Best things to do this weekend in Santiago (Oct 24 - 26)

We're hoping you avoided (or recovered from) the "special" treats being sold at last weekend's 'Carnaval in the Park' event because this weekend there are a number of major festivals vying for your attention. The Santiago International Film Fest, the Social Innovation Festival (with live music concerts at a couple of parks), the Materia Prima expo, the Sexual Diversity Film Fest, and the International Book Fair of Santiago. Oh and a ton of awesome shows, concerts, costume parties, workshops and random events you've come to expect from Santiago.

Remember every Friday morning we'll post our picks for the weekend and please check this space often as we may update it with changes and/or new events that pop up. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy #100en1DiaStgo
Photo courtesy #100en1DiaStgo


- SANFIC: The Santiago International Film Festival is taking place this weekend. Details on the web are a bit complicated to figure out and the English section is a disaster, but still a great chance to check out some international flicks at decent prices.
- Chorizo Salvaje and Rezaka del norte: This is about the third time we highlight a show by Chorizo Salvaje. Go and let us know if we're wrong about this (we're not).
- FILSA: The International Book Fair is taking place this weekend at the Centro Cultural Mapocho. Ton of associated events- readings, book discussions, exhibitions, storytelling for kids, live music, and more. We highly encourage you to raed mroe boosk. Link to the full program on the event page:
- Niño Cohete: The pop band from Concepcion that's really getting traction in Chile's music scene will be performing at Bar El Clan.
- Cine de la diversidad sexual: The sexual diversity film festival continues this weekend (and next). This weekend films will be shown at the Café Literario Balmaceda and Centro Cultural de España. Free!
- Materia Prima: All crafters will be heading up to Casapiedra in Vitacura at some point during the weekend for this major expo. Food, yarn, workshops, textiles and more. Things might be a bit pricey but worth it.
- LiLiTS + Menesses + Floyets: You're in Santiago and haven't checked out an all-girl band rocking out? The shame. Make amends with LiLiTs in Bellavista.
- FIIS: Workshops during the day, Calexico and Tonolec at night. The indie outfit from the states and the ethnic-electronic fusion duo from Argentina will be performing as part of the International Social Innovation Festival. During the day you can check out a number of different workshops and lectures - an all-day event so check out the schedule early.
- Los Trukeros: If you think cueca is only danced only on Chile's independence day, you've been hanging out with the wrongggg group of people.
- Maestro Rajeev Devasthali: Tabla master Rajeev Devasthali is in Chile and will be performing at the Centro Cultural Las Condes (corner of Apoquindo and Las Condes).
- Taller Germinados y Leches Vegetales: Special workshop for the truly vegetarians interested in learning a bit about germination and vegetable milk. We know you're out there!
- The Ganjas: Chilean rock band The Ganjas have returned from their tour and are hitting up Santiago again.
- Destellos Franceses: Start off you Friday and Saturday nights (7:40pm) with something a bit more sophisticated at the Centro de Extension Artistica y Cultural Universidad de Chile (aka the theater right outside Metro Baquedano).
- Tokata NavUgrCrew: For those of you trying to discover some Chilean rap. The event is organized by "NavCreweed" Hmm...
- "Envuelto en llamas": This is the off-the-beaten path gem of the night (reward for reading this far). Theater students from ARCIS university are throwing a party. Magic tricks, performances and costumes. Some of our team will be there.
- JALOKÜIR: This one is for university students looking for a truly alternative party. University ID required and the title is pronounced, "Alo (Hello) Queer". You get the idea.
- Bestiario: We know you've been itching for a workshop to learn how to make a zoomorphic costume. We know. Workshop starts Friday!

