up- an anti-GMO march, free music in Quinta Normal, jazz, hip-hop till 5am, afrobeats, a brass band, Andean music, indie dance parties, an indigenous fair and a carnival to finish off your weekend. Just another boring weekend in Santiago? We don't think so. Check it out!

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

 Photo courtesy Nano Stern
Photo courtesy Nano Stern


- Festival de Cine de la Diversidad Sexual 2014: The Sexual Diversity Film Festival kicks off Friday at 8:45PM at the Parque Forestal and will feature over 30 films through Nov 2. Films, for free, at the park, in Spring. Yeah.. it *might* get packed.
- Hit Brass: Brass ensemble performs at El Clan mixing jazz, ska, funk and Latin American rhythms. Plus the venue's really cool.
- Ciclo Revisited: Chilean band Intimate Stranger "revisits" Joy Division. Dance, dance, dance to the radio. Oops sorry about that - we couldn't help it :-)
- Boys & Bears: This venue is normally features quite alternative dance parties but with the Sexual Diversity Parade happening tomorrow, this one should be especially interesting. Yes, go-go dancers and drag.
- Chumbekes + Chorizo Salvaje: Ok this is the mandatory Chilean party you're looking for. A mix of northern folk pachanga (read: party music), with cumbia/rock/african/Peruvian/etc (read: more party music). Enjoy!
- Expo Feria Urbana: For those looking for some local, independent fashion and accessories head over to Centro Arte Alameda starting at noon.
- Nano Stern: Extremely talented Chilean musician Nano Stern will be performing Friday. This will probably be sold out. He's toured Europe, performed at SXSW and is just damn good. Buy tickets and become a fan. Check out his music:
- Expo Feria Indigena: Support indigenous artisans and vendors selling their crafts and goods at the park by Metro Salvador. Ends Sunday. We recomend trying the "chumbeques."
- Black Market Clash, Kanibales Surf Combo, Los Pegajosos: The Clash tribute band and surf music (w/ Los Pegajosos from Mexico). All. night. long. At La Batuta!
- Noche de Afrobeat: A night of African rhythms and beats courtesy members of the quite popular Newen Afrobeat. There will be dreadlocks. If you can't see the event on Facebook, the details: Bar Nomade, Antonio Lopez de Bello 178. 2 luca. 10:00pm start, 2x1 drinks till 10:30pm.

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- Marcha por el respeto de la Diversidad Sexual: March kicks off at 2pm in Plaza Italia (Metro Baquedano). Don't forget your gay pride flag and camera!
- Pongale Guagua Ahi Nomah: Someone needs to help us out on the meaning of the title, but in any case, the event is cueca. This is definitely not the delicate cueca danced at special events or competitions. This is urban cueca. These are actually really fun parties worth checking out even if your cueca-dancing skills are sketchy. Take a handkerchief!
- Clashdance: Electroclash v/s Rave dance party in Bellavista. Where else?
- Guachupe, Combo Ginebra, La Combo Tortuga, Sonora 5 Estrellas: Latin music party with pachanga, cumbia, etc - Guachupe has an especially loyal following that should make the event memorable :-)
- Concierto Masivo Joven: A youth organization is putting on a large concert at the park featuring some pretty well-known Chilean bands. Worth checking out.
- BailarSinParar: Quite honestly, we've found parties in Las Condes and Vitacura a bit.. lame. It's normally the people (sorry!). But we're not giving up hope yet- and since many of our readers and even staff live there, here's a party that seems promising.
- CosPlay2: Santiago also has Cosplay events! Who knew? But yes, get your costume ready and head over to Peñalolen Saturday. Oh and they're also having a party Friday night which should be a treat.
- Carnaval sin Mosato: An anti-GMO march starting at noon Saturday in Plaza Italia. (remember the sexual diversity march starts at 2pm).
- Expo Primavera Fem: Expo dedicated to women - featuring accessories, clothing, natural products, food, manicures, etc.
- Remolizano: Fourth iteration of an event dedicated to creating a platform for up-and-coming musicians and artists. The idea is for poets, musicians and artists to enjoy the house and live performances.
- Ignacio Torres: Looking for a chill Saturday night with some jazz? Ignacio Torres will be performing live at Bar Thelonius.
- Pu kutri ñuke: Hard Mapuche rock in Bar Santo Filomena. Whoa.
- New Wave dance party: New wave and brit pop dance party at Bal Le Duc.
- Inity Festival: Something for the dancehall and hip-hop heads - show begins at 6pm and ends at 5AM featuring Revolver favorites Shamanes Crew.

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- Tercer Gran Carnaval del Parque: Dance, theater, circus, music and all-around hippiness in Nuñoa. We'll be there. Spot someone from Revolver and get a prize! Just kidding, but feel free to come up and say hi :-)
- El Galponcito- Poesía y Música: Poetry and music over at El Galponcito. Intimate, friendly affairs where you can meet some new people.
- Mosquitas Muertas Sinfónico: Event for the whole family - Band made up of mostly kids playing a mix of folk, ska, reggae, blues, rock, etc headed by at least one musician from famed Chilean Gypsy band La Mano Ajena. Really fun show, plenty of audience interaction, worth checking out even if you don't have kids.
- Titi Bernal: This is for those of you with really highly advanced Chilean Spanish. Drag. Comedy. Need we say more?
- Mali: La Feria Mas Linda: La Reina is featuring a fair with yoga, healthy nutrition stands, meditation, live music, etc.
- Café del Museo de Arte Contemporáneo: At 6pm the cafe by the MAC (Parque Forestal) will feature a couple of acoustic performances by visiting Argentine musicians.
- ¡Vamos al Grano!: These are the events that make Santiago especially interesting. Shared lunch and gathering for people into urban gardening, organics, seed-exchanges, etc. You have to register beforehand.
- CicloRecreoVia: Wake up early, grab a bike and take full advantage of the CicloRecreoVia events every Sunday - they actually close off several streets from 9am to 2pm so people can bike, jog, skate, hopscotch from Providencia/La Reina to Quinta Normal. Drink water and grab free snacks along the way!

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And remember to check out our agenda for a list of events happening every day in Santiago:

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