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- FIIS: Major free concert featuring Astro, Francisca Valenzuela, Jarabe de Palo, La Vida Boheme, Nano Stern and more. This show is free at Parque Bicentenario in Vitacura and is part of the International Social Innovation Festival and will also feature a number of prominent speakers. Unfortunately they have yet to post the schedule.. Grrr
- Fiesta Quillahuaira: Another insider treat for our readers- a benefit party for a collective that works to preserve indigenous Andean traditions and focuses on social issues. Andean music, cueca, food and plenty of dancing. We'll be there.
- Contra el tiempo: Head over to the GAM (Metro Universidad Catolica) for some contemporary hip-hop dance dealing with stress, technology, love and violence.
- Realidad Paralela: Our favorite lesbian-friendly dance party is happening again this weekend at the Mia Lounge in Vitacura.
- Emerging bands: A couple of chances to catch several emerging Chilean bands at once. First up at Matucana 100: Tomates Rocky (described as psychedelic supermarket music) , La Orquesta del Sol Naciente and The Droolers And at Centro Cultural Espacio Elefante: Urban Monk, Aytona, Mi Intención No Es, Molestar, Amarga Marga
- Makina Kandela: Truly Latin American sounds courtesy Makina Kandela, a band made up of Chileans and Colombians that mix influences from cumbia to merengue.
- The Dancing Dead: Costume party, foam and music from boy bands, Justin Timberlake and every type of danceable pop music you can think of. Open to people under 18 and starting at 3:30pm. Yikes.
- Banda Conmocion: The party machine will be performing at the Fonda Permanente. We would say more but we've already written at least 3 articles on the band.
- 34 Años Comunidad Ecologica: The ecological community of Peñalolen is celebrating 34 years with events all day long. Everything from creating a mural with mud to gypsy dance performances.
- Fiestokata Hiphop Chileno: In the mood for some actual beatboxing? Yes, beatboxing. Freestyle and more Saturday where several groups will be participating at La Casa de Asterion.
- Andrelo and Tranquila Asesina: Revolver favorite Tranquila Asesina, which mixes hiphop and cumbia, will be performing along with Andrelo near Metro Parque O'Higgins.
- Urban Fest: Skate, BMX, live art, body painting, hip hop performances, live music with Matanza, Mariel Mariel, DJs, etc. Full-blown event hosted by XFEM Magazine.
- BABABABUUUUM!: For true lovers of dance, Centro Cultural Casadanza is hosting their own party Saturday night filled with dance performances and of course costumes.
- Las Pecadoras: The cueca group will be launching their second disc tonight and will be joined by Los Porfiados De La Cueca y Santiago Nocturno. Do not use a napkin for a handkerchief. Don't.

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- 100 en 1 día Santiago 2014: Extremely interesting event where different people/groups will perform all sorts of urban interventions within the city. Everything from an exhibit on cats from La Vega Central to magic tricks in the plaza. Definitely worth checking out.
- Expo Yoga 2014: Late addition! Sunday's the final day of Expo Yoga at the GAM. Classes and different styles by several yoga institutions and other activities like meditation sounds, sound therapy, etc. Free with registration but apparently they're all booked. More details:
- FIIS: Sonidos del mundo: Another perfect excuse to head to the park with a blanket. Massive free concert (part of the International Social Innovation Festival) featuring: Abya Yala, Coffeehouse, Electrodomésticos, Fernando Milagros, Juana Fe, Manu Da Banda and more. We'll say it again: Free concert at Quinta Normal. Go.
- Stgo World Music Fest: Concert at the Movistar Arena featuring Youssou N’Dour (Senegal), Deep Forest (France), Wang Li (China) and Gondwana (Chile).
- Materia Prima: Last chance to pick up some tips and plenty of supplies for those of you interested in crafts.
- La Décima Orquesta: Performance by a group that works to preserve the tradition of the "paya" - or poetry that's sung. Hard to explain so here's a video: Accompanying music will range from Cumbia, Chilean Cueca to el Punto Cubano.
- Taller de Jardín Medicinal: Plantas y Preparados: Interested in learning about herbal medicine? How to identify medicinal plants and even make your own natural shampoo? Covered. Even if you can't make it, keep the venue in mind: Casa Equilibrio.
- Ciclorecreovias: If you manage to wake up early- grab your bike, skates or jogging shoes and take full advantage of the closed-off streets stretching from the border of La Reina all the way to Quinta Normal. Every Sunday from 9am till 2pm.
- Shopping Humano Perruno: Event for dog owners! Dress up your dog and head over to the Quinta Normal park. Costume contests (for pets), merchandise, fotos, etc.
- Hip-hop at Matucana 100: KHH Magazine presents four standout Chilean hip-hop artists: Cevla, ZitaZoe, Matiah Chinaski and Epicentro Mc Salazar. 4pm.

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